Thursday, June 21, 2018

Face Off s13e03  Aztec Aliens  19 June 2018

How are you liking season 13 so far?

Here’s how they are doing after the first two episodes.

Is it playing out how you thought it would?

Well, now, it’s the third Spotlight Challenge of the season.  Yes, that’s right, no one is going home this week.   

The challenge is to create an alien that could have been the inspiration for the ancient Aztec gods.

The five choices are Tialoc—the god of rain & lightning, Texcatlipoca—the god of war and conflict, Quetzalcoatl—the feathered serpent creator god, Tonatiuh—the sun god and Xochipilli—the god of fertility.

Damien gets a ridiculously strong edit.  He’s not only winning, or going out in flames, but he’s also curing cancer, bringing unity to the 2 American political parties, and getting Rosanne Barr back on her own show.

Mel wants her look to read butterfly, but Graham sees fish.  So do I.

Mentor Michael Westmore shows up later on day 1 of a normal 3 day challenge.

Walter is making a flying reptile.  He wants to concentrate on the face and just cover the body with fabric.

Kevon doesn’t know what he will do with his god’s teeth.

Mel still has a fish, as opposed to a butterfly.

Mr. W. tells her to change the nose, and she seems to be on her way.

Mr. Westmore approves of Jordan’s vision for painting.

Yvonne wants to go with an elderly mother.
Mr. W. wants the mouth reworked.

And, he’s gone.   Only five of the 10 get a critique, I guess.

Kevon grabs Kelly for more advice.  She thinks he isn’t seeing the big picture.  Wait a minute, he asks for her advice because she tells the truth?  What is he saying about the rest of them, including Mr. Westmore?

Damien & Graham seem to be having a bromance as they compete against each other (each has the same Aztec god inspiration.)

Graham’s beanie umbrella happens at the end of day one.

Plus, Damien unnerves Walter with some … belly button play?

“I want what (s)he’s having!”

On day two everyone is still working on sculpting.

Kelly has trouble with putting something melt-able in the VacuForm.  Otherwise, not much is shown.

On reveal day we see that Damien is going all out with his paint job, not on just the head, but the torso, too.   

He references his work on Face Off s7e3, where he had to make an alien inspired by the Giza Necropolis (Great Pyramids) and is highly motivated to do better than he did then (bottom 3.)

Jordan doesn’t like his mask and casts it aside with 1 hour to go.

“Don’t forget to mention Damien is getting one HELL of an edit!”

Joining host McKenzie Westmore at the judges table are regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.   

Matt vs. Derek

Damien vs. Graham

Jordan vs. Kevon

Mel vs. Yvonne

Walter vs. Kelly

Kelly’s alien is a bounty hunter who comes to Earth and falls in love with the Aztec culture.  Odd.  The challenge was to create the alien that inspired Aztec culture, not the other way around.  Glenn calls her out for not honoring the task.  He sees NO aspect of Aztec art.  Ve echoes Glenn’s words.  Neville sees Greco-Roman, not Aztec.

Damien explains the yellow skin tone and Ve is beaming.   She heaps praises on him for the paint job.   Neville likes the complex sculpting and the helmut.   Glenn says he never saw the nose shape before, and that it looks like the work of a team, not one person.

Graham’s transition from face to VacuForm to feathers looks like a mask.  Both Neville  & Glenn reference it looking like something a human put on.  Ve loves the color palette, but nothing else.

Matt went aquatic, plus used some of the art work as inspiration put right into the organic form.  Glenn loves that he did that, that the motifs were IN the skin, not resting on it.  Ve praises it all the way around.  Neville enjoys the sculpt.

Damien (surprise, surprise) is the winner.

And, that’s it.  

Well, Kelly interviews that she is there for a reason.  Um, to go home next? 

Tune in next time for the Face Off motel?   

Are they being inspired by RJ’s memorable Tim Burton type character from season 2?


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