Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Face Off s13e10  Through The Looking Glass, part 2  7 August 2018

Can you believe it?  This is the last episode of Face Off ever!  No RuPaul's Drag Race of Project Runway until 2019, and no Face Off ever again.   =o(

Maybe I can find a subtitled set of Drag Race Thailand.  Even though it is several months old, maybe I could recap that.   We'll see.

Well, like a few recent seasons, we've got a 2 part finale where the top 3 contestants are creating special effects makeup for a short film scene.   The finale ended with the screen test, where they now know what they have to fix.   

Walter is unnerved.  In s10 he was a finalist, and he didn't have to change much of anything last time.  Of course, he didn't win either.   This time he has to change more than the other two do.   What will happen?

But, before we get to the episode, let's take a stroll down memory lane.  Here are the past winners:

s1 • Conor McCullagh            s2 • Rayce Bird

s3 • Nicole Chilelli         s4 • Anthony Kosar

s5 • Laura Tyler          s6 • Rashaad Santiago

s7 • Dina Cimarusti         s8 • Darla Edin

s9 • Nora Hewitt          s10 • Rob Seal

s11 • Cig Neutron          s12 • Andrew Freeman

Who do you think will joint them?
Jordan Patton?

Matt Valentine?

Walter Welsh?

As the conclusion begins, host McKenzie Westmore, with director John Wynn in tow, reveals a twist:

They have to fabricate Alice, too, and each has a special twist.   Matt’s Alice is made of wood, Walter’s of dessert icing, and Jordan’s fur.  They go with bunny fur.

Rick Baker is announced as the finale’s guest judge.  The contestants are all giddy.

Before I forget, I should mention, part one of the finale ignored Matt and focused heavily on Jordan doing great and Walter floundering.   Do with that information what you will.

Jo, Sasha & Kelly are back to each help one of them.  They have a couple of days.  As you can imagine, Walter is running behind, since he has much more (replacement) sculpting & molding to do, compared to the others.

Mel struggles with her bunny paw technique.

During filming, Jordan’s team has the chance to come up with some furry hands for Alice.

Jordan interviews he’s worried that Alice’s hands aren’t ready for shooting.   Director John Wynn reiterates what we all see.  At least he gets a moment to come up with … something.

Ve has no voice!

“It’s Valentine’s Day!”   

The judges have nothing but praise for Team Matt.

They are over the moon for the Tin Jester.

John Wynn is quite exuberant about the scene

Matt is confused.

When Walter & Co. arrive on set, al the judges are impressed.   Maybe Walter is back in this?

Maybe not.  Bits & pieces fall down or off during filming.   Walter does get to fix things, though.

Later they have to color correct Alice’s face.  Ve finds the eye makeup waaaay too heavy.

Yes, I saw that tongue.

And that, too.

They show the short film which is a combination

of all three’s work, not three separate films.  

Essentially Alice runs through from set to set.

Matt wins the season!

The judges were able to pick out problems with Jordan’s Team and Walter’s, too, but not with Matt’s.

And that’s it.   No more Face Off.   =o(

We had 13 seasons in 8 years, I guess I can focus on that.   Or, I can calendar watch till PR & RPDR return.   Or, keep searching for DR Thailand with subtitles.

“It was just a dream.”

"Just a dream."


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