Thursday, June 15, 2017

Face Off s12e01  Pack Leaders  13 June 2017

We've got a new season of Face Off, woo-hoo!

Twelve fresh faces join up with host McKenzie Westmore in the woods in the middle of the night.

The special effects makeup artists have been divided into two teams.



Now that I think about it, it’s probably a movie set, and it’s really day light outside.

The challenge this week is to create three werewolf inspired looks.   There is to be an alpha wolf, a beta wolf, and a lowly omega wolf.  Since there are six contestants to a team, that means two people to a creature.  The judges will pick an individual winner from the winning team, and they will pick someone to be eliminated from the losing team.  

McKenzie has them pick a team leader, er, foreman.   Ah, so when there is a losing team, will the worst member go, or the leader?

Three real wolves are brought out for inspiration.   They caucus and sketch in the woods.   No, the wolves don’t get loose and go after the contestants. 

It’s a typical 3 day challenge.   On the first day mentor Michael Westmore stops by for a perusal.

Team Ethereal Effects has gone with a lumberjack story.  Mr. W. wants the beta to have a bigger, more wolf-like mouth.

The nose needs to be more wolf on the alpha.   

The omega’s ear placement needs to change.

Team Twisted Six Effects is going with an Albino look.

“I like that.”

The omega needs higher cheekbones, a better muzzle.  The chest piece needs more form, more work.

The beta looks too human.  He needs a muzzle, too.

Evidently the alpha look will not factor into anything, since they didn’t show it.

On day two everyone is still sculpting, but, hey, it’s their first time on Face Off, I think it is to be expected.

Team EE has trouble with a mold.  You know how it goes, they have a crisis, but it’ll be fine once they are applying things on day three.

When they go to apply everything to the models on day three, Team TE6 struggles with their omega guy (but he’s the tallest, si?  Ya use the tallest for the lowest?  Confusing.)  Their prosthetics aren’t covering the area that they want them to.   I can hear Glenn saying, “Just give me a good paint job!”  So, maybe this isn’t the calamity they make it out to be?

Let’s see how they did.  It’s the standard:  Host McKenzie Westmore and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Team Ethereal Effects
Team Twisted Six Effects

Glenn gushes over Joseph & Faina’s omega wolf.  Ve wants more color in the face, but does admit to liking the paint job on the body.

Suzanna & Kierstin’s beta wolf is more of a miss.  Ve calls out the head for being too big.  The paint ideas aren’t harmonious, applied equally all over.  Neville finds the story muddy.

No critique for Andrew & Nelson’s alpha wolf, huh?

It’s not good for Nick & Laura from Team T6E.  Neville doesn’t understand what he sees at all.  Laura shares that she never sculpted a chest piece before.  Glenn reminds them they could have covered it with hair and hid their lack of knowledge.  Ve wants to know where the shop foreman was this whole time.

Jill & Phil’s beta look is okay with Glenn.   He especially likes that it didn’t bake a particular emotion into the look (the model can still emote through everything.)

Jill & Phil, where are Bill & Gill?

No Al & KC, hmmmm.

Joseph wins the challenge, and Team EE is the winning team.

Bottom three are Nick, Laura and Al (foreman.)   

Laura is the one let go.   I was curious to see if they would get rid of the foreman.

It was odd not watching George, Emily and Cig, wasn’t it?   It’s hard getting into the swing of things, after seeing favorites last time.   And, what’s with only 12 of ‘em, not 16?  Did a bunch pull out, like Willam over on RPDR?

Tune in next week for bees!



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