Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Face Off s12e03  Dream House  27 June 2017

Last time on Face Off the artists created wasps and termites.

Team Ethereal Effects won again.

Faina was the individual winner.

Team Twisted 6 Effects lost again.

Poor Al was eliminated, for not doing as much as the others.

"I tell you what, I'm looking forward to 'Dream House.'"

"Me, too!"

"Shouldn't Team Twisted 6 Effects be
Twisted 4 Effects now?
—or just Team Emerald?"

Ready for a new challenge?   Nuh-uh, not so fast.   First, McKenzie moves Joseph over to Team Wicked 6 Effects so that each team has five members.

Now, the task:  Create a family of three inspired by the picture of an offbeat house behind the door of their choice.  The yellowy-orange one has a birdhouse, the blue a clam shell knocker, the burgundy a wreath (Christmas, eh?) and the green has a branch for a handle.

It’s a TWO day challenge.  They pick inspirations, sketch and get to work.

Kierstin is concerned that her work is too beautiful compared to her teammates’ work.

Soon enough mentor Mr. Westmore is in for a look see.

Mr. W. is impressed with Nelson’s sculpt, but wants Suzanne’s face work to be smoother.

Kierstin’s nose is too bunny.

Mr. Westmore wants Nick’s face work to be modified.   The cheek area is too striking.

He sees bad veins on Jill’s face sculpt.   There is no cohesion between the two sculpts, either.

Nick decides to take over Jill’s face sculpt.   Wait.  Against her will?   She is pretty pissed.  Although, how could ya tell with that monotone whisper?  When something needs to be changed, don’t most people whine about having to do it again themselves?   Is it weird Nick just takes her off of her own work?

Looks like everybody makes it into the mold room.   They have to since the next day is reveal day.

On reveal day Jill and Nick are disagreeing over the the color of her work.  

At the reveal stage are host McKenzie Westmore and judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Neville Page and guest judge Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost, Once Upon A Time.)

Team Ethereal Effects

Team Twisted 6 Effects

The judges enjoy Faina & Andrew’s papa woodchuck.  Glenn is positively radiant.   Well, for him.

It’s a mixed reaction to Suzanne & Nelson’s kindly wooden witch.   They mostly like the actual work, but they all are upset that they did not follow the brief (it’s not a family member.)  Glenn is the only one that calls out the sculpt as being bad.

The judges admire the work that KC & Joseph did, both sculpt and paint.   It’s very short, though, they didn’t get much of an edit.

Jill’s work is not so successful, her edges are so blatant.   Glenn draws out of Jill that Nick removed her sculpt.  Glenn is incredulous.

Team Ethereal Effects wins again!

The individual winner is Andrew!

Team Twisted 6 Effects is the losing team again.

Due to his removal of Jill’s original work, Glenn eliminates Nick.

I wondered if Glenn would give a stern talking to both Jill and Nick, but keep them both.   And, with there only being 12 contestants this time around, I am wondering if there will be a point where someone can come back into the competition.   We shall see.

Tune in next week for hellish horns!


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