Thursday, July 20, 2017

Face Off s12e05  String Theory  18 July 2017

Last time on Face Off the artists created demons.

Kierstin beat out Andrew for the win.

Jill edged out Phil and Joseph for the elimination.

The remaining artists are dragged to Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge, in Los Angeles County, California.

“Since when is Canada in California?  Cut it out, eh?”

Joseph hears Vivaldi. 

Not Lou Gramm.  

Well, they all hear Vivaldi, but only Joseph is shown recognizing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

“Now, why didn’t they use *my* four seasons, huh?”

In order to make the 5-3 teams an even 4-4, Andrew is moved over to Team Twisted 6 Effects.

“There’s that number again.”

Kierstin and KC are the fore-people this week.

McKenzie shares that Travis Wall has choreographed the models, they will dance in full makeup, and he will be a guest judge.

“Wait, there’s DANCING involved,
and they didn’t use MY four seasons?
What were they thinking?”

The eight artists sketch on site.   It’s a standard 3 day challenge.

Ya know, at this point I wish I knew whether they designed the outfits, and other people made 'em, or if the garments were forced upon them.

“Oh, you think you’re gonna get that when you aren't
even getting *me* for a dancing seasons challenge?”

They head over to the work lab.   Joseph says he doesn’t have a concept yet.

Yes, you did.  Did you leave it on the bench at the park?

"Don't tell me you're buyin' what he's tryin' to sell, now."

Later on day one, mentor Michael Westmore makes his rounds.

He thinks KC’s idea to sculpt the brows and have that be part of the cowl sculpt is clever.

He wants some sparkle on the rose (head) sculpt Andrew is working on, to mimic dew in the morning.

“You can never do wrong with glitter!”

Michael wants Phil to rethink his sculpt, since it will be difficult to mold.

Joseph’s snowflake idea is reminding Mr. Westmore of horns.   Joseph’s review is mixed at best.   He does mention that Joseph’s big snowflakes are different from what everybody else is doing.

“I certainly hope no one is using
snowflakes in the SUMMER designs.”

Mr. W. is concerned with the application of Faina’s prosthetic hitting the cheeks.

Suzanne’s work looks like a man wearing a hat.  Uh-oh!

Wait, Nelson and Kierstin don’t exist this week?

“I just took the week off, don’t worry, I’ll be there next week.”

For the first time, Andrew doesn’t finish his mold on day one.

On day two, Andrew helps Joseph with his concept.  Wait, that’s not late?

KC struggles with her mold on day two, but Andrew and then Phil help her out.

On reveal day Phil worries about the time it will take to blend the edges (on the neck, under the chin.)   Well, technically, it will only take time if you actually do it.


Joseph seems to overpaint the two trees on his model’s head, but he has time to course correct.

KC doesn’t like her forehead edges, so she snips into it to form a ‘grass-like’ pattern.  Will she fool the judges?

Let’s find out.  Joining host McKenzie Westmore at the reveal stage are Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Neville Page, and guest judge Travis Wall.

Team Ethereal Effects

Team Twisted 6 Effects

Nothing seems to fall off of the dancers during their movement to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. 

After the dancing, as the judges inspect up close, Travis Wall notices that Nelson’s makeup didn’t hold up to all that movement.  Or, sweat.  Or, something.  He’s referring to the face paint, not the prosthetics.

It’s a tie!  Glenn says each team is mixed with both good and bad works, in other words, there is no winner.     So, Team Ethereal Effects hasn't *lost* a challenge yet, and Team Twisted 6 Effects hasn't *won* a challenge yet.

KC drew inspiration from Van Gogh.  Glenn thinks it is the best of the week.   Ve loves the paint job.  
Kierstin’s Summer at the beach fails to impress the judges.  Ve is disgusted with the model’s mullet impersonating the ocean spray hair.  Neville doesn’t see any transformation.   Travis loves the arm makeup, the blue to white gradient.

Joseph explains his snow globe inspiration.  Neville politely calls it a misstep.  It looks like a hat, not a makeup.    Glenn calls it a Christmas Yeti, and then thinks Burl Ives is going to come out and sing .

♬  ♪  Silver & gold  ♬  ♪ ♩ silver & gold  ♬  ♪ 

Andrew immediately thought of a dancing rose.  Glenn loves the sculpt, the vision and the execution.  Ve finds his work gorgeous.

KC beats out Andrew for the win!

Bottom two are Kierstin and Joseph.

Joseph is eliminated for his work looking like a cap put on the model.  Kierstin’s paint work on the arms of her model saved her, yes?

Tune in next week for … Possessed Possessions.

“Excuse me?”

Will Phil finally be a foreman?   Will Andrew come in second yet again?


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