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RPDR s9e10 • Makeovers: Crew Better Work! • 26 May 2017

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the ladies wrote
and starred in promos for original sitcoms.

Shea & Sasha won the challenge.

Trinity, Peppermint & Alexis were middle safe.

Bottom two were Nina Bo'nina Brown and Valentina.

Shock & horror, Valentina didn't bother to learn the words.
Too entitled to bother to do the work?

"Yeah, Ru, I'd like the prize money, but I'm
just gonna wear a white t-shirt and jeans, no
makeup, and no showcasing of any talent, 'kay?"

First she tried to lip synch without removing her veil.  

Ru wasn't having any of it.

So, she took off the veil, and earned the elimination.

Yeah, I know, even Charlie knew the lyrics
when she refused to move on her lip synch.

So, do you have a favorite from the top six?

Yeah, I know, you wanna see a RaPal Dark Res version, don't ya.

I have two tied for 1st in my mind,

two tied for 3rd,

and a #5 and a distant #6.

But, I saw the leaks, I know it won't end up like this.

I hope to not look for leaks for PR16, which will start airing soon.

Wait just a minute!   Nina feels like if she had not been paired with Valetina, then Valentina might have done well enough to not have been in the bottom two, and not have to have lip synched?  Wow, Nina has the mopies real bad, eh?

“Bitch, snap the fuck out of it!”

“Watch your language!”

“She needs to go home.  I’m over it.”

Next day, right away Ru walks into the room to announce the main challenge:   Makeover a crew member as a drag family sister.

“We did it first.”

And, what happened?

“Um, never mind.”

Since Shea & Sasha won the last challenge, they choose the crew members for the six remaining contestants.

Nina interviews that she doesn’t sew.  Well, can it be that important?   Charlie and Valentina didn’t lip synch like they should have, maybe you can get by without sewing like you ought to.

On the Ru thru, she is surprised Brady (with Alexis) is already becoming a bitchy diva.  Brady thinks he is replacing Michelle Visage next season.  Cute.

Sasha’s dude has such a sense of humor, good pairing with Sasha.

Ru shares that she and Sarge (Peppermint’s man) have great understanding, having worked together since s4.  Perhaps Peppermint has the one with the most personality?

Ru lets ‘em have it:  They have to perform a lip synch (in pairs,) to Click Clack.


Soon Nina’s guy, Aaron, is trying to cheer NBB up.  Wow.  It never ends.

“People are on your side more than you think you know.”

Amen, Aaron.

Trinity has to help Rizzo tuck.  One of the camera crew (that is still doing that work) thinks it is time to get up close and personal with Rizzo’s junk.  Ha!

Joining Mme. RuPaul Charles are regulars Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, designer Zaldy and *musician* Ke$ha.

“I don’t like her.”

I like that the entire crew all worked in wigs and heels.   Ha!

Trinity Taylor &
Glittafa Dayze

Shea Couleé &
Bae Couleé

Alexis Michelle &
Rye Anne Stardust

Nina Bo’nina Brown &
Ariana Bo’nina Brown

Sasha Velour &
Dunatella Velour

Peppermint &
Winter Green

Trinity’s team had the best choreography. Michelle thinks the family resemblance is great. Zaldy thinks it was the best tuck.  

Kesha likes the attire, Zaldy and Michelle want more attention to detail.   Well, Bae did have that hair problem on the runway.

Alexis’s team hears Michelle say the outfits are basic, Halloweeny.  

Nina’s team is clocked for what Nina has heard before:  The head has all the attention, and from the neck down is afterthought, and the same exact silhouette as always.

Sasha’s team is praised for their look, and for being modern, high-fashion.  

Winter Green has so much personality, she is hamming it like no other ever has.  That’s meant as a compliment.  Michelle points out that the outfits clash horribly.

Over on Untucked, Alexis complains that the judges called her work “Halloween costumes.”   I bet if you had put more work and/or thought into it, then it wouldn’t look like that, and the judges wouldn’t have said that.

Sasha admits that in the past she has just plain ripped off designs of Zaldy.  Ha!

Nina shares that she thinks the bottom two will be her and Shea, and that Shea should stay and Nina should go home (because she has been in the bottom 2 before, Shea hasn’t.)

“But what about me?”

Shut up, Alexis!

Back at the judges table, here’s how they placed:

1. Trinity Taylor
That’s her third win, right?

2. Sasha Velour

3. Peppermint

4. Alexis Michelle

Bottom two are Shea Couleé and Nina Bo’nina Brown.

They lip synch to, not a Kesha song, but to Demi Lovato’s Cool For The Summer.  Nina is quite lackluster, but Shea seems a little more into the chance to lip synch.  Shea stays and Nina is eliminated.

Nina’s parting thoughts are that she hopes everyone believes in herself.  Somehow, just somehow, that seems so phony.

Even with the leaks, did you see all this coming?  
You ready for next week’s elimination?


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