Thursday, August 2, 2018

Face Off s13e09  Through The Looking Glass, part 1  31 July 2018

Well, we're down to the finale.   Three guys are vying for the last Face Off prize package:  Makeup, car, money.  

Last week on the vampire challenge, they placed as follows:

1st • Jordan

2nd • Walter

3rd • Matt

We don't know how Derek, Damien & Mel placed,

but I'm guessing that that was their precise order,

4th, 5th and 6th.

The remaining 3 special effects make up artists meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at the reveal stage, not the work room/lab.

The finalists get to create wildly whimsical characters for a short film.   The inspiration is “Through The Looking Glass & What Alice Found There.  New chapters have recently been found, but they are not using them, production made up their own.   So, they are creating new characters with just a short script and description to go by.

The last six eliminated contestants come back to help them out.

Matt picks Damien & Graham.

Walter grabs Derek & Yvonne.
Jordan selects Kevon & Mel.

John Wynn (he was one of the finale directors for season 10) is on hand this go around.

Matt has the “Questionable Queen” script.  

His team will make the Porcelain Prince and the Tin Jester.

“Wait — Porcelain?”

Yeah, whenever I hear “porcelain,” 
all I can think of is this,

or driving the porcelain bus.

John Wynn shares that the throne room background will be dark, and he wants the characters to pop.  He says they are moving in the right direction.

Jordan has Garden Games.

His team will be making the Dapper Grasshopper and the Spring Fox.

John Wynn explains that the background will be foliage, and doesn’t want Jordan’s grasshopper guy to blend into the scenery.

Walter has Tea Time.

His team will be making the Ginger General and the Lollipop Ballerina.

John Wynn advises Walter to leave the animal hybrid concept alone,

and to think of his 2 characters as an extension of food, particularly overindulgence.

Geez, Derek looks like he's shooting darts at John Wynn, huh?    Is it just me?   Is he still pissed that he isn't still competing for the prize?   No, I don't think that that is it.   They all play nice on Face Off.

Maybe he just needs a nap.   God knows I need one.

Later on day one (of 3) mentor Michael Westmore hits the lab/work room.

Walter gets color advice on Ginger General.

Mr. Westmore thinks the sculpt is verging on too busy for the Lollipop Ballerina.

He gives Matt sculpting advice for the Porcelain Prince.

For the Tin Jester, he gets color advice, to make it pop against the dark backdrop.

He wants Jordan’s Spring Fox’s nose to be much bigger.

He gives color advice for the grasshopper.  

And, that’s it.

On day two they continue to sculpt and then mold.

Walter’s team struggles with broken molds.  

He’s fried at the end of the day.

On screen test reveal day, Walter interviews that they are still doing work that should have been done the day before.

Jordan’s team seems to be ahead of Matt’s, who seems to be ahead of Walter’s, with painting.

Graham creates a wind up key for the Tin Jester's back.

For the screen tests, Matt’s team only gets minor color corrections.

Graham’s idea for a wind-up key is a big hit, they’ll do it for the next time, when they actually film.

They do not have any resculpting to do.

Well, maybe:  They want less cracks in the Porcelain Prince.

Yes, I saw the tongue.

Jordan’s team have to work a little on
the grasshopper body, and the mesh eye.

They need to elongate the fox’s snout.   

They need to make him less white, maybe more orange.

Walter’s team has to rework the Ginger General.   

The character has to be inviting, but right now it comes off mean and scary.

Mr. Westmore doesn’t like the paint job on the Lollipop Ballerina at all.  Yikes.

And, that’s it.   Wait, no twist?  No surprise?   They don’t have to make a third character, and suddenly get help from Jo, Sasha & Kelly?

I have faith that at least Sasha will show up next week, huh?

Oh, the twist is coming next week, whatever it is.   Hey, it’s probably your last twist ever, Face Off people.  Make it count.

Maybe they will be resurrected over on Bravo, too?


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