Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Face Off s13e05  Death Dealers  3 July 2018

Last time on Face Off the artists created hotel staff.

Matt won the challenge.

Both Kelly & Yvonne were sent packing.

Hmmm.  I have no idea where they are or where they are going.


"Well, he got that."

Host McKenzie Westmore doesn’t seem to be taking the cancellation of Face Off too well.   Now she thinks she is Stevie Nicks (sans the coke nose) as a tarot card reader.

The challenge is to be inspired by the 13th card, death.   Each gets a separate reading, while sitting in their battle royal pairs.  They’ll use the three additional chards they pick as further inspiration. 

Damien & Graham are going against each other again.  Two of the three cards they chose are the same.  Ha!

Matt is told that his cards are producing the energy of ‘winning.’

“WINNING !!!!”

It’s a standard 3 day Spotlight Challenge.   Soon enough mentor Michael Westmore is in to guide them.

Matt wants to keep his guy looking elegant.  Mr. W. wants the chin more squared off, so it seems more like a skeleton head.

Mel is letting the moon influence her death guy.  She sees a transition of sorts from side to side.  Michael sees paralysis, not what Mel is going for!  She is relieved by his helpful advice (over exaggerate so it doesn’t look merely like a human who had a stroke.)

Mr. W. likes Walter’s profile.    I mean Walter’s death profile.  He gets some paint advice, so the wrinkles stand out.

Mr. Westmore sees a mask in Jordan’s work.
Or maybe he just has candy on his palm.

Derek is told he is going too subtle with the chest sculpt.

And, that’s it.   We never get everyone.   I do appreciate that at least it is not the top 3 and bottom 3 shoved down our throats like over on PR.  But, I wanna see ALL of them get their critique!

On day two Mel is happy with her changed face sculpt.

Jordan accidentally damages part of the shoulder work that Walter did.   Walter kills him and eats him on the spot.   Well, no, he doesn’t.  It’s of no use to him now, though … or is it?

“I’m pretty upset.”

“No, I am pretty upset!”

“And why is there only ONE woman,
and worse, NO BLACK PEOPLE?”

The big story on reveal day is that Graham doesn’t do any painting until the last hour.

Lo & behold, he finishes in time.  Or does he?

It’s the regular group at the reveal stage:   Host McKenzie Westmore, and judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Matt versus Mel

Derek versus Kevon

Walter versus Jordan

Graham versus Damien

Derek finally places other than safe middle!   Glenn calls it eloquent, masterful, extraordinary.  Ve doesn’t like that it is all gray, she wanted other colors involved.  Neville likes it, though.

Damien went astray per Ve.  She is unnerved by the pink.   Neville & Glenn like the helmet.  They all can’t get past the magenta/pink.

The judges heap praise upon Matt.  Neville calls it artistic.  Glenn likes the color palette.  Ve likes the rust and pearlescence.  

Glenn wanted more realistic, less cartoony, from Jordan.   It looks like a mask.   They can’t see the models perform through the makeup.   Ve loves it, but agrees with the others.  Ve appreciates the detail.  Neville rips on the paint job.

Ve praises Graham’s paint job.   The judges admire his restraint.   One man’s restraint is another man’s ‘didn’t get around to it,’ I guess.

Matt wins the challenge!   He gets help next time around from an industry expert.

Tune in next time for … wood?

Sadly, not that wood.

“It’s a tree challenge, you idiot!”


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