Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Face Off s12e06  Possessed Possessions  25 July 2017

Last time on Face Off the contestants created
dancing embodiments of the four seasons,
inspired by Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons."

"It was alright."

KC beat out Andrew for the win.

Joseph edged out Kierstin for elimination.

The seven remaining artists meet up with host McKenzie Westmore in the work lab. to find a bunch of “haunted” inanimate objects.  

The TWO DAY task this time is to come up with the poor soul that encounters the object.

No one picks the gnome.


“I can’t live in a world without gnomes.”

The three Twisted 6 Effects artists seem to figure out their concepts right away.

"Something cool about the carriage is — the 50's is when women started to work."

"You've got to be kidding me!"

Hitler?  Pearl Harbor?  Soldiers?  Men gone?  Ring a bell?

Over on Team Ethereal Effects, Faina struggles to come up with an idea.  Nelson helps her out.  Kierstin doesn’t want to use any prosthetics, just makeup.


Kierstin spends a great deal of time practicing painting on her left arm.


When Mr. Westmore arrives, he approves of Phil’s sculpt.  He gives him advice for the device to have tears flow out of the eye.

Andrew’s oversized forehead is a hit with Mr. W.

Nelson’s forehead wrinkles are questions.

Kierstin is told she needs to have prosthetics/a sculpt.

Suzanne’s sculpt needs to droop down.

No Faina, no KC.   But, I bet that means they are safe middle.

Andrew helps Phil out by sculpting his dead baby.  

It immediately reminds me of these.
If only these came ‘baby’ sized, like 10 or 20 lbs.

Kierstin, who finally made 2 little sculpts, can’t get her lip prosthetic to stay, and, rather than using glue, she decides it can’t be done at all.   Yeah, she chucks HALF of her prosthetics.

Faina has trouble with her model’s chin area, but she leaves it alone.  Nelson thinks it will be alright.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore are regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page, plus guest judge Cheyenne Jackson.

Yes, *that* Cheyenne Jackson.

The one that kept saying "Aqua-Pussy" to Trinity Taylor.

Team Ethereal Effects

Team Twisted 6 Effects



For the first time all season, Twisted 6 Effects wins the challenge!

Suzanne’s sculpt and makeup are a miss per the judges, which is a shame because she had a great concept.   Glenn thinks it is because she overreached that the sculpting was so bad.   

Ve calls Andrew’s paint job spectacular.   They like the oversized forehead.

Kierstin’s work comes off anemic and barely there.  The judges are not happy.   Glenn and Neville think it has the least effort ever.   Neville accepts her excuse that she didn’t have any ideas.   Glenn says she kneecapped herself for no reason.

Faina’s WW2 reporter is a hit.  Cheyenne loves the messed up fingers.   Glenn thinks she did the perfect amount of work.  Ve admires the paint job.  Isn’t that always what she says, like she isn’t allowed to comment on fabrication, only makeup?

Phil redeems himself this week per Glenn and Neville.   

Andrew wins the challenge!

Bottom three are Suzanne, Kierstin and Nelson.

Suzanne is let go for her poor sculpting and makeup job.  

Glenn couldn’t accept her being thrilled with her concept, which he read as her being thrilled with the result.

Neville compliments her disposition.
Cheyenne doesn't call Suzanne "Aqua-Pussy."

"There's only ONE, thank you!"

I think that she was beaming over her concept, not her execution.

I was curious to whether Kierstin would go, or maybe both.

Tune in next week for feral fungi zombies!


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