Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Face Off s13e02  Moonlight Monsters  12 June 2018

Last week saw the return of Face Off.

The twelve returning artists competed head to head

in a Guillermo del Toro inspired challenge.

Here's how they made out:

Matt beat Yvonne.

Damien won over Jo.

Graham slammed Sasha.

Kelly conquered Walter.

Derek killed Kevon.

Jordan edged out Mel.

Matt placed 2nd.

Kelly won the challenge.

No one went home:  They are using the format of the last All Stars season.

However, Kevon & Yvonne were the bottom two.

The artists meet up with host McKenzie Westmore in the work lab to find a little girl’s bedroom scenario.  

The challenge is to choose an every day occupation, and create a monster who carries out that work.  The monster is expected to be funny, cute, whimsical, but—there must be a physical gag that transforms the monster from whimsical to horrifying.

Because Kelly won last week, she gets an ‘expert’ to help her this week.   Her one-episode coach is Jamie Kelman.

The artists sketch and then get to molding.

The Loser & Winner Edits are there, but I can’t say they are overwhelming.   Still, I was able to pick them out.  Were you?

Oh, Kelly only gets Jamie for a few hours of the first day?  I thought she would have had her helper for longer.

Sasha is still struggling to come up with an idea.   Dang.

“I have nothing!”

Soon Mr. Westmore breezes by.

Kevon gets placement advice on his gag.

Matt’s dentist’s nose isn’t up to par.

Jordan gets advice on his tongue gag.

Mel’s cop needs some major sculpting changes.
Of note:  The lips are too plain.

Sasha’s bug needs to be cleaner.

Jo’s firefighter robot head should be thicker, fuller, stronger.

On day 2 Jo is shown struggling with her concept.

The morning of reveal day she can’t manipulate the robot’s teeth.

Robots have teeth?

Jordan doesn’t have anything applied to the model.  Ruh-roh!

Let’s cut to the chase.   Joining McKenzie Westmore at the judges table are regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill & Neville Page.

Jordan versus Matt

Kelly versus Kevon

Derek versus Jo

Damien versus Graham

Sasha versus Yvonne

Mel versus Walter

McKenzie calls out the winners:  Jordan, Kevon, Derek, Damien, Yvonne & Walter.  Everyone sticks around for the critiques.

Walter’s bunny is exactly what Glenn was looking for.  Ve likes the eyebrows.  Neville appreciates the grin, and the small nose.

Ve can’t figure out what Jo’s work is supposed to be.  Neville sees an ape underneath, not a scary gag.  Glenn wants better execution, the idea isn’t so bad to him.

Neville loves Jordan’s sculpting and painting, but can’t find the gag.   Glenn affirms Neville.  Ve beams over the paint job.

The judges do not like Sasha’s scary gag at all.  They also think she went the wrong route, choosing an insect, and being inspired by Tim Burton.

Mel went with a half rhino, half cow.


Neville sees yarn art, not quality.  Glenn can’t see any whimsy or kid aspect.

Walter wins the challenge!

Jo & Sasha are eliminated.

That means Jordan placed 2nd, and Mel lives to create another day.

Tune in next week for an ancient culture challenge!

Kelly struggles yet again with her mold.


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