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RPDR s9e13 • Reunited • 16 June 2017

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the top four drag queens wrote and recorded a verse to Ru's song "Category Is."  They were featured on Ru's podcast, and they lip synched the song on the runway.  

Then they walked out their best drag.   Ru had them speak to their young child self.   But, instead of eliminating anyone, Ru kept them all on.

Hey!   They filmed a reunion of sorts at the Alex Theatre, in Glendale, CA, a reunion reminiscent of seasons 1-3 and All Stars 2.  It’s just the queens and Ru rehashing what transpired over the course of the season.   Let’s take it as it comes, eh?

A.  Alexis is given a moment to explain herself regarding how much she loves to read others, but can’t take it when it’s thrown back at her.  Nothing has changed.  She’s still an entitled diva that doesn’t understand what is going on.  

“My advice to you is, is that,
girl, you’re a drag queen,
and if you can’t roll with the punches,
this is not the career for you.”

Ru tells a cute story about the sore spots becoming ‘demystified.’  Nice try, Ru, but I bet it did no good.

B.  Ru brings out the reading glasses.  Trinity reads Alexis for her Christopher Palu outfit, that she looks like an oven baked ham. 

“I can take it!  I can take it!”

I don’t know.  Maybe.  I can't even tell if she is trying.

Jaymes Mansfield had a really great read for Valentina, but she can’t remember the words?   Priceless!

C.  Charlie Hides’ dead on arrival lip synch in episode four is addressed.  Charlie keeps using various excuses and comes off fake.  She’s a genuine talent, if she had just kept with ONE excuse, I might have bought it.  None of the queens are thinking she is being truthful.

We see unseen footage where Nina is saying Charlie didn’t want to learn the words for the lip synch.   Whether she said that or not, she did indeed know the words for the lip synch, even if she didn’t move from the neck on down.

D.  Eureka’s medically induced exit is talked about.  (Remember, she is automatically on season 10, if she wants.)  

Farrah’s extreme reaction is brought up.  (She was just so shocked.)

E.  Valentina’s strange, but earned elimination is next.  Shea is amazed she couldn’t learn a seven-word chorus.  Valentina explains that she did know them, but was in SUCH a state of shock that she couldn’t do much of anything.  I buy that.  But, what entitlement, when you trip, and think, wow, could that have actually happened?  I’m too good to trip!   Amazing.

That Nina received so much online hate for Valentina’s exit is discussed.  Val compares herself to Selena, and her fans to her fans.  The queens complain that Val let her fans harass Nina without calling it out.  She offers a lame, “I’m really bad with social media.”  Oh, please.  It only takes ONE utterance to end it.

F. Aja’s Untucked monologue about Valentina is brought up.  You know, the “You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista, you’re a model, did you stone those tights?”   Ru has them play the dance track inspired (stolen) by it.  Aja cracks me up, saying she didn’t read her, she just aggressively complimented Valentina.

G.  Nina’s crankiness over not getting the Blac Chynna part is mentioned.  This opens up the whole NBB is paranoid and delusional bit.  Nothing has changed, Nina still thinks the same.  I can’t say that she is behaving badly, but she does believe it, still.  Kimora doesn’t like how Nina bad mouthed her online.   Ru reminds Nina that if she was joking, maybe others were joking about her?

H.  Kris Jenner has a short video message to Alexis Michelle on her great impersonation.

I.  Alexis finally admits that she didn’t give 100% on the “Gayest Ball Ever” episode, where she went home.

J.  We get a few unseen bits with guest judges.  Nothing ground breaking.

K.  Toot or boot?  Would you believe there was not a consensus, except for the first?

L.  Valentina wins Miss Congeniality.  Aja ain’t havin’ it.  Ya know, neither am I.  I would guess Eureka or Peppermint would be more appropriate of a choice.

Aja is shocked Val won.  She thinks it should be renamed Fan Favorite.  The queens agree.  Farrah finds it strange, that she & Valentina were friends on the show, but that she has shunned her ever since.

M.  Ru announces that the top four will have to lip synchs in a sudden death match up.   They seemed genuinely surprised.

Do you have a favorite?  Did you manage to NOT see any of the various spoilers out there?

Ready to see Bob The Drag Queen in a decent outfit?

“Not gonna happen.”


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