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RPDRAS s3e8 • A Jury Of Their Queers • 15 March 2018

Last week the five remaining queens acted in a comedic movie trailers for
"My Best Squirrelfriend's Dragsmaids Wedding Trip."

Bebe Zahara Benet played The Queen
based on Helen Mirren's version of Queen Elizabeth II • 2006's The Queen

Kennedy Davenport played La La 
based on Emma Stone's character Mia Dolan • 2016's La La Land

Morgan McMichaels was The Beige Swan
based on Natalie Portman's character Nina • 2010's The Black Swan

Shangela was Actavia
based on characters  •  2011's The Help & 2016's Hidden Figures

Trixie Mattel was Sharon Frockovish
based on Julia Roberts' portrayal of the title character • 2000's Erin Brokovich

Shangela & Trixie won the challenge.

Shangela won the 'Lip Synch For Your Legacy'

 and from the other three contestants

chose to (re)eliminate Morgan McMichaels

Now, before we get into the last episode of the season, let's take a look at their cumulative scores so far.   You know how it goes:  3 points for 1st place, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd, 0 for middle safe, -1 for 3rd worst, -2 for 2nd worst, and -3 for worst.  It may 'feel' like Shangela & Trixie should be the top 2, but Trixie was in the bottom one week more than Bebe was.

The maxi-challenge to determine who wins RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 consists of making a big one-take promotional video for Ru’s song “Kitty Girl.”   There’s no mention of editing out the one who does worst, placing 4th for the season.  Curious.

Each queen records (either singing or rapping) a verse of the song.
Then Todrick Hall is on hand to choreograph the bunch.

Bebe is shown being slower than the rest in getting her moves down.

Ru tells the top 4 that the eliminated (and self-eliminating) queens will have a say in who makes it to the top 2.

Ah, they have to plead their case to the queens out of the running.

But, first, the one-take video plays.

It is much more reminiscent of The Spice Girls' "Wanna Be,"

than John Fogerty's "The Old Man Down The Road."

"Thank GOD."

Bebe still struggles with that one move.

The judges are super complimentary to every one this week.

When they're there, of course.

I guess they will let the eliminated queens do all the heavy lifting this week.

Other than that misstep by Bebe, the queens all seem to do well.
Kennedy is doing gymnastic dance moves all over.

Bebe is asked again, and she still won’t share who she would have eliminated that week that BenDeLaCreme left, nor whom she would have brought back (BDLC brought Morgan back.).   

Shangela shares that she doesn’t think she will be picked to go forward, since she eliminated some of them when she won.

Kennedy thinks she should win because the others already have more in life than she does.   Evidently winning is not about skill or dedication, it’s based on need only.

Trixie thinks Shangela should be in the top 2 with her.  She doesn’t think Bebe has grown much since season 1.  She thinks Kennedy’s finale outfit is a worse version of her season 7 finale outfit.

The other queens pick Kennedy & Trixie to be the top 2.

Yes, what a rip off for poor Shangela.   To me, BenDeLaCreme should have stayed in the game, and she should have won.   However, since she quit, Shangela was the obvious 2nd choice.

Trixie lip synchs to the judges

while Kennedy does all her flips and dance moves
(so that she won't have to actually lip synch?)
"I wonder how that turned out?"

Ru picks Trixie to be the winner of All Stars 3.

Geez, these All Stars season seem so messed up.   I adore Trixie and I am happy she won over Kennedy and Bebe, but to me, BDLC & Shangela will be the winners in my book.

Or, at least till next week when RPDR s10 starts! 

Got any favorites?


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