Sunday, June 11, 2017

RPDR s9e12 • Category Is— • 9 June 2017

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the remaining five queens
created runway looks inspired by Pride celebrations.

Shea Couleé won the challenge.

Sasha Velour placed second.

Trinity was middle third.

Peppermint was bottom 2, but stayed.

Alexis Michelle was bottom 2, 5th out of 5, and sashayed away.

Did you see the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race?   You needn’t have, no one was eliminated.

“No one?”

The challenge was to write and record a verse to Ru’s “Category Is.”  

Then, they danced and lip synched to it on the runway.   

Then, they met up with Ru & Michelle on the “What’s the T” podcast.  Finally, they came out on the runway in their best drag.

Ru had them talk to their younger selves, and had them explain why they,

and not someone else, should win the crown.

Let's take a gander at the looks, shall we?


Sasha Velour

Shea Couleé

Trinity Taylor

Shea Couleé seemed to win the challenge.   She was able to take on a more involved dance routine, she struggled the least during the recording.  Also, she didn’t have a breakdown or a special moment during the podcast.

But, what about the other three?   Sasha, Peppermint and Trinity are shown faltering in rehearsal, but you know how it goes on the show:  

They show ‘em struggling, but they turn it out in the end.

Yes, the Reddit leaks had Peppermint going home at this point, placing fourth.   Well, that didn’t happen, although, I guess it *could* still happen.   Don't hold yer breath, though.

I would venture that an argument could be made for any of the non-Shea contestants for placing fourth.   But, for now, Ru is moving them all forward.   We'll see how it goes from here.

Do you want Ru to announce who places 4th, 3rd and 2nd at the finale, which will air next week?   In past seasons, even though Ru didn’t proclaim someone as placing second or third, we could tell who was which.   But, this season, I can’t really identify their ranks.   But, if you make me guess:   Shea wins, Sasha is like Courtney Act, Ginger Minj or Kim Chi — a very strong #2.  Trinity has the greatest story arc, like #3 Adore, #3 Pearl or #3 Naomi Smalls.   Peppermint comes off like a #4 to me.   And, that is sad, because she is the one I want to hang around with the most.  But, I'm okay with any of them placing any position within the top 4.   I would NEVER have said that for the top four oa another season.


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