Sunday, June 4, 2017

RPDR s9e11 • Gayest Ball Ever! • 2 June 2017

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the six remaining queens
made over film crew members as their drag sisters.

Here's how they placed:

First:  Trinity Taylor    Second: Sasha Velour

Third: Peppermint    Fourth: Alexis Michelle

Fifth: Shea Couleé    Sixth & Gone:  Nina Bo'nina Brown

Here's how all the eliminated queens have placed:

14, Jaymes Mansfield    13, Kimora Blac    12, Charlie Hides

11, Eureka O'Hara    10, Miss CuCu Cynthia Lee Fontaine    9, Aja

8, Farrah Moan    7, Valentina    6, Nina Bo'nina Brown

The current top five are:

Shea Couleé, Alexis Michelle, Peppermint

Trinity Taylor, Sasha Velour

If you haven't already seen the Reddit spoilers, or if you
think they are inaccurate, who do you think is going to win?

Back in the work room, Trinity is interviewing that she is glad the negativity (from NBB) is gone.  Shea Couleé has nice parting words for Nina.  

Alexis is weary of underwhelming the judges.

Next day Trinity has a run in with a fruit fly.

Don’t worry there’s more:  Ru introduces a MINI challenge!

“Everybody loves puppets!”

Most seem to do well,

but no one except Ru has a reaction

to Alexis’s version of Sasha.

Sasha Velour wins the challenge.

About time, eh?  I mean, winning a challenge
all by herself.  Will it ever happen again?

Ru then introduces the Gayest Ball Ever main challenge:  Rainbow Pride look, Sexy Unicorn look, and Village People Eleganza Extravaganza.  

Later on the Ru-Thru Sasha fears she will have to be clever, since she is a poor sewer.   She thinks she can always count on her intelligence.

Alexis is inspired to build her VP look around some turquoise.  Alexis shares that she was hurt by Michelle complaining about her prior looks being basic.   She argues that they were not simple because she made them herself.   So, doing it yourself automatically means it is intrinsically interesting and has attention to detail?   That logic is failing me, girl.

Shea Couleé shares she’s a big fan of Vivienne Westwood (think fashion plaid.)  

Ru also wants a rhythmic gymnastics routine, which Sasha will choreograph.  Is that good?

Everyone seems to be talking over Sasha during the rehearsal time.   Alexis interviews that they didn’t use HER talents to make it better.  Of course not.   

How do you fit your head through any doorways?

“Sasha’s work is very pedestrian.”

Projection much?

“Honestly …”

“Get ready, girl!”

“…  I think that the dance element is not your
comfort zone and I saw your insecurity around
*that* and it came out a little bit in you before.”

“I don’t think you were a leader … you were not steering the ship.”

So, if Michelle calls you out on your looks, Alexis, what are you going to say, that there were other people having troubles that you had to attend to?   Do thine own work.

Joining Ru at the runway are Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Joan Smalls and Andie MacDowall.

Shea Couleé

Sasha Velour

Alexis Michelle

Trinity Taylor


Shea Couleé’s rainbow look wasn’t rainbow at all.   However, everything else is a hit.

Michelle loves the psychotic Dorothy Hamill rhythmic gymnastics bit Sasha did.  Everything she served on the runway is praised for being fashiony and modern.

Alexis’s runway was too plain and literal.  Carson wants more effort put into the VP look.

“I stoned it myself.”

"I sewed everything."

"I got a God-damn bow on my ass!"

That’s like saying you wrote your name at the top of the paper all by yourself.   How about answer all of the questions on the test, girl?   When given a challenge, see how much and how far you can go with it.  You haven’t been getting any notes for doing too much, don’t be afraid to DO.

Michelle thinks Trinity's rainbow was lacking.  Carson likes everything about the VP look.

Peppermint’s first look is lumpy and loose.  The judges adore the VP leather/fetish look.

Ru asks them who should go home at this point.

Shea: Alexis
Sasha: Alexis
Alexis: Peppermint
Trinity: Peppermint
Peppermint: Trinity

“How dare the other queens not tell me how I was doing before I hit the runway!”

Sasha and Shea feel they have to explain why
they mentioned her to Alexis over on Untucked.

“I take it as a compliment, that I am fierce competition.”

Alexis then rips on Sasha, in retaliation.   Judith Martin would be so proud.

Alexis’s parents show up on screen.   We know that that is the kiss of death.   Trinity cheers Alexis on, oh, that’s sweet.

Shea Couleé wins the challenge!

Sasha is a safe #2.

Trinity is a safe #3.

Bottom two are Alexis and Peppermint.

They lip synch to “Macho Man” by The Village People.   Wow, that’s a rarity, lip synching to Victor Willis’s male voice.    Was Sylvester's "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" the only other time they lip synched to a guy's voice?

Okay, the mustache was amusing.

I lost it when Alexis brought out the Marcia Brady thumbs.  Oy.

Did you like Peppermint's wig reveal?

"I did."

Peppermint is safe.

Alexis is out and places fifth for the season.

Now, why did she feel compelled to quote Sally Field with the “You like me, you really like me” bit?  
"Because this is an award.  *Everybody*
loves me!    I'm the fan favorite!"

Tune in next week when the top four is whittled down to the final three!


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