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Face Off s13e07  Maritime Monsters  17 July 2018

Last time on Face Off

the artists created protectors of real life forests.

Of course The Painted Forest

(The Philippines' Rainbow Eucalyptus)

inspired the winning creation.

Walter beat out Derek for the win.

Kevon & Graham were the bottom two

and each was eliminated.

When the six remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore in the lab/work room, they come across a large map and several artifacts, as if from a ship set for exploring.

"I just hope it's not going to be a water challenge."

"Yeah, um, you better hope harder, honey."

"What's wrong with a water challenge?"

The Spotlight Challenge this week is to create an original sea monster, being inspired from one of the drawings on the old-timey exploration map.

So, how original can it be if they have direct inspiration?   The head to heads are as follows:

Matt vs. Walter

Derek vs. Mel

Jordan vs. Damien

The creations will be showcased UNDER water.

♫ ♬  Under Water ♪ ♫

Matt is inspired by the Swordfish.


He won the underwater challenge back in season 2, so he’s got it in the bag, no matter what he says, eh?

Walter thinks his monster is half otter / half sea lion.  He’s a virgin underwater creature fabricator.   He interviews he is intimidated.   Yeah.  And I’m worried that the American media won’t hold President Trump up to any sort of standard.

Jordan is running with his angler strong underbite fish.

Mel has a sea horse.   She says she wants to make sure it is beautiful enough.   She also wants to show aspects of a land horse?


Derek has a Koi-catfish creature.   He wants to avoid detail, he wants the creature to be very smooth.   He is worried he has to up his game.

Damien is going with a combination of pig nose, dragon, creature from the black lagoon.

Ah, memories.

Funny, no one is going with Sigmond, huh?

Soon enough mentor Mr. Westmore is in.

Mel has to be told not to lead with black, but to use it sparingly, after the other color is on.

He gives Walter advice on how to deal with the tusks.

Mr. W. is worried Damien didn’t go far enough with the top portion of the front of the head.

He sees bat, not water creature, with Derek.  

"What's wrong with that?"

He wants Derek to push, to go further, to ‘monster’ it up.

Jordan’s sculpt is a hit with Mr. W.

He gives Jordan advice on execution of his sculpt.

Mr. W. wants more cheek work on Matt’s creature.

Nice that they showed him with everybody this week.

Mel hates her sculpt on the morning of day 2, so she starts over.

On day three, Mel remembers that Mr. Westmore told her to paint the black last.   She did it first.

Damien has to dumb down his painting plan, since he only has 1 hour to do his remaining 2 hours of work.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore at the reveal stage are the standard regular judges: Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Derek versus Mel

Matt versus Walter

Jordan versus Damien

The judges adore Matt’s work.  Glenn appreciates the sculpt AND the paint job.  He can’t stop gushing over the design.  Ve likes that the chest piece looks like it is breathing.    Neville admires the profile.

Not only is Mel’s paint work failing, her entire sculpt is mismanaged.  If she had picked a lane and stayed in it, and if she had followed Mr. Westmore’s advice, it would have been a very different result.

Glenn likes how Jordan's B&W take pops under water.

Damien’s paint job is lambasted.   The whole thing is coming apart.  Wow.

Jordan wins the challenge!

And, that’s it, since no one went home this week.

Do you think Damien and Mel can manage to stay around next time, just from how poorly the did this week?   Seems to me if they all do well next week, Damien and Mel are still gonna get the boot.

Guess what's coming up next week !!!!


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