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RuPaul's Drag Race s10e11 • Evil Twins • 7 June 2018 


Last time, several weeks ago, on RPDR, the queens gave makeovers to social media stars. 

Miz Cracker won the challenge,

beating out Eureka O'Hara

and Asia O'Hara.

Aquaria placed 4th out of six.

Bottom two were Kameron Michaels

and Monét X Change

with Monét being eliminated.

Back in the work room the queens are missing  Monét.  Kameron Michaels is overwhelmed, and is expecting to go next.   However, Miz Cracker is getting all the air time this episode.  You know what that means, folks, either MC cures cancer, gets Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump to hold hands and vow to bring political peace in the country, and eradicate fake news, or, she’s going home this week.  C’est tres triste, MC is so talented.    Well, let’s go through the episode and see if it is deserved or not.

Asia interviews that MC is not a star.
Harsh!   Accurate?  Hell, no!

There’s a mini-challenge with Cheyenne Jackson the next day:  Drag up a pancake.

Yes, they are using food to create a drag pancake face.

Immediately I’m thinking of Peter Gabriel’s video for 1986’s #1 “Sledgehammer.”

Aquaria thinks this is a hard challenge?   Wait, was she attempting humor there?

The also rans.

Cheyenne chooses Asia as the mini challenge winner.  

She wins a $2,000 gift card from The Spa On Rodeo.

And, Cheyenne is forced to take Asia’s winning pancake home for the twins.   Ha!

The maxi challenge is to create two runway looks with a recorded voice track:   Their drag with them at their best, and then one portraying their inner saboteur.

Eureka asks the other queens for help.  She doesn’t know what her great qualities are?  She doesn’t know what the inner demons say to her?   Surprisingly, to me, at least, they all answer her matter-of-factly.

On the Ru-thru, Asia impresses Ru by saying she already made or will make everything she will wear.  Ru doesn’t think that Asia has a dark side.  She shares that misery feels like ‘home’ to her.  Asia has learned to blame others less when she does less than best.  (Remember that challenge way back near the beginning where she blamed being in the bottom 2 on helping others too much, and blaming THEM for needing the help, as opposed to her just working on her own stuff.)

And, yes, I saw that tongue.

Eureka remembers her struggle early in the season, too.  Ru tells her it is to scare her to move forward.  Ru shares that she always thinks of her mom’s living room whenever she goes on any stage.  Wow.

Ru calls Aquaria out, telling her her saboteur is the fear of being found out to be a fraud.   Aquaria excels so much at the presentation, the fashion, the face, as a means of convincing herself and others that she is legitimate (as a person.)   Wow.

Miz Cracker is praised for winning last week’s challenge.  She wants to use a vampire motif, she feels like the inner saboteur sucks the life out of her.  Ru notices that Miz Cracker doesn’t like others to have their own opinion of her.  That’s … interesting.  Ru says there’s no time in life to worry about other people’s opinions.   Wow, Ru, that’ll preach!

Kameron cannot say saboteur, he keeps saying sabatwah.  Ha!

Kameron seems to shy away from everyone as a means of not bothering to meet anyone.  He says it’s safer to be shy.  Ru thinks Kameron’s inner villain is anemic.

Somehow the queens get a look at how Ru would do the challenge.

Now I’m expecting a Bewitched challenge down the road.

Later Miz Cracker breaks under the pressure.  She wonders if she should change her evil look.  Eureka reminds her she doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Joining Ru at the judges table are Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Ashanti and Lena Dunham.

Kameron Michaels

Eureka O’Hara

Miz Cracker


Asia O’Hara

The judges find Kameron’s good look costumey, and her evil side not as well thought out.

The judges adore the synergy between Eureka’s two looks.  She milks every second for all it is worth.   Geez, that sounds like winner for the season, doesn’t it?

Miz Cracker’s ‘good’ look & attitude are praised.  Her evil side is more costume, though.  Michelle doesn’t see any evilness in the evil side.  Anemic, timid.

Aquaira looks like a fashion photo.  Her looks and her acting each side of her are celebrated.  Maybe Eureka has competition.

Asia’s evil look is deemed most dramatic, darkest.   Wow, maybe we have THREE winners?

But what was up with Michelle trying to be Fonzie?

Ru asks the evil twins who should go.  Miz Cracker comes up more than the others.  Asia again says Cracker is no star.  Still harsh.

Here’s how they placed:

1. Aquaria

2. Asia O’Hara

3. Eureka O’Hara

4. Kameron Michaels

5. Miz Cracker.

Yes, Kameron & Cracker lip synched, to Vanity 6’s Fall 1982 dance classic “Nasty Girl.”  So, now Kameron has killed another queen in the bottom 2 three weeks in a row.

We don't see the rumored crying of Michelle Visage, but we do see that Miz Cracker leaves behind her photos, and misspells 'yourself' and 'yoursef.'

"Get over it."

Tune in next week when we finally find out how the rest of this all shakes out.


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