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RPDRAS s3e4 • Snatch Game! • 15 February 2018

Last week the queens wrote and acted in Bachelor B*tchelor vignettes.

Kennedy beat out BenDeLaCreme for the win.

Chi Chi DeVayne and

Milk were the bottom two.

Aja gave great tongue during Ru's presentation of the challenge,
so there was no way she was going to be a bottom dweller.

Kennedy chose to axe Milk.

Again, fans saw that Milk would get some sort of chance to return to the competition.  As of this point it hasn't been determined if it will be the same manner as last year, or something new.

After Milk’s elimination, there seems to be disagreement between the queens as to how the lip synch winners should choose which bottom dweller to eliminate.  Several seem thrown.  Milk certainly was bitter in her lipstick on the mirror message.

Next day Ru presents the main challenge:  Snatch Game!

He doesn't use his power hand stance, he gives them Isaac hands.

During preparation, Shangela finds a note from already eliminated Thorgy Thor (presumably to Trixie, since it is in her work station) that is derogatory to Shangela. 

Now, I can’t really see what is reads, but if that is the case, Trixie shouldn’t have put it up on the wall for inspiration for all the world to see.  Or, was Shangela looking where she wasn’t supposed to?  Did Trixie do this on purpose to make Shangela less secure?   Or was it without any thought, let alone malice?   Wait, did Shangela act all bent out of shape to mess with Trixie?   Curious.

Y’all know I’m (severely legally) blind.  One of the reasons I do this blog is to sorta kinda log just how bad my vision is getting.  All I can really see on the note is “theshadybitch.”  While I disagree with that sentiment ever being uttered or written, it doesn’t seem all that debilitating.   Yeah, I'm gonna go with Shangela playing the game.

During the Ru-thru, Marc Jacobs is there!

Chi Chi doesn’t call him Bob Mackie like he did on season 8.

Both can tell that BeBe is going to do Grace Jones.

Ru is worried that she won't be funny.
You know he means it, he brings out the power stance hands.

Shangela is talked out of doing Miss Cleo.  Shangela’s 2nd choice is Jenifer Lewis.  (Yes, the black mother of Hollywood, and of Black-ish fame.)

Shangela knows Ms. Lewis, she was able to take one of her fur coats to All Stars, and it’s a Marc Jacobs’ design, and, well, there he is.   Providence & serendipity, eh?

Kennedy is doing Phaedra Parks, one of the Housewives of Atlanta.  

As they dress, Trixie pulls Shangela aside to smooth things over, but it doesn’t seem genuine to me (“It wasn’t written for you.”)   Shangela seems to accept the apology, but interviews that she has her eye peeled, just the same.

Carson & Michelle are the contestants for Snatch Game!   Kristin Chenoweth is the last celebrity in the bunch, that’s a hoot.  Wait, will she put all the others to shame?   Right away, she has competition, thank God.

“I always thought that one of these queens
would do me, and no one ever did.
So, I decided to come here & do myself.”

“Sweetheart, none of these queens are gonna do ya!”

Let’s lump the challenge and the runway together, shall we?   Joining Ru, Michelle, Carson and Kristin is MTV’s Nicole Byer.  The runway theme is Flower Power.

Wait, now why am I thinking about Trading Spaces' Hildy?

Her Crystal Lebeija was spot on, she was in character at all times, and was funny, mostly because she *was* her celebrity.

Like Aja, Shangela was in character all the time, and was even funnier.  All her jokes landed.

BeBe Zahara Benet
Her Grace Jones was okay.   She had laughs, but she didn’t always seem to be running on all cylinders.

Kennedy Davenport
Her Phadra Parks was anemic at best.   She wasn’t funny, but she did look like her celebrity.

Chi Chi DeVayne
Her Maya Angelou was lackluster at best.   She spelled her character’s name wrong, she didn’t have the jokes, nor the come backs.   Epic fail.

Trixie Mattel
She started out alright, but as Snatch Game went on, Trixie lost momentum.   She stopped being funny and seemed to be telling us she wanted an immediate elimination.  What a shock, compared to how well she has done in life with her Youtube & TV shows, and live gigs.

While choosing to do a man who wasn’t known for wearing makeup sounds risky, Ben was 100% Paul Lynde, and was also funny on the spot.  A+.

Shangela & BenDeLaCreme win the challenge.   

Bottom three are Kennedy, Chi Chi and Trixie.

Shangela & BDLC lip synch to Katy Perry's 2008’s “I Kissed A Girl”

Ru awards the win to them both.  Each choses to eliminate Chi Chi, who goes out quite gracefully and respectfully. 

Class act, girl.

I was sure Shangela was gonna eliminate Trixie.   Boy, was I wrong.

Tune in next time for a tribute to Andy Warhol.   Or Campbell’s Soup.   Or something.


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