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RuPaul's Drag Race s10e10Social Media Kings Into Queens24 May 2018


Last week on RPDR the six remaining queens acted in "Breastworld."  The runway theme was to portray themselves in 50 years time.   But, they called it 2069, which would have been 51 or 52 years, depending upon whether you count from filming in 2017, or airing in 2018.  

Not that I'm being picky.

Asia O'Hara won the challenge, and Aquaria came in 2nd.

Monét X Change came in 3rd, and Miz Cracker placed 4th.

Bottom two were Kameron Michaels and Eureka O'Hara.

Ru was impressed enough with each of them on the lip synch to keep them both on.
I don't necessarily agree with Ru, seems like Eureka earned the right to go home.

So, the question now is:   Does Ru anticipate Eureka winning the whole thing?  Is *that* why she kept her on?
Going back to the werk room after the non-elimination episode, Aquaria shares that she is upset no one went home.  The other queens, well, at least Asia O’Hara, are bent out of shape for that.   Be real.  Aquaria doesn’t seem to be mean spirited, she seems like any of us would feel when the worst performer doesn’t get eliminated.

Asia is correct, the bottom two should be enjoyed for getting to stay, but she is off in thinking Aquaria’s beef is inappropriate.   What would be inappropriate would be acting rude and combative towards those who stayed.  Aquaria is just sharing her thoughts, not that they are necessarily correct.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this.   At any rate, next day, Aquaria apologizes to Asia.   Seems to me, it should be the other way around.
What is going on with Aquaria's hair?   

Does she not know about 1982 and A.F.O.S?
There’s a mini-challenge!   Like the RPDR All Stars s1e3 mini-challenge, they have to dress in hyper masculine drag.   This time around it is for a cologne photo shoot (“Trade.”)               
Eureka wins the mini-challenge.
Yes, I saw the tongues going this week.               
For the maxi-challenge, Ru brings in six Internet sensations for the makeover challenge.   As always, the contestants must make over the Internet stars to show a strong family resemblance.   They are not told, this time, that one has to be a sister or a mother, etc.  Lots of leeway there, huh?

Eureka has the task of assigning the queens and stars.   She knows enough to be strategic, especially since Ru chided Aquaria for not doing so last week.

On the Ru-thru, Miz Cracker’s straight Chester See is worried about walking in heels.

Monét X Change’s Tyler Oakley makes the connection between a good drag queen and a good Internet sensation.   She knows enough to say “No complaints” when the opportunity arises.
“I like chickens.  I’m feeling overwhelmed.

This experience is not what you might think …”
Kameron has the other straight man, Anthony Padilla.  Kameron tries to tell Ru that she isn’t attractive.  Ru ain’t buyin’ it for a second. Neither is Anthony.  Ha!   Ru compares being in drag to being drunk.

Asia is going to use something she brought for Raymond Braun.  Wait, so they don’t necessarily have to create something from scratch like they normally do?  Wow. I don’t like that they are dumbing down the challenge.

Eureka’s Frankie Grande (Ariana’s older brother) is as OTT as Eureka, so it looks like a good pairing.   Frankie shares that she is worried about the high expectations of everyone else.  Ru praises Eureka for being strategic with the pairing of everyone.
Ru reminds Aquaria’s Kingsley to not give into the fear.   He is worried about looking dumb.   Ru shares that she struggled with this long ago.    Then she shares the “Mame” starving banquet speech.
"At least SOMEONE referenced it.”
Ru adds a wrinkle, they will have to make a video for Ru’s “C.U.N.T.” No choreographer, no extra outfits or the like.   Curious.

Joining RuPaul at the judging table are Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, Miles Heizer and Lizzo.
Lizzo the lat?

Ru is still mentioning Miss Vanjie’s exit from s10e01.  At least it wasn’t referenced last week.  Or, was it?
Asia O’Hara
Eureka O’Hara


Miz Cracker

Monét X Change
Kameron Michaels

After viewing the videos, Ru praises them all for bringing it.

Asia places in the top.  Lizzo couldn’t tell who was the drag pro and who was the newbie.   Ross & Michelle love both outfits.
Eureka places in the top.  Michelle praises her for the two of them having equal presence (both have OTT personalities.)
Aquaria & Capricia Corn don’t match, they are from different worlds.
“Capricia Corn is Little House On The Prairie on Indigenous Day.”
I keep seeing Vanessa “Melrose Place s1” Williams meets season 2 or 3 Shangela with her corn.
The judges rave over Miz Cracker’s work.  She doesn’t miss the “No Complaints” comeback, either.

“Leave me alone!”

Monét is praised for doing her makeup and wig well, but that’s about it.  There’s no family resemblance.  I anticipated them pounding home that they both look anemic.   They had great chemistry, but that’s it.

RUPAUL:  Their outfits were both green.

MICHELLE:  The end.

ALL JUDGES:  Ha! Ha! Ha!
Kameron is told that her outfit work was too simple.   Michelle wants different hair and earring color for the newbie.
Nothing earth shattering happens on Untucked.  As always, the noobs are very well behaved.

Asia is safe, placing 3rd.

Eureka is safe, placing 2nd.

Miz Cracker wins the challenge.
It’s her first maxi-challenge win.
Will it be her last?

Kameron is in the bottom two.

Aquaria places 4th, and is safe.

That means Monét is also in the bottom two.

Kameron & Monét lip synch to Lizzo’s “Good As Hell.”

Monét seems less committed, and somewhat uneven.   There’s no pay off for momentarily walking off stage to run down the runway, breaking a light with her foot.
“I thought that breaking a light meant you would stay?”

Kameron gives 100% all the way through the song.

It’s a no brainer, Kameron stays, Monét is eliminated, placing sixth for the season.

You saw it coming, right?  Or, did Reddit & Youtube make it inevitable for ya?

Got a favorite for the win?  I think the top 3 is fairly easy to figure out, but out of them, I am not sure who will win.

No new episode for 2 weeks?   Aaugh!


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