Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Walking • 2 • 30 August 2017

I walked home from getting blood drawn, I ended up walking 2 miles.   Now to make up for it with something off of the cheat list.   Mmmmmm.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Jogging • 4 • 28 August 2017

I jogged 4 miles early this morning.   Now to dry off and pass out.   =o)


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Project Runway s16e02  An Unconventional Recycling  24 August 2017

 Last week on Project Runway a fresh crop of 16 designers
got drunk well before 9 in the morning.    Priorities.

Then they were thrown under the proverbial PR bus,

all because the models are 'real' sized this season.

"'Bout time!"

They were tasked with creating a red carpet look.

"I see everybody is still smiling!"

No, HK, they are laughing at you and your inability to cover the girls.
What could the purpose of this garment be?
Aren't you surrounded by gay men and straight women?
Does Zac need easy access to grope the girls as part of his contract?

Top three were #1 Deyonté, #2 Kenya and #3 Brandon.

The real mystery of the episode isn't even Heidi's easy boob access garment.
How in the hell did Sentell's work not land him in the bottom two alongside Batani?

Bottom three were #14 Shawn, #15 Batani and #16 Chacha,
with Chacha being the first to be eliminated.

The 15 remaining designers meet up with mentor Tim Gunn and Marie Claire Editor-In-Chief Anne Fulenwider at Royal Waste Services, Inc.   I can’t figure out if that would be Hollis or Jamaica, but perhaps that’s not the point.

Did you know animals are recycled there?

No, Kenya did not fart in front of Brandon, that place must absolutely smell.

Wouldn’t that mean it was closer to Jersey?

They are to translate all the materials they grab into high end fashion.

Transformation indeed.

“This is your first team challenge.  Heh heh heh!”

Tim uses the button bag to separate them into three teams of five.

Separate?  Perish the thought.

And then a crane dropped a bunch of crap on the twins.
And the PR fans rejoiced.

It’s a one day challenge.  Of course.   They are each responsible for their own single garment.  The mini collections are to be cohesive.  Looks like they were to work on only one pile.

Poor Samantha had to use an inhaler?

Why is Shawn thinking her model is huge?   I don’t get it.

Brandon immediately starts a sort of checkerboard pattern, light brown/dark tan with white paint.  Well, maybe not immediately if it is already after 3 o'clock.

Did you see that?  Behind Ayana's shoulder.  No, the model isn’t Kenya.  I mean, did you see Dexter’s shoulders on the cover of Marie Claire?

“I did it first.”

Well, not even Disney says he did it first, but, yes, Kenley, you did it before Dexter.

Shawn keeps redesigning her look throughout the day.   That can’t be good.

Ayana gets a Winner/Loser edit.  Girl, don’t be going home.  I like what you do.

“Oh, God, they’re still here.”

Don't you love Tim's reaction to the team names?

Tim doesn’t think that Team Tsunami is cohesive.  Samantha is told she has transformed the material she used, which is good.  Shawn has nothing on the mannequin.  Claire doesn’t have much on hers.   Hmmm.

Over on Team Wabi-Sabi, Tim sees no cohesion, except for the materials.  There is hardly any mentoring shown, so they must be the middle safe group.

Over on Ballin’ On A Budget, Tim tells Kenya she hasn’t changed the newspaper enough.   He does like Brandon’s painted fabric, or that everyone will use it.   Tim fears the materials are controlling the designers and not the other way around.

“I’m gonna be a blunt instrument 
because I am most worried about you.
This is not gonna help you.”

Again, Tim sees no cohesion.  He also calls the whole thing flat.

Sentell gets the other Winner/Loser edit.   He phones home to his brand new husband.   I think I see where this is going.

Amy Bond interviews that it is painful watching Shawn in crisis mode.   I bet.

On the morning of the runway, Shawn is still going on about it being a triple catastrophe, unconventional materials, team challenge, and plus size models (even though her model is normal sized.)

I don’t know, Kenya's work makes me
think it’s bordering on junior.   Or toddler.

Don’t make fun of me.   I’ve been comparing Aaron and Erin for weeks now.   It just hit me:   The names sound the same.   XD

Joining host & judge Heidi and regular judges Zac & Nina are actress Maggie Q and Marie Claire Editor-In-Chief Anne Fulenwider.

No relation I trust.


T e a m     W a b i - S a b i
Margarita Alvarez

Kentaro Kameyama

Deyonté Weather

Kudzanai Karidza

Michael Brambila

T e a m     T s u n a m i
Sentell McDonald

Samantha Rei

Amy Bond

Shawn Buitendorp

Claire Buitendorp

T e a m     B a l l i n ’     O n     A     B u d g e t

Aaron Myers

Kenya Freeman

Brandon Kee

Ayana Ife

Team BOAB wins the challenge.   

Team Tsunami is the bottom team.  That means Team Wabi-Sabi is middle safe, and gets to nap out back.

Heidi sings “Hallelujah” to Team BOAB.  Zac thinks Brandon’s pattern pulls it all together.  Batani is praised for doing so much better this week than last.  Anne sees fashion in Batani’s look.  Nina loves the drama, the fringe and the buttons on Ayana’s outfit.   Each person picks another to win the challenge.

Heidi still sees garbage in some of the pieces Team Tsunami created.   She praises Samantha’s top.   She is shocked Sentell didn’t use all his time to work on his dress, which is unfinished, untransformed, and unfashionable.

The judges are (rightly) amazed the twins think their models are curvy.

Please tell me you were infuriated with Shawn (and Claire) like Maggie and Anne were.   Et, moi aussi, bien sur.

Even though Shawn admits to her lack of time management, there seems to be a bit of a fight between her and Sentell as to who did what, and who should stay and go.   Doesn't make sense.   It's like she didn't make anything.

"They complain about that all the time."

Nina and Zac are flabbergasted that they didn’t push, take risks, work hard.

The other three tell the judges that they had to help the twins on runway morning with their garment construction.  I just wish Shawn could have had enough time to put on some pants or a skirt.

Heidi mocks them when they pull out the bus to run over each other.   Ha!

Ayana is the individual winner.

The rest of Team BOAB and Team W-S are all safe, of course.

Samantha, Amy and Claire are called out safe.

So, no surprise, bottom two are Shawn and Sentell.

Shawn is in.

Claire seems overwhelmed by it all.

"Dear God, why can't I get rid of her?"

Sentell is out.  He is professional and complimentary to the judges.

And, evidently, they get home early enough to get an entire night's sleep.

"You've *got* to be kidding me."

Tune in next time when the designers are inspired by Tim dancing on the runway.

And Deyonté becomes one with a Brother Sewing machine.