Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Face Off s12e08  Amusing Aliens  8 August 2017

Last time on Face Off the artists created zombies.

KC won the challenge.

Phil was sent packing.

The top five artists are now fighting for the last three positions.   Yep, two are getting the axe this episode.

And, not that kind of an axe.

When the top five greet host McKenzie Westmore they learn they finally have an individual challenge:  Take real sounds gathered in space by NASA to create a funny alien.

Think HHGTTG and Galaxy Quest, not Alien.

"You forgot Men In Black."

"You forgot me, too, idiot!"

They pick their sounds, listen and sketch.  It’s a typical 3 day challenge.

Andrew’s sounds exactly like this.   I guess that means that some kids really do come from another world.

The rest of the sounds seem like they recorded them from the side of a busy road.

Or the beginning of Shannon’s 1983-84 hit “Let The Music Play.”

They get to sculpting, and soon enough, mentor Michael Westmore is in.

Michael likes Andrew’s idea of a drum player, but he wants less human mouth, more alien.

KC thought her sound was high pitched sonar.  Mr. W. thinks she went too busy for an aquatic inspired look.

Faina hears a shooting upwards and then slowing down.  Mr. Westmore addresses the back of the head.

Nelson hears a cute bird, but doesn’t want to go too literal.  Mr. W. wants the head shape adjusted in the back.

Kierstin wants to make a plate on top of the head.  Mr. Westmore wants a ridge on it.  No one has to scrap everything entirely.   That’s rare, isn’t it?

Faina is struggling with her alien face.   She worries it isn’t friendly enough.

At the end of day one Andrew is already molding.  That can only be a good thing, right?

On day two the rest of ‘em are molding.

I guess Andrew only molded the face on day one, he’s still working on the cowl (head) on day two.

Faina is happier on day two with her sculpt work.

Nelson must have molded on day one, too, because he is already painting on day two.  Smart man.

KC seems to have a cracked mold crisis, but it turns out just fine.

“Lies!  Liza Minnelli!  Lies!”

On day three Andrew’s cowl is falling onto his face piece, causing a ridge.   He decides to ignore it, just painting right over it.   Hmmm.

During last looks KC’s model sweats off some paint.  Yes, she has to repaint.   Like there’s time for that.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore at the reveal stage are regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page, and special guest judge Rick Baker.






Glenn thinks Andrew struck the balance between realism and the humor.  Neville praises the nostril detail.  Rick thinks it is entirely useable.  

Ve finds KC’s guy fun and friendly, but the sculpt is too busy.  Neville loves the profile.  Rick sees all of the work involved.  He thinks the neck is overdone.  At the end he does say the look is fresh.

Glenn calls Faina’s look clever, and fulfills the challenge.   Ve likes the paint work, but then says the distance read is bad.  Rick doesn’t like the faux ears, or the paint job.

Neville half scolds Keirstin:  “Where the hell have you been?  This is exactly what you needed to be doing.”   Neville praises the entire sculpt, as does Rick.    Ve loves the paint job.

Nelson impressed Rick, especially the eyes.    Glenn praises Nelson in a general sense. 

Kierstin wins the challenge and moves to the finale.

Andrew is in as well.  KC is the last chosen for the finale.

Faina and Nelson are praised for their work, and kicked to the curb.

Was it how you expected it to all go down?   

Yeah, Nelson was getting such a loser edit, and Andrew a winner edit, and the girls all getting crisis edits.   Hmmm, that’s kind of sexist, ain’t it?

So, do they do a short film next week?  Another dance?   Underwater acrobatics?


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