Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Walking   20 June 2018
I walked 2 miles again this morning, going about the daily food shopping.   Still on track to stay on my severe extreme austerity food budget for the month.   Next month will be regular extreme austerity, and the month after that just plain austerity ... and after that, can it go to a real person's food budget?    I don't know.   As Shadoe Stevens would say, "The mind boggles, the bog mindles."

I keep thinking about an online acquaintance that went through tough times and for over a year lived on a one white potato a meal plus free plain coffee from work.  How that guy did that is beyond me.   I'm eating a high protein, low fat & low carb 5-6 days a week, cheating horrifically with cheap ass pizza 1-2 days a week.   So far, this seems to be enough (to be relatively healthy.)   I do fear coming to a day where I can no longer have any cheat days.   Dear God, only when I'm over 200 years old, okay?   XD


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