Friday, March 23, 2018

Project Runway All Stars s6e11
Nina's Crushing It  22 March 2018 

Last time on PRAS the six remaining designers
created performance wear for a (generic?  general?)
country act  (not Courtney Act) a pop act and a rock act.

Here's how they all placed:

Top 3
Bottom 3

The five remaining designers are all male.
That’s a first, yes?

Alyssa meets up with the five guys at the runway, and introduces Nina Garcia, who introduces narrative designer for Candy Crush, Yonna Ingolf.  

The challenge is to use a Candy Crush landscape for inspiration for a resort wear look.

Not that kind of Krush.

Anthony ain’t got no love for Yonna, evidently.

They play one level of Candy Crush to determine who picks their ‘land’ first.

Ken wins and chooses beach resort wear.   Fabio picks tropical.  Stanley grabs lake side.  Anthony takes safari, and Edmond is left with mountain.

They sketch in the work room

and then head out to Mood with $200.

Early into it, they are mostly making the same outfit.   Ha!

And then it's the return of Anne In Black.

Anne is worried that Edmond is making a ski outfit, not an apres (after) ski look.

"Now how does that hand command thing go again?"

Stanley is told to make his work look easy.  Anne is overwhelmed by all his ideas being poured into one garment.

Anthony can’t even say "safari resort wear," dear God in Heaven.   Anne approves of his fabric choice.

Ken’s beach resort girl will be the host of the party.  Anne reminds Ken that she responds to good tailoring.  

Anne thinks Fabio’s garment will be too hot.   She wants him to ditch the pants … and be exposed in the back?

Anne reminds them all that some of their work is a little fussy.

Why is Stanley showing his underwear & butt
for the world to see?   Pull them pants up!

Wait, is everybody doing that now?

Fabio interviews that this is the challenge where he got eliminated on his prior all stars season.   Wait, he says there will be a top 4, not a top 3.  That’s a first for PRAS, si?

Joining Alyssa at the runway are Georgina, Isaac, Nina Garcia and Kelly Osbourne.  (Dear God, bring back Project Runway Junior!)

Stanley Hudson

Edmond Newton

Ken Laurence

Anthony Williams

Fabio Costa

Georgina praises Ken’s tailoring.  Nina says he nailed it.   Her only worry is the fabric is heavy.  Isaac is in love, but doesn’t like the use of wool lyrcra.   Kelly wants it.  Alyssa appreciates that it isn’t hippie-dippie.

Georgina picks up that Edmond has never been skiing before.  Isaac doesn’t like the magenta faux scarf.  Nina thinks the look is anemic.  Kelly wanted more color.   Alyssa liked it, except for the crotch.

Georgina appreciates how Stanley manipulated his fabric.  Isaac calls it fresh, but he doesn’t like the print.   Kelly shares she hasn’t seen it before, and wishes that the top was only a top.  Nina admires the volume, but too many pieces involved volume.  Alyssa thinks this is his best work this season.

Alyssa loves the back of Fabio’s look.  Georgina likes the color story, and praises everyone with how they stepped it up this week.  Isaac is ready to critique, ha!  The girl feels like she is a prisoner in the dreaa.   Nina calls it front heavy, and worries the model is gonna fall forward.  Kelly thinks the poor model will be sweating a lot.

Isaac praises Anthony for his look.   Nina thinks the model won’t be able to get io & out of the jacket.  She sees a sporty nurse.   Kelly likes the eyelet fabric that mimics the first level of the game.  Georgina sees clothes, not fashion.  Alyssa likes it, and calls it editorial, but fears it looks too much like an apron.

Anthony is especially pleased to hear what Nina has to say, evidently.

Stanley is safe, placing 3rd.

The winner is Ken!   He will design for Candy Crush.

Fabio places 2nd.

Bottom two are Edmond & Anthony.

Edmond is out.

That means Anthony is in.

Tune in next week when they all head down to Washington DC

... to protest the return of Zanna?

Don't be silly.  It'll be an unconventional materials challenge.   They have to break into the White House and steal whatever fabric & notions they can to make their six look finale collection.  .


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