Monday, April 23, 2018

RuPaul's Drag Race s10e05The Bossy Rossy Show19 April 2018

Last week on RPDR, the queens went to the ball earlier in the season than they normally would have.   The maxi challenge was to wear three looks, only “Martian Eleganza Extravaganza” had to be made from scratch right on the spot.

Aquaria won the challenge.  Miz Cracker was #2.

Asia O’Hara was 3rd from the bottom, in part due to being too busy helping others to work on her own work enough.

Monét X Change had to lip synch for her life, but she did stay.

Dusty Ray Bottoms sasheyed away.

The mini challenge this week is to transform camouflage into drag queen worthy looks.

The Vixen wins the mini challenge!

The maxi challenge is to appear on the Bossy Rossy show (think Jerry Springer.)  So, it’s a writing & acting challenge.   They appear as ‘couples’ and The Vixen gets to pair up the teammates.

She puts Aquaria and Eureka together, because she hates them.   But, it never occurs to her that they might be a good match, does it?

On runway day, The Vixen is still going at it with hating Eureka.   Eureka tries to patch things up, but The Vixen isn't having any of it.   She's sure turning into The Idiot and The Hater, ain't she?

On the runway, the category is denim & diamonds.  Joining Ru, Michelle and Carson are Carrie Preston and Shania Twain.

Monét X Change

Kameron Michaels

The Vixen

Asia O’Hara


Eureka O’Hara

Blair St. Clair

Monique Heart

Mayhem Miller

Miz Cracker

Ru calls out Asia O’Hara, Blair St. Clari, Kameron Michaels and Aquaria as the middle savers.

Kameron gushed over how impactful Shania Twain was in her life years ago.

Monét’s look doesn’t fit right.   She missed the opportunity with the angel food cake looking like padding.

The Vixen didn’t cinch her waist and it shows.   She was one note on the challenge.

Eureka slayed the episode.  No one says anything negative.

Don't worry, The Vixen can come up
with something bad to say about Eureka.

Monique Heart doesn’t know the difference between a giraffe pattern and a cow pattern.

Michelle doesn’t like the pink denim that Mayhem is sporting.    Her work was overshadowed by the others. 

The judges love Miz Cracker’s wit and how she did on the challenge.  But, how come HER pink denim is fine, but Mayhem's isn't?

Over on Untucked, Miz Cracker makes a big point of telling everyone that she is unsure of herself.   Did that really need to happen?

Back at the runway, Miz Cracker is safe.

Eureka wins the challenge!

The Vixen is NOT happy.

Monique Heart is safe.

The Vixen is safe.

Somehow, I get the idea she is praying for a spotlight to fall on Eureka,
not that she is grateful to Ru for letting her stay.

Bottom two are Monét X Change and Mayhem Miller.

They lip synch to Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like A Woman.”

Monét lives!

Mayhem is sent packing.

What will happen next week?   Will Blair St. Clair be carried away in handcuffs?

“Hey, as long as it is The Pit Crew, hand cuffs are fine.”


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