Saturday, August 19, 2017

Walking • 3 • 19 August 2017

I had to handle an errand and ended up walking three miles this morning.   Now, nap time!


Friday, August 18, 2017

Project Runway s16e01  One Size Does Not Fit All  17 August 2017

Did you catch last week's airing of "Road To The Runway?"

Have any favorites yet?

I cannot for the life of me judge how any of 'em are gonna do, but I do like  a handful of them, and hope to see much more from Ayana, Kentaro, and, well, Brandon is my wild card.   I love what he does, but I'm afraid he's gonna be a one note.   C'mon, prove me wrong, BK.

Here we go!

The sixteen new designers meet up for drinks somewhere around Park Ave. & E 60th St. fairly early in the morning.

No Absolut Vodka isn’t sponsoring this season, but Grey Goose is close enough, eh?

Of course the twins are in first.

“I don’t think that this is gonna be that hard.”

“You'd think that, but, well ...”

Ah!  The bus everybody throws everyone under!

Heidi & Tim share the first challenge with the new crop of fashionistas:   Create, in one day and $300 at Mood, a red-carpet worthy look.

Then the model surprise:   Their sizes range from 2 to 22.

Brandon immediately tries to get drunk.  

"Atta boy!"

He interviews that he is scared.

The models were already randomly assigned.  Tim proclaims they will have a different model every challenge.

They measure and sketch, then shop at Mood ($300, one day.)
Nothing unusual seems to happen.   Swatch hasn't retired as of yet.

Hey!  The models are real people this season:  The model mirror moments are a nice surprise.  It reminds me of 2004-2009 when they were acknowledged to be there.

Yes, they got into the room around 10:20a, and they have until 10:30p to work.

Sentell is a former dancer.   And I was wondering why he was reminding me of Milan.

But Kenya isn’t reminding me of Kenya.

Sentell gives Chacha a seminar in the break room on acceptable verbiage for plus sized models.   Curious.

Tim comes in around 4-5 hours before the end of their work time.
Nervous as hell, evidently.

Kenya is praised for her work.

Tim is excited about Amy’s garment.

Aaron is inspired by the tuxedo, but he seems to have played with it a great deal.   Tim eventually decides he is crazy about it.

Samantha’s work is bad-ass.

That was interesting to learn that Kentaro is a former pianist, and Tim is, too!   But, Tim was a swimming pianist, right?

Tim is afraid Kentaro’s work is gonna be limp.

Tim laughs at Margarita using her name as code for brightly colored.

Tim does not have words for Chacha.   You or I would know that that is a bad thing, but doesn’t Chacha have the right to be advised a little more clearly?   All he seems to tell him is “You have some decisions to make.”   Maybe all the advice went onto the cutting room floor.

Amy Bond interviews about the verbal behaviors of the twins.   Margarita jumps into the mocking as well.   Damn, they are right.  I am not sure I know how to pinpoint it just yet, but they sure come off like everything is an overly dramatic soliloquy.


Tim rises above it.   Good on you, Tim.
Or maybe he is weighing whether to shoot Shawn or choke her.

If they give us a dramatic pause, I'm outta here.

Tim likes the idea of what Kudzani is doing.

He praises Michael for being tacky.  Ugh.

Ayana is affirmed for being modest, but still interesting.

Tim tells Milan Sentell that a cropped pant will make a woman appear shorter.

Tim thinks Botany Batani is all about the embellishments, and little about the real garment.

Deyonté’s large print was draped/made on the bias.   Tim shares he usually doesn’t like large scale prints, except for Deyonte’s look.

Tim thinks Brandon’s work is basic.  Brandon is told that he needs to up his execution.

Model fitting seems normal, except that Brandon’s model (and maybe Brandon himself) doesn’t think all is going well.

Also, Batani is using her lace to ‘correct’ things.   Shouldn’t the garment be correct in the first place?

On runway morning Chacha wants to go crazy with ruffles.

“That’ll go great.”

Okay, I’m super glad I’m still watching PR.
Hector Simancas, Yum & E.

Yes, I miss Scott Patric & Luic Casco.  Hell, I miss Collier Strong!

Kudzanai interviews that Batani’s clothes look so interesting, and her model’s look is the opposite.  He is right.

Joining regular judges Heidi Klum, Zac Posen and Nina Garcia is actress Olivia Munn.

Kenya Freeman
Hey, if PR can acknowledge the models are actual people, so can I.   Don't get used to it.     =op

Kudzanai Karidza

Ayana Ife

Shawn Buitendorp


Claire Buitendorp

Brandon Kee


Amy Bond

I couldn't get a good shot, but Amy built a trick: The top became part of the skirt overlay.

“I’m so proud of her.”
Sentell McDonald

Kentaro Kameyama

Deyonté Weather

Michael Brambila

Aaron Myers

Samantha Rei

Margarita Alvarez

The judges praise the designers for wow-ing them.   Heidi calls out the top 3 and bottom 3, and sends the middle safe ten back to the Grey Goose Inner Illusions lounge.  Or the Pilot lounge.  Or the Lexus lounge.

Kenya’s look is praised.   Heidi thinks the girls need more support, that’s it.  Nina states she would be thrilled to wear it at the Oscars.   Wait, did Nina just say “I would wear that” like all of the guest judges usually say?

Shawn’s look is a hit and a miss.  Olivia is complimentary.  Heidi only likes the top.  Zac sees a club kid hooker.  Nina is disappointed that there aren’t any more actually clothes.

Chacha has confounded Heidi.  She sees a child’s dance recital costume.  They don’t mind his outfit, but Chacha has failed from a design point of view.  There isn’t much there.   No one says what I’m thinking, that the garment needs to be turned around 180°.

Nina adores the flower placement on Deyonté’s garment.  Zac notes that the model was beaming.  He also adds he will now expect a lot from him.

Brandon’s outfit is a success.  Olivia wishes she could have worn it when presenting at the Billboard Music Awards.  Heidi clocks him for trying to hide his smile.  She praises him for being fully aware of what is happening right now.

Nina is upset that Batani thought she had to camouflage her model’s figure.  Zac loves Batani’s outfit, but not the model’s outfit.   Yeah, just like Kudzani mentioned earlier.

During closer inspect with Tim, Heidi notices that the lace was used to cover up poor construction, which is contrary to what Batani had stated earlier.




Deyonté wins the challenge.

Kenya, Brandon, and a scolded Shawn are safe and sent out back.

Bottom two are Batani and Chacha.

Batani is in.

Chacha is sent packing.

“I shouldn’t have used so many ruffles!”


Tune in next week when a leprechaun goes dumpster diving!

“Not in my home!”