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RPDRAS s3e6 • Handmaids To Kitty Girls • 1 March 2018

Last week the queens were immersed in an Andy Warhol inspired episode.

Aja won the mini challenge, to pose for an AW portrait.

On the runway they were to create a soup can (to wear) and a Studio 54 Disco Queen look.

Bebe beat out Trixie for the win.

Bottom two were Aja & Shangela,

And Bebe chose to axe Aja.

At the beginning of the new episode we learn that only showing  3 returning queens was a set up.

All five are on stage soon enough.

Meanwhile, back in the work room, Bebe is going on about how great a career Aja is going to have, as if to assuage her guilt for giving Aja the boot.

Trixie shares that she would have sent Aja packing if she had won the lip synch.

Shangela is thrilled to have missed the hook of elimination.

While they are talking about how many wins each has had, Kennedy, who has the worst record of the five, tries to justify her still being there.   I’m not buyin' it.   With her tongue sticking out, she evidently ain't buyin' it either.

Next day in the work room, Ru introduces the next maxi challenge:   Like The Spice Girls, each queen is to create a pop singer character.  Ru then brings back the 5 eliminated queens to do the same thing.

One of the top 5 will go home, and one of the eliminated queens will come back into the competition.

Kennedy interviews that she is unhappy with this turn of events.   Well, of course she is.   XD

Before they get going, many of the queens need to clear the air about getting eliminated, who did what to whom, etc.   Only Chi Chi seems to be level headed.  Many are upset about Thorgy’s note, the reason for her being in the bottom and getting eliminated, etc.  Hurt feelings abound, regardless of rationality.

BenDeLaCreme is still grappling with her elimination strategies.

Morgan McMichaels calls her out for saying one thing & doing another.

When they get to work, BDLC is still quite overwhelmed.

Oh, yeah, and Kennedy made Milk cry.


Coach Adam Lambert and engineers
Freddy Scott & Leland record the girls’ songs.

The eliminated queens do quite well.

The remaining girls are shown struggling.

Trixie, in particular, is combative & snotty.
Lotsa tongue this episode, huh?

BDLC is still obsessing about not getting along with the others.

On runway day, BDLC & Morgan McMichaels smooth things over.  

Milk tries to reconcile with Kennedy.  They seem more relaxed, but it doesn’t feel like mission accomplished.

Joining Ru & Michelle at the judges table are Carson Kressley, Adam Lambert and Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton.

Both groups do just fine.

Wait, no separate runway?   Curious.

Ru awards the win to the girls still in the competition.

The top 2 are BenDeLaCreme & Bebe.

Trixie is a hit with some judges.  Michelle doesn’t like her hair.   Adam reminds everyone that she was uncooperative during the recording session.

Carson calls Kennedy’s hair Newark Realtor.   Ha!   Emma didn’t see enough diva in her attitude.

The judges beam over BenDeLaCreme’s success.    Adam shares he was nervous because BDLC struggled in the recording session, although she had a good, professional attitude.  Emma likes how she downplayed her tripping during the routine.   BDLC shares how she was out of it, distracted by the other girls return, and their complaining about being eliminated, etc., and going goth for the challenge helped her channel her energies towards something a little more constructive.

Shangela’s outfit and makeup are admired.   Carson thought Shangela came off anemic, but Emma thought she was spot on.

Bebe is praised for her outfit, for her poise & stance.  I keep thinking she is getting the Barack Obama edit (“Would you like a pillow?”) while everyone else is getting the Hillary Clinton treatment (a real critique, including everything done wrong.)

During deliberation, Kennedy is bummed that
she is in the bottom 3 even though she did well.

BDLC can’t figure out what she is going to do,
she doesn’t even know how to approach the situation.

Bebe & BDLC lip synch to the remix of Deborah Cox’s “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here.”  Each queen seems spot on, if a tiny bit sedate.

Ru awards the win to BenDeLaCreme!

BDLC brings back Morgan McMichaels.  Oddly enough, when she hugs Ben, she utters, “I don’t like emotion.”  When she is in the back she sticks out her tongue, indicating she is uncomfortable.

Then DeLa eliminates herself.   Wait, what?   Yeah, she couldn’t take the pressure cooker of being in charge of eliminations on a regular basis, so she decided to walk.   Amazing, huh?

Everyone else's reactions were priceless, as would be expected.

I didn’t buy into DeLa’s explanation, that she had already achieved all that she had wanted to.   She didn’t get da muhnee!    Worse, doesn't it disrespect Ru?

“I feel like I’m going home winning (by being a quitter.)”

Yeah, we all saw it on Reddit months ago, but I still had trouble watching it.   

There are two more Reddit spoilers that I know of.  You think it’s gonna be true?

To me, the first is much more believable than the 2nd.

“I think the actual title is more important to them than it is to me.”

"Ugh.  Really?"


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