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RPDRAS s3e3 • The B*tchelor • 8 February 2018

Last week the queens competed in a VH1 Diva lip synch.

Shangela beat out BenDeLaCreme for the win.

Thorgy Thor was chosen by Shangela,

leaving Kennedy safe.

Back in the work room Kennedy is aghast Thorgy would draw a penis (or a disfigured fish) with lipstick on her mirror goodbye note.   Milk tries to explain that it’s her form of humor.  

Kennedy ain’t havin’ any.

BenDeLaCreme shares that she also would have sent Thorgy packing, if she not thrown the LSFYL & won.   But, she is quite uncomfortable sharing why.  She quickly punts over to Shangela.

Next day Ru presents the challenge:   Improv unscripted comedy scenes as a cast member of The Bitchelor, a parody of The Bachelor.  Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman, who guest judged along with Naya Rivera on RPDR s9e4 (Good Morning Bitches) (yes, the one where Charlie Hides just stood there during the lip synch) returns as the bachelor each queen is trying to win over.

Michelle Visage is on hand to direct.    Most of the queens have decent entrances.   Michelle is shown laughing during BDLC’s emerging from the limo.   She frowns during Aja’s vignette.    Chi Chi misses an obvious set up:

“How is your head, by the way?”

“You’ll have to ask my wife.”

“Everybody knows you’re supposed to say “no complaints!””

“Have you ever taken out a catheter?” has Michelle Visage cracking up.   BDLC *has* to be top 3.

Milk isn’t able to share the time with Trixie very well.   Both are prepared and in character, though.

Aja seems to be more sad than needy.  Kennedy has Michelle Visage laughing out loud.

Yes, we got some tongue this episode.

Chi Chi is dead in the water, but Shangela doesn’t miss an opportunity to shine.   She doesn’t take over the entire scene like Milk did earlier.

Joining Ru, Michelle & Ross are Unreal’s Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Constance Zimmer.    The runway theme is “Wigs on wigs on wigs.” 

Thank you Roxxxy Andrews.


BeBe Zahara Benet

Trixie Mattel



Kennedy Davenport

Chi Chi DeVayne


Ru calls out Shangela and Bebe as safe and sends them to the back of the stage.

The judges are all extremely complimentary to BDLC.   Michelle says she keeps waiting for BDLC to drop the ball, and she never does.

The judges love Trixie’s Lady Bunny becomes Naomi Smalls runway look.   She is praised for her improv work, too.

Milk is clocked for showing the black cup hiding all her blonde hair on the runway.    Constance calls Milk’s performance ‘one-note.’  Ross reminds everybody that Milk didn’t share the stage with Trixie.

Michelle tells Aja that this is the best she has ever looked.     But, she didn’t get “needy” but “whiny brat.”

Kennedy is praised all the way around.   Jeffrey shares he couldn’t keep a straight face.

Chi Chi is admired for her runway look, but seems to have done the worst in the main challenge.   Chi Chi has a bit of verbal diarrhea, explaining her letting the challenge get the best of her.

BDLC & Kennedy are top 2.   Trixie is safe.

That means Milk, Aja & Chi Chi are the bottom three.

Kennedy & BDLC lip synch to Lorde’s “Green Light.”

No, not *that* Lorde.  Well, sort of.

Ru proclaims Kennedy the winner.   She chose Milk to get the axe.

Of course, Milk disagrees with what has transpired.    My question is, do you think the eliminated queens will have the chance to return in the exact same manner as last season, or will there be a new set of criteria?   How much of a say will Chad & Alaska have in the matter?

Chi Chi sure is the Roxxxy of this season, huh?

Tune in next week for Snatch Game!


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