Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Face Off s13e01  Face Your Fears  5 June 2018

It's the last season of Face Off!
I'm trying not to cry.

Hey! It’s another All Stars season.  This time around 12 former contestants return to go head to head with another.   And, they will eliminate two people on the even episodes.

The challenge this time around was to create something that would fit in the world of Guillermo Del Toro.   You know, he’s the guy who brought us Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth and The Shape Of Water.

The contestants blindly selected their inspiration material.

Who had the typical ‘can’t open my mold’ crisis?
It was Kelly this week.   All turned out find.

Joining the regular judges is fan favorite guest judge Doug Jones.

Matt vs. Yvonne
J.M. Barrie's Tinker Bell

Damien vs. Jo
Kenneth Grahame's Mr. Toad

Graham vs. Sasha
Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid

Kelly vs. Walter
Humpty Dumpty

Derek vs. Kevon
J.M. Barrie's Captain Hook

Jordan vs. Mel
The Gingerbread Man

Host McKenzie Westmore announces the winners of each head to head.   Only the top 2 and bottom 2 are shown getting judges critiques.

Matt is in the top 2.  Glenn  says he knocked it out of the park, lots of original thinking.  Ve appreciates the editing of the makeup.  Doug admires the nature bits in the design.  Neville must have been in the bathroom.

Kevon is in the bottom 2.  The judges tell him that there are too many ideas.


He should have edited down and focused on just 1, 2, or 3 ideas.

Kelly is in the top 2.  Her back story impresses the judges.  Doug finds it very eerie and very GDT.  Glenn admires the profile, calls it unique.

No tongues sticking out, but Walter did pull on his beard a bit.   I have to ask Tonya Reiman what that means.   Now, doesn't Kelly look embarrassed by it?  

Also, why is Matt reminding me of Glenn?  Is it just 'cause they both look like they need a shower?

Or, is he more like the dearly departed Alan Rickman?

Yvonne is in the bottom 2.  Ve can’t see GDT anywhere.  The expression is baked into the mask.  We know that is the kiss of death.  However, since there is no elimination this week, Yvonne has a chance to turn around and be much better next week.

Kelly wins the challenge!

And, that’s it.  No elimination.

Tune in next week for monsters under the bed!   Kelly gets an expert to help her out during the next challenge.


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