Friday, April 6, 2018

Project Runway All Stars s6e13
Making Fashion History  5 April 2018 

We're down to the

final 3, folks!

The finale three enter the work room to find 3 eliminated designers waiting to help them out.

Stanley gets Amanda.

Fabio has Helen.

Anthony is helped by Candice.

Nothing is stated as to why they each get whom they get.
They have their helpers for three days.

They have to create a 7th look now, so they get $250 at Mood.

There’s a hell of a lot of footage of the designers praising one another.   Really?   THAT is what needs to be shown?

Nothing horrendous is shown of model fitting.

I did notice that  Candice & Amanda have gone on record that Anthony has a problem with time management.  You know what that means.  Either he only sends 2 garments of the 7 required, or he wins it all.   Subtle editing does not exist on this show.

Then we get love-fest footage of just the top 3 designers.   This was necessary why?     Or was it just the booze & sugar talking?

Joining Alyssa, Georgina & Isaac at the judging row are Catherine Zeta-Jones and Zac Posen.

Stanley Hudson

Fabio Costa

Anthony Williams

Isaac adores Stanley’s red (raspberry!) dress.   He doesn’t like that the 6 belt buckles are indeed belt buckles on the white outfit.  Georgina doesn’t see cohesion, but she doesn’t harp on him too badly.  Zac is complimentary, except for the last dress, it is too costumey.  CZJ adores the first and last look (dovetailing on the comments by Georgina.)  Alyssa is full of praise for him, too.

Georgina is stunned by the quality of Fabio’s work.  She wants more street infused into his work.   Isaac thinks the looks are too delicate.   Catherine adores the coat Fabio is wearing.  Zac loves the navy jumpsuit.  He wants the fifth look to be a dress, not separates.   Alyssa thinks everything is beautiful.

The judges all praise Anthony's finale look, except that Georgina doesn’t like the actual fabric (print) he chose.   She doesn’t like the fabric of the white satin skirt, too.  Zac does, though.  

If I had to guess, I’d guess Anthony places first, Stanley second and Fabio third, but each one had A++ garments.   Well, we know from how they caucused that the judges felt the same way, and that was very close.   Interesting that they didn’t designate a 2nd and a 3rd place.

Alyssa and Zac go into the personality of the person.  Ugh.  I both hate that and now know who is going to win.

"You know, I don't think anything is wrong with
awarding the win to the most popular."

Mr. Personality, Anthony wins!   Isn’t he adorable, his reaction, I mean.    I think he earned the win, and loathe that judges felt that his personality was supposed to play a part in his winning.   Maybe the rich can purchase clothes by specific designers, but the masses have to go by more serious criteria than that, like fit, price, etc.

You ready for PR17?   Did you hear that they had to extend the deadline for applying (just like last year!)   As long as we don’t get triplets, I’m good.


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