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RuPaul's Drag Race s10e02  PharmaRusical  29 March 2018

Last time, on the premier of season 10, we met 13 brand new queens,

plus a returning queen from season 9, Eureka O'Hara,

who injured her knee last time around and had to quit mid-season.

The mini challenge was to walk the runway in their entrance looks,

and stand out from the 20+ former contestants who were there.

Monét X Change won the mini challenge.

The maxi challenge was a repeat of the very first
main challenge ever on RPDR:  Drag On A Dime.

They had to create great drag fashion from materials found at the 99¢ store.

You'll remember it from season one,
when Nina Flowers won the challenge,

and from season 8, when Naysha Lopez had that challenged
on the episode where each queen
had a different challenge from the past.

Both Ru & Carson caught flies.

Mayhem, Kalorie & Eureka gave us plenty of tongue.

Mayhem Miller won the challenge.

Blair St. Clair, Miz Cracker & Yuhua Hamasaki all placed high, and were safe.

Dusty Ray Bottoms placed low, but was safe.

Bottom 2 were Karlorie Karbdashian Williams & Vanessa Vanjie Mateo.

KKW beat out VVM on the lip synch,

and Ru sent VVM packing.

Ladies I ❤ U The Vanjie way! xoxo Vanessa ❤!

Back in the work room, after Miss Vanjie x 3’s elimination, Monét X Change thinks she should have won the challenge.   Ha!

The Vixen tries to take the Aquaria vs. Miz Cracker fight to the next level, but Aquaria is in no mood.  Or maybe Aquaria regrets saying anything out loud about it over on last week’s Untucked.   Hmmm.

At any rate, The Vixen is more committed to it than Aquaria seems to be.   Miz Cracker interviews that she isn’t copying Aquaria, since she made it to the top and Aquaria did not.

“Oh, the shade of it all.”

Next day in the work room Ru & Andy Cohen introduce a mini-challenge: 

A country hoe down dance off!

Some do well, some do poorly, but what
is most notable is that both Monique Heart

and Mayhem Miller lose their wigs.

Ru calls out Asia O’Hara and The Vixen as the winners.
You know what that means.

They are the team leaders for the main challenge.

It’s a lip synch challenge—a parody of pharmaceutical informercials.

Immediately Asia O’Hara is complaining that Eureka talks too much.   I was hesitant to get on board, but, sure enough, the editing shows her doing just that.

You know how it goes:  They divvy up the parts, the put together wardrobe, they memorize what they have to lip synch, and then they learn their dance moves from some famous choreographer.

Only, this time, Alyssa Edwards is their choreographer.  It only makes sense.

Team Asia comes up with some dance routines, which, we learned from season 8, is what is expected out of them.  Team Vixen does not.  But, The Vixen is indeed a dancer.   Curious.

Back in the work room, The Vixen can’t let go of the Miz Cracker vs. Aquaria on going feud.  And, Mayhem Miller gave great tongue.

Blair St. Clair is shown struggling to get the moves.   What is odd is that she is supposed to be the theatre queen (meaning she should be a decent dancer.)   You know what they do, they show contestants doing poorly in practice, but then then do great come stage time.

Alyssa questions Eureka, she isn't as focused or energetic as usual.

Back in the work room, Eureka is feeling like the weakest link.  Spoiler alert, this never stops all episode.

While preparing for the runway the next day, Kalorie shares about her being harassed for being gay and being fat, while growing up in New Mexico.  Well, there must be a reason for that, it felt like it came out of the blue.

Joining Ru at the judging table are Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, Halsey and Padma Lakshmi.

Of course, Ru has to bring up that she starred in that ‘special’ film, 2001’s “Glitter.”

As the RuCo Labs extravaganza starts,

Eureka is shown not knowing the words.

Kalorie slightly misses her mark when sitting down.

The Vixen’s team seems to do a great deal better.

Category is—very best drag.

And speaking of very best drag, wasn't
that cute last week with Derrick, Kim & Bob?

But, what is up with Jinkx?
I know that ain't HER very best drag, huh?

Asia O’Hara

Yuhua Hamasaki

Dusty Ray Bottoms

Monique Heart

Kalorie Karbdashion Williams



The Vixen

Miz Cracker

Mayhem Miller

Blair St. Clair

Kameron Michaels

Monét X Change

Ru awards the win to Team The Vixen.

The Vixen is the individual overall winner.

The judges praise Asia O’Hara, both challenge & runway.

Yuhua shined in the challenge.
Michelle clocks her for the simple runway.

Dusty’s main challenge was terrific.  Michelle appreciates that she can’t see any dots (but she did have some!)

Monique Heart’s runway is applauded, but she faded into the wood work with the challenge.   Padma notes she didn’t know the words.

Kalorie didn’t know the words either.

Her best runway is anemic at best.

The judges like Eureka’s body suit, but it is still underwhelming.  They are disappointed that she seemed to not know ANY words to the lip synch.  Eureka breaks down in tears. 

Aquaria’s runway is amazing.   They wanted her to embody the old women portion of her lip synch.

Over on Untucked The Vixen talks about Eureka not getting along with Asia O’Hara (her team leader.)

When the losing team comes back, Asia says that her team had the harder lip synch, while The Vixen’s team had the easier one.  Ha!

Bottom two, Eureka & Kalorie, are extra stressed, crying, etc.  Eureka escapes the ‘Untucked’ room and cries gallons.

Monique joins in the tears.   Her family doesn’t think anyone can be black & gay.  She fears what will happen if her extended family watches the show.  But, if they are that conservative/religious/whatever, will it even reach them that RPDR exists?

Back at the stage, Ru calls out the safe queens:  Asia, Aquaria, Dusty & Yuhua.

Monique Heart gets a stern talking to, but is bottom three.  Therefore, she is safe.

Bottom two are Eureka & Kalorie.   They lip synch to The Emotions monster 1977 hit “Best Of My Love.”

Oddly, each seems anemic.   “BOML” is a song to jump to, death drop, do acrobatic feats, etc.   Their faces should be quite animated.  But, they were lackluster, if only from the stress of not delivering on the challenge.  I was expecting Ru to axe them both.

But, Ru keeps Eureka, and sens Kalorie packing.

Her elimination may have been earned, but it was still hard to see Kalorie go.

How you doing with all this?  Is it going like you thought?   Or like Reddit thought?


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