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RuPaul's Drag Race s10e06Drag Con Panel Extravaganza26 April 2018
M y   1 , 0 0 0 t h   p o s t !     W o o - h o o !

Last week on RPDR, the queens displayed their acting, writing and improvisational skills on The Bossy Rossy show.  (Think Jerry Springer, without the big fan.)

What, no Flossy?

Eureka beat out Miz Cracker for the win. 

Yes, folks, that means Miz Cracker has been in the top three for four of the five challenges this season, so far.   Ain't she due for a win YET?

Mayhem Miller & Monét X Change were the bottom two, 

beating out The Vixen to get there.

Mayhem Miller was eliminated.

Back in the work room, after Mayhem's exit, Monét X Change is defeated (after being bottom 2 two weeks in a row.) 

Miz Cracker is frustrated never winning a challenge.  

Next day in the work room, they get a mini-challenge!   

They have to sit on an item and identify it.  


Asia O’Hara has the best butt, so to speak.   

She wins the challenge, and a $2,000 hair care package.

The maxi-challenge is to present in trios as if they were at Drag Con.  I guess times are tough, they can't afford an apostrophe.   No, maybe I'm misunderstanding what is going on.  Maybe many RuPauls will be there, not just Madame Charles.

At any rate, they pick their own teams.   

   Team Body is Monét X Change, Kameron Michaels and Eureka O’Hara.

Team Face is Asia O’Hara, Monique Heart and Aquaria.

Team Hair is Miz Cracker, Blair St. Clair and The Vixen.
They need to have presentations that are informative, entertaining and where each shares speaking time.

When it’s Ru-thru time, Team Face is told to convey the joy of makeup.   They are also expected to share simple tips to the audience.
Team Hair doesn’t seem to have a moderator.  

The Vixen is uncomfortable with the challenge?   With Ru?  With her teammates?  I can’t tell, but I saw that tongue!

Now that I think about it,

there was a LOT of tongue in this episode, eh?
Team Body’s Monét X Change is told to not miss any opportunities like she did the previous week.
Ru tells everybody that part of the challenge is to make the people fall in love with them.  There will be a fan favorite chosen and that might (will?) factor into the judging.

Isn't it a little odd that Monique Heart makes her runway outfit in the last half an hour?  (And she has HELP, too!)
Also, why is The Vixen painting her hat dress?   Won't it end up looking cheap?
While they are getting ready, Monét X Change shares how winning a small beauty contest in 2014 outed her to her family in the Caribbean.  Or not.   Seems like there sure was a lot of stress for her while growing up, not being able to be fully out.

Joining Ru at the judges table are Michelle, Ross, Kumail Nanjiani & Emily Gordon.

Team Body fires on all cylinders.   Each seems knowledgeable, warm and happy to be there.

Team Face does well, too.

Team Hair seems to have some strange antagonistic behavior.   I bet they are trying to be funny, but it is only coming across as mean spirited.   Miz Cracker and The Vixen are doing two things at once, it is confusing for the people to know which person to follow.  Also, I’m not hearing any actual tips for the studio audience to take on board.

It’s easy to see how the teams will place, but not as easy to tell the individual placement.

The runway theme is hats!

Kameron Michaels

Monét X Change

Eureka O’Hara


Monique Heart

Asia O’Hara

Miz Cracker

Blair St. Clair

The Vixen

Ru calls out how the teams place, and, sure enough, Body first, Face 2nd, Hair last.
Team Face is the middle safe team, and the three are sent out back to the Untucked lounge.
Kameron is told she has been reclusive, but was a joy that she came out of her shell on this challenge.  

The judges are excited that Monét X Change did so well on so many levels.

Eureka was the fan favorite and is praised for having an even tone, excelling at all parts of the challenge.

Yes, “proportionizing” is now going to be somebody’s catch-phrase.

Miz Cracker looks wonderful, but the judges didn’t find anything Cracker said was funny or entertaining.  They didn’t learn anything from her, either.

Blair St. Clair is beautiful, too, but is told she faded into the background.  Ross complains of her being too sweet.   

BSC shares that part of her persona is a coping mechanism for dealing with being raped in college.   Ru thanks her for her being candid.
The Vixen is kind to BSC at that moment.  What?   HER?  Really?  Vraiment, Raymond?

Michelle is mad that she can’t see The Vixen’s face.  I personally think her outfit is a good idea, but it looks homemade and cheap.   The judges rip on her for also being mean spirited and not funny, and not informative, too.  However, they all couch it in terms of her not being the worst offender.   Is she going to be bottom three but not bottom two again?

Over on Untucked, Monique Heart is incredulous that she hasn't done better, and blames her two teammates.   Ha!   Continued cluelessness.  The most surprising thing is that The Vixen is not angry and mean to everyone like on most episodes of Untucked.   Maybe she got out all of her aggressions during the Drag Con challenge and is tired now?   Maybe it is bad editing?   I can’t tell.

Eureka wins the challenge!

Kameron & Monét are both safe, as is Miz Cracker. 

Bottom two are Blair St. Clair & The Vixen.

They lip synch to Diana Ross’s (Nile Rodger’s?) Fall 1980 anthem “I’m Coming OUt.”

Blair doesn’t seem to move all that much. 

The Vixen is doing all kinds of dance moves and acrobatics.

Well, we know how this will go.   The Vixen is safe.

Blair St. Clair is done and gone.

So, no information on the arrest read round the world when the season was being filmed.   Maybe the police came AFTER her elimination?   All that build up for nothing.
Tune in next week for Snatch Game!   Will someone finally play Judy Garland?   Will someone play a former Drag Race contestant?   Will someone play Carson or Ross?

Will The Vixen be nice all the way through an episode yet?

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