Saturday, March 17, 2018

Project Runway All Stars s6e10
Rock Your Face Off  15 March 2018 

Last time on PRAS the designers used material
provided by Zac Posen to created red carpet looks
that showcased each's personal signature technique.

Here's how they placed:

Top 3

Bottom 4

Please notice that the 2 that did not use the color red were the top 2 for the RED CARPET CHALLENGE.   I guess the rest wanted their girls to blend into the carpet.

Eliminated contestant Joshua may have had all the attitude,
but at leas he showed up for the episode.

Where was mentor Anne Fulenwider?

This week’s challenge was to create performance-wear for a musician.  Of course it was a one day challenge.   They had $250 at Mood.

Does Ken not like crowds, or NYC?
(He's sticking out his tongue.)

Helen gave Swatch a heart attack, getting int the way of his bone, huh?

It's a “Face Off” challenge.   Two created rock looks, two made pop looks, and two attempted country looks.

Rebecca Minkoff (Fashion Start Up) guest mentors!   They killed Anne, didn’t they?   Or maybe she needed to run out and get more black outfits.  Or something.

Rebecca reminds Helen to make sure it looks country enough.

She tells Fabio that his look is too busy, and maybe only ONE of the pieces needs to stand out.

Anthony’s fabric is non-stretch.
Rebecca wants Anthony to make sure
the model can move in the outfit.

Somehow, I don't think Anthony thought about that.

She tells Ken to make sure his plan “A” happens, it is so much more interesting than his plan “B.”

She thinks Stanley is not going to have enough time to execute everything he wants to.

“I’ll be late for my funeral.”

Okay, that’s adorable.

Rebecca tells Edmond to pick a lane, meaning he has too many ideas going on.

Let’s get right to the runway & critiques.  Joining Alyssa, Georgina & Isaac is former Miss USA & Universe & actress Olivia Culpo.  

R  O  C  K
Stanley Hudson

Edmond Newton

C  O  U  N  T  R  Y
Fabio Costa

Helen Castillo

P  O  P
Anthony Williams

Ken Laurence

Stanley was inspired by Joan Jett & Debbie Harry.   Georgina calls it contrived, too matchy-matchy.   Isaac wants to spray paint the leather neon yellow.   Olivia finds it too cute & put together, not appropriate for rock.  Alyssa wanted to see Stanley push it further.  Stanley is the lower scorer.

Edmond wanted a mix & match rocker vibe.  Georgina loves the ease of his girl.  Isaac celebrates that Edmond went all (or nearly all) black.  Olivia praises Edmond’s work.  Alyssa thinks Edmond’s work could be okay on a guy and a girl.   Edmond wins over Stanley.

Fabio wanted to make sure her girl could play an instrument while in the outfit.  She’s in stretch denim.  Georgina says it is cute, but too on the nose.  Olivia admits at least it will look bright onstage.  Alyssa was worried, but thinks Fabio kept himself in the design, and met the brief.  Isaac sees a nice tennis outfit.  Fabio is the higher scorer.

Helen wanted to capture the light from every angle.  Georgina thinks it looks cheap.  Olivia thinks the sequins are too dark.   Alyssa sees costume, den-fair.   Isaac sees a country star going to a Bar Mitzvah.   Helen is the lower scorer.

Anthony wanted to do something festive, showgirls.  Georgina loves the color.  Isaac sees gym shorts from the bath.  Olivia is unnerved by the crotch area.  Alyssa thinks Anthony’s work is appropriate.  Anthony had the lower score.

Ken wanted to do something long, with a bit of a reveal possibility.  Georgina calls Ken’s work chic.  She likes his cut and drapery.  Isaac thinks the coat looks like a bath robe. Olivia adores Ken’s work, even the coat.  Alyssa thought Ken did great.  Ken had the higher score.

Fabio is in, placing 3rd.

Edmond wins the challenge, and the opportunity to redesign the infamous Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt line.   Why he sticks his tongue out at that, I can't say.

Ken is in, placing 2nd.

Anthony is in, placing 4th.

Bottom two are Helen & Stanley.

Helen is out, placing 6th of six.

Therefore, Stanley is 5th out of six, and safe.

Isaac reminds them both that it was very close.

This is the first time I remember someone wearing the host’s makeup upon being eliminated.

Next week:   Candy Crush!

Yeah, I'm dubious, too.

However, I buy that it goes well before believing that Anne comes back,
let along coming back wearing a color other than black!


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