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RuPaul's Drag Race s10e08The Unauthorized Rusical10 May 2018

Last time on RPDR the queens were on Snatch Game!   Just like every other season, the scores were all over the place.

Aquaira won the challenge.   Monique Heart was eliminated.   She was not receptive to the judges words at all.

So, we have seven who have left us.

Seven remain.
Back in the work room, after half wiping away Monique Heart’s “Abide in love” lipstick message, The Vixen proclaims “Well, now y’all stuck with me.”

I guess that there aren't any more challenges, then.   The top seven share the win and go on tour together, eh?  She interviews that she is happy she has no friend in the room anymore.  It means she can give it her all.  What?
When they are conversing on the couch, The Vixen clarifies:  She’s mad that anyone would stand between her and winning.   Well, now we know, we don’t win because of effort, we win because everyone else gets out of the way.   Ha!
Next day in the work room Chad Michaels as Cher shows up on the she-mail she done already done had herses screen.
Hey!  There is a mini challenge!   I think that this is a first:  Who inspires and reacts to a slap from RuPaul the best!   They all seem to do alright, but Asia milks the challenge for all it is worth.
The maxi challenge is Cher: The Unauthorized Rusical.   They will each sing (not lip synch) a different era & look of Cher.  It looks like wigs and outfits are provided.   Todrick Hall choreographs.
You know how it goes, they will all do poorly, and then do marvelously come show time.
Of note: Eureka keeps wanting to concentrate only on the dance moves.  Everyone else had to try singing & dancing at the same time. 
The Vixen’s reactions in the peanut gallery are over the top.   Her hatred for Eureka (the world?) knows no end.
Nothing really happens on the Ru-thru.   Well, nothing beyond “Cher is a rebel, an outsider, with an attitude.”

“Really, that’s all there is to me?”

Well, no, I take it back, Ru asks The Vixen why she doesn’t get along with anyone.  The Vixen thinks this is a strength.   She is proud that she is battling Eureka.   Ru politely tries to tell her to worry about herself.  It never makes it to The Vixen’s brain.
While getting ready on performance & runway day, Miz Cracker shares how she was limited to 1 hour of TV a week, and didn't have any media time in general.   Wow, that's ... limited, eh.
Joining RuPaul are Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Andrew Rannells and Billy Eichner.

What, no Cher? 

Not even Chad Michaels?

Not even Delta Work?

Kameron Michaels

Monét X Change

The Vixen


Asia O’Hara

Eureka O’Hara

Miz Cracker

Kameron gets praised for the gliterrific look, and for being the most ‘Cher’-like.  Michelle notes she even got the vibrato right.
Michelle doesn’t like the messiness of Monét X Change’s outfit (tape is showing.)  The Cher bit was spot on.
The Vixen’s runway look is terrific.  Billy notes that the performance didn’t embody Cher one iota.  The Vixen says it is because of which Cher she was given.   The judges ain’t buyin’ it.
Carson loves Aquaria's glittery outfit.  Andrew quips, "Anytime you can make Catholicism sexy, I’m all for it."  Ha!   Michelle didn’t get Cher, but Madonna, with the performance.  Aquaria does volley back and makes the judges laugh, at least.

Asia’s shoes are a miss, per Michelle.   Carson didn’t get the right (or any) Cher from her performance.  Michelle agrees.  She forgot her lines.  Ru is surprised that it should be so bad, she is a seasoned queen.
Carson adores Eureka’s runway look, and the attention to detail.   The judges are mixed on her performance.  She ended great, she started too quiet.  Eureka shares that she is uncomfortable with singing in public.   She turns it around to a joke, smart cookie.
Miz Cracker’s runway is glamorous and different to anything she’s done in the past.   Carson says she finished the whole number very strong.
Over on Untucked The Vixen is convinced that Aquaria and Eureka are the bottom two.  (Delusion is real.)

Kameron had the best critique, but refuses to celebrate till she actually wins.

Michelle doesn’t know the difference between temporary and tentative.   Ha!   I guess she still isn’t elegwent.

Monét X Change is safe, placing 3rd, right?
Kameron Michaels wins the challenge!
Eureka is safe, placing 2nd.

Asia O’Hara is in the bottom two.

Miz Cracker is safe (placing 4th.)

The Vixen is also in the bottom two.

That means Aquaria is safe, placing 5th.

The bottom two lip synch, and it is to—

Deee-Lite's classic "Groove Is In The Heart"
from Fall 1990.
The Vixen seems to outperform Asia, but Ru must have already made up her mind.   Despite how the lip synch went down, Asia is kept on.   The Vixen is let go.  Eliminated.  Obliterated. 
Back in the work room, as she is packing up, it looks like she hasn’t learned a damn thing.  Such a shame.
The Vixen writes on the mirror:  "EVIL (sic) Triumps when good queens do nothing!   Buy My Album,  The Vixen."  Wait, so it is OTHER people’s fault for her bad behavior?  At least she acknowledges that she is evil.


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