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Project Runway All Stars s6e09
Posen On The Red Carpet  8 March 2018 

Last time on PRAS the designers were inspired by color.

Stanley beat out Helen & Ken for the win.

Merline edged out Edmond & Anthony for the boot.

The 7 remaining designers meet up at Zac Posen’s showroom.  

This week’s challenge is to create a red carpet look using their best signature technique.  Alyssa stresses that said technique must be obvious.

Wait, the tongue already?

Anne Fulenwider quit (or went on vacay) so they will mentor each other this week.   You buyin’ this?   Not me.

The winner will design an outfit for a Lifetime lead movie actress.   They word it in such a way that I can’t tell if it will be featured in the movie, or just make it to the garbage bin of an actress.  Ugh.

Zac has provided a bunch of good fabrics (not that Mood only carries crap) for them to pick from.

The designers share what their techniques will be, sketch and then go back to the work room get at it.   Of course it is only a 1 day challenge.

ANTHONY:   What does it mean when your eye twitches?
FABIO:  You're about to die.

Soon enough Joshua brings in the button bag.  

Stanley chooses Anthony to mentor.  Stanley approves of the design.   He also teases him about being in the bottom last week, but Anthony throws the shade right back, since Stanley had been in the bottom earlier.

Anthony gets Joshua.  Anthony wants Joshua to use both colors that he has.  Joshua doesn’t know what to think about his words.

Joshua pulls Ken.  Joshua offers some of his solids.  Ken interviews reluctance to take any of it.  LOL

Ken grabs Fabio’s button.  Fabio will hand tack his top.  Ken lies and says he likes it.

Fabio has Edmond.   He advises Edmond to have clean edges on his ruffles.

Edmond gets Helen.  She interviews that he won’t be of any help.   She is right.

Helen, of course, gets Stanley.   He notices that everybody else is watching.   Stanley wants to have his garment go to the floor.   She thinks he should go shorter to show the toe.  

Anthony and Ken are shaking their heads NO NO NO !!!!   


Joshua isn’t ready for model fitting.   Everyone else is, though.

On runway day, Joshua is bleeding everywhere?  He’s a gusher?

Not that kind of a gusher.

Ah, the oasis of Scott & Linh.

Joining Alyssa, Georgina and Isaac (and Norman the Zebra broach?) are Rosie Perez and Zac Posen.

Stanley Hudson

Helen Castillo

Edmond Newton

Anthony Williams

Joshua McKinley
Pin Tucking

Fabio Costa

Ken Laurence

Alyssa calls out Helen as middle safe (#4 out of seven) and banishes her from the runway.

Zac is proud of Fabio’s work.  Isaac thinks it is truly fashion forward.  Georgina loves the back.  Rosie likes that it is different from the rest.  Alyssa knew it was Fabio’s immediately.

Alyssa likes how Ken handled the fabric, but doesn’t get the extra bit at the side.  Georgina thinks he picked the wrong fabric.  Isaac thinks the V-neck was poorly executed.   Zac wants more romance, and more attention to detail.

Stanley wanted to make a thick skirt, so he interfaced and boned it.  Georgina calls it good, but very very simple.  Zac doesn’t like how the straps were attached, but likes that they are there.  Rosie fears for her upper frontals.  Isaac sees a very expensive dress, even if it is too short.

Joshua’s color choice impressed Isaac, but he sees to different dresses.  Too many ideas per Zac, and it ends up looking trashy.  Georgina is on the same page.  Alyssa says she loves his technique.

Anthony’s sculpting is the hit of the week.  Every judges gushes over his work.  But not with blood like Joshua earlier in the show.

Georgina thinks too much is going on in the top, and the brocade on the bottom doesn’t go with the top.  Isaac is worried that Edmond made expensive fabric look cheap.  Alyssa sees the edges of a throw pillow.   Zac hates the exposed zipper.  Rosie feels bad that the model’s figure is hidden.

Helen guesses correctly who is top and bottom.

Stanley praises Fabio & Anthony, saying he is in good company.  Joshua (and Helen) are bent out of shape even if there was nothing wrong with what Stanley said.   There is sensitivity, and then there's ridiculousness.

Stanley is #3 and safe.

Anthony is the winner!

Fabio is #2 of 7.

Ken is #5 of 7 and is safe.

Bottom two are Joshua and Edmond.

Joshua is eliminated placing 7th for the season.

Why he didn't click his heels together I'll never know.

That means Edmond is #6 of 7 and still in the game.

What was with Joshua telling the remaining designers what to do?  Seems like his being let go makes his words less believable, not more.

Tune in next week when the designers create stage looks for a 'musician.'


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