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RuPaul's Drag Race s10e03  Tap That App  5 April 2018

Last time, on RPDR, the queens lip synched in an ode to drug propaganda.

The Vixen won the challenge.

Bottom two were Eureka O'Hara and Kalorie Karbdashion Williams.

Eureka managed to convince Ru to let her stay.

Kalorie was kicked to the curb.

I haven't cried over an elimination like that ...

since Jaymes last year.

Back in the work room, after Kalorie’s elimination, Eureka is still shocked she had been in the bottom two.  Um, that’s delusion at its best, huh?

“I didn’t get here on accident!”

“It’s on purpose or by accident, not by purpose
or on accident.  Go to school and
attend English class, bitch!”

“I’m not going home anytime soon, America.   You can bet that.”

Next day in the work room they get another mini-challenge!

But first, look, our first tongue siting of the episode!

Ru has them selling her chocolate as if it was their first casting call ever.

The winners are Blair St. Clair, Monique Heart and Monét X Change.

The maxi-challenge is to write and film commercials for new dating apps:

End Of Days


Madam Buttrface

The 3 captains pick their teammates and get to brainstorming and writing.

More tongue!

After practicing the narration part, Mayhem is asked if she could do another part and Kameron could do the narration.  That's odd.

Was Mayhem really struggling with the other part, or was Kameron being shady, offering to do something hard that wasn't really all that hard?

After writing, as they are getting into makeup, Yuhua wants a fake nose like Aquaria and Asia O’Hara have.

But, while the other queens let her know what else she can do (they ran out of the prosthetic noses?)  Yuhua snaps at them.   Something is amiss here.

Eventually she says she'll put dots on her face to be ugly.

“I’m gonna look ugly, don’t worry!”

Carson & Michelle are the directors for the commercials.

Fibstr is up first.   They are given direction, but
seem to take everything on board and move forward.

Monique Heart self directs!

“She’s self directing?”

I spoke too soon.  

Mayhem Miller comes off
like she has no idea what she is doing.

“Kill me.”

“You are not serious.”

Team End Of Days is slaying it.

Eureka seems to have improved greatly over the last episode, eh?

Team Buttrface is the perfect opportunity for Asia to steal the show.

Yuhua’s segment seems to be humorless and
unrelated to the commercial.  Rut-roh!

On runway day, The Vixen and Aquaria are at it again.

“Merry Christmas”

Thank you for being able to differentiate between 'merry,' 'marry,' and 'Mary,' girl.  You made my day!

But, then a monster killer spider came
into the work room and ate them all.

I don't get the spider fear.

No, I don't have pet tarantulas.

Blair and Dusty shared that they came from super conservative families.   Blair’s is still supportive, Dusty’s is not.   Sad.

Joining Ru at the judging table are Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Nico Tortorella and Courtney Love.  The runway theme is feathers.

Blair St. Clair

Miz Cracker

Eureka O’Hara

The Vixen

Monique Heart

Mayhem Miller

Dusty Ray Bottoms

Kameron Michaels

Monét X Change

Asia O’Hara

Yuhua Hamasaki

The judges see the commercials.   Team End Of Days Blair St. Clair is a winner.

Team Fibster Monique Heart seems to have a weak link with Mayhem Miller.

Team Buttrface Monét X Change is a hit, except for Yuhua.

Ru decides to judge them individually.   She calls out Asia O’Hara, Eureka O’Hara and Blair St. Clair as the tops of the week.

Mayhem Miller, Kameron Michaels & Yuhua Hamasaki are the bottoms.

Michelle doesn’t like BSC’s attire, but Carson sticks up for them.  The judges love how well she did on the main challenge.

Eureka shined in the challenge.   The judges take note that she was lackluster last week, but now she’s in the game.  Courtney enjoys her goth look.

Michelle notes how wonderful Mayhem looks on the runway.  Carson thinks her commercial segment was disjointed, it didn’t gel with the rest of the work.  The judges seem to hunt for what the problem was with Mayhem and the leader.

Carson loves Kameron’s excellent runway attire.   Michelle clocks Kameron for her poor acting.

Carson adores Asia’s Tweety Bird outfit.  Michelle and Carson rave about her vacant look in the back of the commercial.

Michelle doesn’t like that Yuhua’s red wig didn’t go with the black outfit.  Nico was confused as to why she looked glamorous, not ugly in the commercial.  Like Mayhem, her part of the commercial seemed out of place and was not funny.  Yuhua retorts to every critique, but she never convinces anyone of anything.

Blair St. Clair is safe.

Asia O’Hara is the winner!

Eureka O’Hara is safe.

Kameron Michaels is safe.

Bottom two are Yuhua & Mayhem.

They lip synch to Hole’s “Celebrity Skin.”

Nico sure finds one of them distasteful, eh?

Ru keeps Mayhem Miller.

That means Yuhua Hamasaki is eliminated.

Did you see it coming?
Okay, that’s a dumb question,
the bottom two were clear as day.

Is s10 panning out the way you thought it would?

Who do you hope goes next?


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