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Face Off s12e09  Journey Into Fear (Part 1)  15 August 2017

Last time on Face Off

the artists created funny aliens.

Kierstin won the challenge.

She, Andrew and KC moved forward to the finale.

Faina and Nelson were cast aside like yesterday's  ... prosthetics.

The last three makeup artists meet up with host McKenzie Westmore and regular judge Glenn Hetrick at a supposedly creepy house.

"It just needs some love."

“It just needs some love.”

“Or a bulldozer!”

The finale challenge is to create haunted house looks.  

Out come the last six eliminated contestants.  

Andrew grabs Nelson & Joseph.  Kierstin picks Phil & Suzanne. KC takes Faina & Jill.

Kierstin picks the temple area.  KC is drawn to hell, and Andrew gets the laboratory.  Sadly, they don't have to go into the house, with Glenn locking the door from outside.    You know he wants to.

Their work will be tested by the public, and they will have a chance to recalibrate and paint at that point.  And, you know McKenzie means it since her hands are in power formation.

Glenn wants the work to be of a higher caliber, so he’s bringing in super fabricator Roy Woolley (s3 #4, s5 runner-up.)   

“Because no one else can fabricate?”

They sketch on site and Glenn sits in with them as they do so.  He comes off very complimentary to them all.  Or as a rudder steering them in a particular direction.  After that, they head over to the work lab.

Mentor Mr. Westmore comes by a few hours into their sculpting.

He wants more of a scale/overlapping look to Kierstin’s cowl.

Phil needs to have his face be less rhinocerosy.


"Yes, that's your nose, Phil."

Suzanne’s nose needs to stop pointing up.

Andrew’s lab. scientist’s head needs to have a thin scalp.

Nelson is told to make his work more human.

Joseph took the day off.   Or, went home sick.

Or he was in the wrong room.
Well, did you see him interact with Mr. W?

KC has a simple imp.
Mr. W. doesn’t like the mouth/chin area.

Jill is working on hands.
She is told that there will have to be wire in the hands.

Faina must have been in the wrong room, too.   

“I just didn’t have an interesting story arc.”

“Me neither.”

On the 2nd day, Roy Woolley joins the group.

He fabricates moving wings for Andrew.

He makes long finger extensions for Kierstin.  Suzanne finishes what Roy starts.

KC wants horns.  Remember that.   She interviews that she will have to finish them on day three.

On reveal day, Andrew paints his model’s prosthetic before putting it on the model.    That’s odd, yes?

Jill’s hand molds were too wet, the fingers did not dry.    So, they won’t have them for the ‘rehearsal’ run.

Andrew doesn’t like how his scientist’s lip looks.

KC doesn’t like how her horns look, they don’t use them.  Isn’t that odd?

They meet up on a soundstage to see how everything looks on camera, and then to run it by a few show fans.

Each team has something to work on.   Glenn isn’t his typical cranky self.   Curious.

It’s interesting to see how their work comes off in the limited (haunted house) lighting.
Seems like KC missed an opportunity, not having her horns or hands in the mix, even if they weren’t ‘good enough.’

KC’s two creatures do not look like they come from the same world.

Andrew’s wing broke on the way to the set.   Ugh.   Andrew gets a list of plenty of items to address.

In the limited light, Kierstin’s paint job looks anemic.  Her demon looks too dinosaury.

“That is a problem?”

When the four ‘public’ fans breeze by, they like everything.

Finally, host McKenzie interjects a twist:   Create a third character, the floater/pre-person outside the haunted house to lure people inside.   Because they will have forgotten that they paid $80 to do so, and need reminding that that is why they are there.   Wait, couldn't they just have Glenn out there?  Wouldn't he scare them enough?

Tune in next week when somebody wins season 12 of Face Off.

“It’s me!”


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