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Face Off s12e04  Dante's Demons  11 July 2017

Did you forget Face Off was in the middle of season twelve?

"Yeah, I did."

And, worse, RuPaul's Season 9 is replaying with useless pop ups, 

like he did for season 1 and season 8.


Last time on Face Off two teams of five were inspired by fantasy homes

to create 3-member families of whimsical characters.

Andrew won the challenge,

and, that's right, Team Ethereal Effects was the winning team.

Losing team, as usual, was Team Twisted Six Effects.

Team Leader Nick was eliminated for

making Jill start over on her sculpt.

"Excuse me, it's 'foreman,' thank you."

"Before you begin, remind everybody how someone is
going to be copying my great look from RPDRs7e1."

Oh, be quiet, we don't know that that is happening any time soon.

The nine remaining artists meet up with host McKenzie Westmore, judge Neville Page, and a bunch of 3D horns.

Not that kind of horn.

“I’m so over 3D.”

Looks like the challenge is to create a horned being involved in the Sandro Botticelli’s seven stages of Dante’s vision of hell.   Something like that.

Not to be confused with Sandro Masmanidi's seven stages of rage.

Neville already designed a bunch of 3D horns.   Aw, designing them is half the fun!   Maybe there is a danger in designing something so delicate that it breaks?   Or the producers fear they wouldn’t aim high enough with their design?  I don’t know.

My ears are going.  (Well, everything else has gone, why not the ears, too?)  Every time McKenzie says Botticelli, I swear she is saying Bonnicelli.   And, she says Bone-a-Chellie  Do all versions exist?

“It’s ‘bot’-acelli, of course.”

The challenge is to take a pair of Neville’s horns and a level of hell as inspiration to make a demon overseer.


KC is excited because she makes horns back at her studio.

Neville doesn’t want the artists to take the horns too literally for inspiration.   Huh?   We’ll see if this is a problem or not.

It’s a standard 3 day challenge.

Foreman Joseph overseas the formation of the elements as a theme for Team Twisted 6 Effects.

Over on Team Ethereal Effects, Kierstin asks Nelson to switch horns with her, for her edification.   Inspired by Nelson’s sketch, foreman Faina thinks all of their creatures should be priests.   Interesting.   But, will the clothing, which they don’t design, be enough to tie them all together and be cohesive?

Soon enough mentor Mr. Westmore is in.  He’s impressed with Joseph’s work, but doesn’t like the direction he wants to go with the teeth.

He’s worried Jill’s icicles won’t be luminous.

Phil’s minotaur character looks too friendly.  Uh-oh!

He wants Faina to lengthen her creature’s chin.

He sees “grinch” to Andrew’s work.
He wants extra detail under the nose.

Mr. W. wants Kierstin to change how she is fabricating her extreme teeth.

Suzanne is tasked with figuring out how the horns will attach to the head of each model.

On day two, we learn that KC doesn’t have all of her molds done in time.   She’ll have to use poly foam on reveal day.

On day three, Faina determines the paint scheme for everyone on her team.

Nelson only did a face sculpt, not a cowl?   Hmmm.

KC’s last minute mold has a lot of problems, but she seems on top of it, using many new pieces to cover the problem areas.

Phil’s face prosthetic is way too loose.   But, they don’t show how he fixes it.

Jill can’t get her horns to sit right.  Uh-oh, that’s a major part of the task!

Joseph’s goal during the last hour is to finish 30 minutes early, and then help everyone else during the last 30 minutes.

Jill figures out a way to keep the horns in place at the last minute.

At the reveal stage it’s host McKenzie Westmore, and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Team Twisted 6 Effects

Team Ethereal Effects

Glenn says it’s no contest, Team Ethereal Effects easily won the challenge.   But, then come the critiques.

Kierstin honored the challenge and made a fan of Glenn.  Ve praises the work from the nose up.  She likes that Kierstin didn’t use a typical paint scheme to achieve her goals.  Neville is impressed with her sculpt work.

Ve deems Andrew’s the best paint job of the night.  Neville calls it solid in every way.  Glenn praises his vision.

Neville finds Jill’s backstory and work confusing.  The most troubling?   The horns are an afterthought.   Glenn wanted her to showcase the horns, not cover them up in fur.  Ve ain’t buyin’ the monochromatic paint scheme.

Glenn thinks Phil pulled from too many references.  Glenn calls it the “Night, night sleepy cow” that is going to gently put someone to bed.  Ve sees it is an inferior paint job, and none of the ideas mesh.  Neville wants him to take an anatomy course. 

Sleep well, Master Hetrick.  

Top 3 are Andrew, Faina and Kierstin.  

The individual winner is Kierstin!

Bottom 3 are Phil, Jill and Joseph.

Glenn eliminates Jill.

I did have a hunch, with her being bottom 2 last week, that she might not climb out of the hole.

Did you see it coming?

Tune in next week for dancing in the woods?

“We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.”


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