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RuPaul's Drag Race s10e07Snatch Game!3 May 2018

Last week on RPDR, the queens, in three sets of three, participated in mock drag con panels.

Team Eureka O'Hara, Kameron Michaels & Monet X Change did the best. 
Eureka won the challenge.   Yes, that's two in a row for her!

Team Aquaria, Asia O'Hara & Monique Heart placed middle safe.
Asia, did, however, get praise from the judges.

Team Blair St. Clair, Miz Cracker & The Vixen were the worst team. 
Blair St. Clair & The Vixen battled it out, lip synching to Diana Ross's  (Nile Rodgers'?) Fall 1980 hit "I'm Coming Out."

Ah, that was a special time, eh?

The Vizen was kept in the competition, while BSC got the boot.  So, evidently, she was eliminated before the Indiana police came to the set to take her back to the authorities, if we can believe Reddit and TMZ.

So, these are the six that have left us already.
These are the eight who are still with us.  Is this panning out the way that you thought it might?

Back in the work room, after Blair's elimination, The Vixen interviews that she is scared, but, then she says that the judges don’t understand her drag.   Amazing.  You are perfect, everyone else on the planet is wrong.
Eureka reminds The Vixen that she has brains and heart, she doesn’t have to be angry all the time.  The Vixen doesn’t understand and is combative right back.

Monique Heart starts blaming her failures on (lack of) money.  Not buying it one bit.  Monique is not able to take on board that she is anything less than perfect.   I could never pull off such a way of life.  Could you?  

She and The Vixen always have an excuse for their not winning, and it never has to do with THEM, but other people, other things, etc. 

Next day in the work room the mini challenge is reading each other.

I miss the old PSAs.

Those glasses seem anemic compared to other seasons, huh?

The Villain ...

Just F@#k Me!

Eureka wins the mini-challenge.

She wins … eyeglasses!

The Villain’s did NOT like it.

The maxi challenge is … Snatch Game!

On the Ru-thru, Bianca Del Rio tags along.  Hilarity ensues.

Eureka is ready with Divine and Honey Boo Boo
Ru doesn’t respond well to Divine.
It doesn't sound like Divine, either.

Monique is gonna be Maxine Waters, or Cookie from Empire.  Monique doesn’t know all of the Maxine-isms.   She doesn’t have the anger or drama that Ms. Waters has.

Asia wants to go with Whitney Houston.   Ru advises her to stay away from drugged-out Whitney.  

But, that IS Whitney!

Asia’s Plan B is Beyonce.   She is not funny, plus, didn’t queens outright fail with Beyonce before?  Didn’t Kenya go home?   Dangerous!



Miz Cracker chose Dorothy Parker.

Bianca was hoping for Edith Head.
Now THAT would have been wonderful, eh?

Ru is worried that the audience will have to think too hard or too much, in order to ‘get’ Miz Cracker’s Dorothy Parker.
Aquaria will run with Melania Trump.   She tells Ru & Bianca that she isn’t naturally funny or competent, so it’s a perfect choice to go with Melania.  Ha!  Bianca reminds her that the fans love those who are most true to themselves.
Asia decides to go with Beyonce.  The Vixen is doing Blue Ivy Carter.  They go over how they will banter back and forth during Snatch Game.
Isn't it a risk to do what others have done before?

Monique interviews that Beyonce has no personality.   WHY oh WHY is Asia going with her?

Playing Snatch Game are Audra McDonald and Kate Upton.   It just occurred to me, why don’t they win something, you know, like Rica-A-Roni, or a reasonable facsimile.

Kameron Michael’s (wrestler & body builder) Chyna and Miz Cracker’s Dorothy Parker do not get much air time.  Know what that means?  Guarantee that they will be middle safe.

Monét X Change is doing Maya Angelou, and immediately she is already doing better than …

well, you know who.  Whom.  Whichever.

Excluding the middle-savers, the top row and The Vixen seem the worst, and the bottom row, except for The Vixen, seem the best.
We know that this is extremely and horrifically edited, so we don’t know how they ‘really’ did.  However, sure looks like The Vixen, Asia O’Hara and Monique Heart are in trouble.

But, why is Alex Trebeck there?  Shouldn’t Mark Goodson, Bill Todman, Gene Rayburn, Johnny Olson, Richard Dawson, Bret Sommers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Marcia Wallace, Betty White, Vicki Lawrence, Fannie Flagg or anyone from Nerdo Crombezia be interjecting quips?  
Joining Ru, Michelle & Carson are Audra and Kate.

The runway theme is … Bette Midler’s mermaid Harlettes!

Monique Heart

Miz Cracker


Asia O’Hara

The Vixen

Monét X Change

Eureka O’Hara

Kameron Michaels

Surprise!  Ru calls out Kamreon & Miz C. as the middle safe, and sends them out back to the Untucked lounge.

Funny, they had to be wheeled out.  Also funny, over on Untucked, they were sure they were in the bottom two.  Ha!

The judges are enamored with Aquaria’s work.  Her attention to detail and level of commitment was strong.

Monique Heart’s Maxine Waters was anemic, one note, and weak.   Monique blames it on the other people.   Rich.  Other people were running the race and kept me from doing my job.  Really, girl?  Worse, she doesn’t believe the judges.   Michelle and Carson think her runway look is disjointed and cheap.   Monique complains that she can’t please the judges.   It never occurs to her to improve, though.  Ha!

Michelle doesn’t like that Asia wore a mask.   Kate doesn’t mind it, but never thought of it before?  Asia failed with her Beyonce.   I don’t think it is as bad as Kenya’s from season 4.  Ru explains to her how far she missed the mark with her impersonation.
The judges find fault with The Vixen’s upper frontals being in the arm pits.  Her Snatch Game work was weak at best.  The Vixen blames it on Eureka.  Of course.   When things go wrong, it is always someone else’s fault.   Wish she and Monique could be obliterated on the spot for blaming other people for how their own work is poorly done.

Monét X Change has to explain that she is a mermaid at war.  But, they seem to like it.   They love her Snatch Game, but maybe it helps that Chi Chi did it so poorly on All Stars 3.
The judges praise Eureka to the Heavens for her Honey Bo Boo performance.
Ru asks them all who should go home.  Eureka picks Asia O’Hara because she is doing the best, and is in the way of her winning.  (In other words, that is a compliment.)
Monét X Change picks The Vixen because of her work on the challenges this week.
The Vixen is incredulous that Eureka is doing well.  She wants Eureka gone.   The Vixen still has a horrible attitude and it is on full display for the judges.  
Asia O’Hara states that The Vixen has the most room for growth, because she is an adult.  Wait, what?   Was there some poor editing there?
Monique Heart mentions The Vixen because she has reached her peak and will never get any better.
Aquaria offers up The Vixen because she is doing poorly on the challenges, plural.
When the tops & bottoms head back to the Untucked lounge it is not a surprise that The Villain is still at it.  Monique Heart continues her shock that she might be in the bottom, because she is so wonderful.   I find it amazing that these two can only receive the highest of praise.   The judges let them know where they failed so that they can IMPROVE, not because they are in some bizarro world where everything they do is wrong.   Oy AND vey.
Aquaria wins the challenge!

Eureka places 2nd.  Monét X Change is 3rd.
Kameron & Miz Cracker are 4th & 5th.   

You knew dat.
We don’t know which is which.

Asia O’Hara is 7th out of nine, and is safe.
Bottom two are Monique Heart and The Vixen.
I was sure The Vixen would go home, but, surprise, surprise, Monique Heart doesn’t know the words to the Carly Rae Jepsen song “Cut To The Feeling.”
Don’t worry, the Chyron people didn’t even
know how to spell Carly’s last name.

It's a mystery.
Monique gets the chop.   I guess a
crappy cartwheel couldn’t save her.

Neither could the ripping off of
the wig at the beginning of the song.

The Vixen stays to complain about Eureka another day.
As Monique Heart is leaving, she is still blaming everything on OTHER people.  She complains that she *really* wanted it.  I guess the others were there because Burger King was closed for renovations, and they had nothing else to do?

Monique interviews that she didn’t know the words, but that she tried.   No, if she had put in any effort, she would have known the words.

How can we be so clueless in life?  Dear God, don’t let me be so willfully ignorant.  Denial never serves us.

Next week, the mini challenge must be about Cher?   Or is it the maxi challenge?


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