Friday, December 29, 2017

Project Runway All Stars s6e01
Serious Spoiler  Premiers 4 January 2018

I am furious about coming upon a spoiler for PRAS6.

I am so upset that I am creating a post about it.

And, I'm trying to put a lot of content between this post's beginning,

and the point where I actually mention it.

So, here is something that is NOT the spoiler.
Every time I see the clip of Anthony Williams crying

at Mood, I think it is Mah-Jing Wong for a moment.

I want MJW on PRAS7 or PRAS8, if they make that season.

Okay, is this deep enough into the post to get to the spoiler?

I know the first 5 eliminations.   Okay, maybe you do, too.  But, I'm mad, and posting about it.   I shouldn't already know.
Everything should be a surprise.  I'm debating (as I type this right now) whether to state the first five eliminated people.   Aaaaah, let's go:

The 16 designer contestants for PRA6  consist of eight PR & PRAS veterans:  Carlos Casanova, Helen Castillo, Fabio Costa, Melissa Fleis, Ken Laurence, Joshua McKinley, Ari South and Anthony Williams, plus eight PRAS newbies:  Candice Cuoco, Kelly Dempsey, Char(keta) Glover, Kimberly Goldson, Stanley Hudson, Merline Labissiere, Edmond Newton and Amanda Valentine

The top 11 are Stanley Hudson, Amanda Valentine, Anthony Williams, Helen Castillo, Joshua McKinley, Fabio Costa, Ken Laurence, Kimberly Goldson, Edmond Newton, Char(keta) Glover and Merline Labissiere.

That means that 3 veterans, Carlos Casanova, Melissa Fleis & Ari South plus 2 rookies, Candice Cuoco & Kelly Dempsey get eliminated first. 

I wonder if there were team challenges?  Perhaps that might explain some of these.    We know Carlos Casanova’s construction is immaculate, and I assume that for Candice & Kelly.   Very weird.   I didn’t see Kelly going this early, not at all.

I can hardly wait for PRAS6 to hit the air.  I need answers!


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