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Project Runway s16e00  Road To The Runway  10 August 2017

Did you catch the episode zero "Road To The Runway,"
airing a full week before episode 1 airs on the 17th?

Didja like how Tim said
episode one was about to start?
About to now means a week.

Let's take a look at the designers, alphabetically, by last name, like we used to do in the 20th Century.

Margarita Alvarez
30 • San Juan, PR

Amy Bond
46 • Los Angeles, CA

Michael Brambila
25 • Oakland, CA

Claire Buitendorp
27 • Grand Ledge, MI

Shawn Buitendorp
27 • Grand Ledge, MI

"One of them makes it to the finale, but the better one gets axed pretty early."
Kenya Freeman
37 • Atlanta, GA

Ayana Ife
27 • Salt Lake City, UT

Kentaro Kameyama
38 • Los Angeles, CA

Kudzanai Karidza
32 • Atlanta, GA

Brandon Kee
24 • San Francisco, CA

32 • Inglewood, CA

"... Obama Bin Laden Rodham Clinton Brown."

Besides hearing RuPaul make fun of her name just like she made fun of Nina Bo'nina Brown's, I am intrigued by nearly everything she has.  It is playful and interesting without being overtly desperately slutty.

Sentell McDonald 
33 • NYC, NY

Aaron Meyers
23 • Brooklyn, NY

Why did they let Erin back to compete?   Aaron comes off like a mix between s15 "yellow girl" Erin, Julian Lennon and Matthew Ward.

"And then we get to the "I like myself" pants."

Or is it a fashion vortex?  Aaron isn't the only one whose client has an overwhelming need to hit the equipment or the china at a moment's notice.   I guess this is how we live in 2017.     But, I'm too old.  It's an extreme joke to me.

Samantha Rei
36 • Minneapolis, MN

Deyonté Weather
36 • Lynnwood, WA

Vincent "ChaCha" Yu
24 • Taiwan

I do fear I am going to start calling adorable "Chacha" "Butters."    He's giving me a bit of s8's A.J. Thouvenot, in having the same muse.   Can he do evening?   Uniform?   Oh, who am I kidding, we won't ever have a uniform challenge again.   Will we?

"Will we?"

Several seem capable of recalibrating for whatever challenge is thrown their way, and several seem to be unable to cope if anything other than their very narrow point of view comes into play.   You know, like evening wear.  Or, a business attire challenge.   Or mall clothes.   Or infant-wear.   Or 40 to Death.  Or, anything not involving touching one's own equipment, or going on a mission to acquire several STDs.   Who did Anthony Ryan say had poor fabric choices?  B-F?

The only one I'm clamoring to see more from right this very minute is B. Kee.   Sue me, I like a little 1983 street-wear influence.   I'm a little concerned he might go down the deconstructed path a bit much.   I'm quite concerned that he might deliver the same look, no matter what the challenge.

Swimwear.  Bridal.   Red Carpet.  Street.

Edited to add:   Oh, God, now Brandon Kee's prior work is reminding me a little of Kanye West's thoughtful, exuberant play on beige.  UGH.   Maybe I don't want to see Mr. Kee's work anymore.   Kentaro is adorable, can I see more of HIM?  And "Chacha," too.

I'm eager to find out why Michael B. had the overwhelming need to run off the stage.

Oh, I get it.  I'd have run off for him, too.

Or maybe he saw that?   Wouldn't you run?
Now you watch—this will end up being completely
reasonable when we learn what the challenge was.

How long will it take until we see Tim's 'stress' power hands emerge?
You know, like those that both McKenzie & RuPaul employ?


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