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RPDR s9e08 • RuPaul Roast • 12 May 2017

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the remaining queens
parodied the 1993 season of Beverly Hills:  90210.

"But I wasn't ANY part of it!  Oh, the injustice!"

Trinity Taylor became the first person to win two main challenges this season.

"I did it in three, she better step it up!"

Bottom two were Nina Bo'nina Brown and Aja.

Aja was jettisoned, although I thought
either one of them or both could have gone.

"So, who has left and who is still in it?"

Here are the six who are no longer among us, so to speak.

We still have a top eight to contend with.

Got a favorite yet?

Did you catch that heavy emphasis on who would win and who would go home right at the start of the episode?

"At this point there's (sic) only two girls who have not won any challenges yet, Peppermint and Farrah.   That ain't a good thing."

Well, there ya have it.  I'm sure you can figure out which queen slayed and which one was obliterated.

"You mean you won't be doing a useless blog post this week?"

"Perish the thought!"

Ru brings the reading glasses for the Reading Is Fundamental challenge!   We generally see just 2 short reads from each queen.   I award them grades, rather graciously, at that.

Sasha Velour • A

Peppermint • A

Alexis Michelle • B

"That felt good!"

I fear Alexis is forgetting about Mama Ru's
mantra about loving oneself and loving others.

Trinity Trinity • B

Shea Couleé • A

Valentina • A

Nina Bo'nina Brown • B

Farrah Moan • C  ... and did she end it early?
Or was that poor (or evil) editing?

Ru proclaims Valentina the winner.

Ru tells them that the main challenge will be the return of the RuPaul Roast, but they will be mostly roasting Michelle Visage!   Since Valentina won the mini challenge, she decides the order.   I cannot for the life of me figure out if she put thought into the order or not.

"Here's a tip, don't make it abut my body."

"Oh, Lord"

"I was surprised that you guys came
for anything to do with my size."

"Um, I just, like, would have preferred not to do
body image.  So that's all I have to say about it."

I love how he makes a decree and then shuts everyone else up, refusing to hear from them on a subject.  Second, how entitled does one have to be in order to be able to rip and read others, and yet claim unfair treatment when it is done back to him?  Beyond rich.  Lots of people wish they had Alexis's body.  Or, to be next to Alex.   Amazing.   But, maybe this is part of the reason why she's so insecure?   There's got to be more to the story, I am sure.

Why did Valentina try to pass a kidney stone, or several pounds of cheese, right there in the work room?

Soon enough,  Ru & Ross are there for a little mentor-thru.

Ru tries to help Alexis process the body comments.  Ru reminds him he has read others to filth, so it's a little unfair, uneven.   Ross tells Alexis that they will be judging him more harshly since he has such a strong background in comedy, roasting, hosting, etc.

Farrah whines (quelle surprise!) how she wasn't comfortable reading Alexis.   Ross explains that she should use her personality, her thought process as the stepping stone to the actual roasting.

Peppermint shares that she has never roasted anyone.  Ru affirms that she is funny, but hasn't seen her deliver on it yet.

Can Sasha be funny?   Ross states she has to use what she has.   Ru is concerned that she is running out of time.  (There are less than 10 words written at this point.)

Later when they are getting ready we learn that Sasha spent a few years in Russia, and Peppermint was held at an airport for not matching her official identification (she presented as a woman, but the ID had a guy on it.)   Rough stuff.

Joining Ru at the main stage are roastee Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, Fortune Feimster and Tamar Braxton.

Shea Couleé
Made the audience laugh.   She had jokes and she landed them well.

Sasha Velour
Very funny, different approach.   Had the audience laughing.

Another queen that was entertaining, even though I would guess the actual jokes weren't as funny.   She was warm and approachable, which helped in making the audience crack up.

Trinity Taylor
She came in character as someone  ... rural?   She had some jokes, but did not land most of them.    She seemed to rely too much on her note cards.   Michelle liked Trinity's character, but nothing else.  Fortune thinks Trinity looked like she was going to vomit.

Farrah Moan
She had a ton of 'jokes,' but, none of them produced humor.   THAT has to be frustrating.     She later admitted she didn't have all of her note cards ... but was that all that it took to derail her?     Ross is mad, because they had identified the problem in the work room.  I will give her this:  She looks terrific.  Even though it isn't Kim Chi/Nina Flowers/Nina Bo'nina Brown crazy, she looks flawless.

She has the jokes!   I am guessing it is more about the delivery than the wit, but, hell, the audience loved it.  Michelle says she never looked better.

Nina Bo'nina Brown
Another character, the painted on glasses are cracking me up.   The audience does laugh.   I can't say that it's all that funny, but her character is strong.

Alexis Michelle
She is nervous?  No, she is lost.  Either way, she is NOT funny.  She knows her jokes, but in between, she seems to lose herself.   The place is completely silent.  She isn't funny, and she isn't warm, inviting or interesting.  Her outfit is sad, but her makeup is HORRID.  Like, not up to Shangela's standards from s2e1  horrid.   

Tamar can't figure out why Alexis is green.   Alexis rudely asks if she ever saw the show.   Yes, the words aren't that bad, but her tone is quite off putting.   The judges do not have anything nice to say.  I'm not picking on her for going 'green,' I'm picking on her for the lousy execution.  (Think back to season 7 when they all had to wear green?   They all looked better than this.)   Some of the queens that I thought didn't have great jokes, they DID have warm personalities or something that made me want to know more, or listen more.  Not Alexis.   This is frustrating the hell out of me because, in my opinion, she COULD have aced this challenge.

Here's how they all placed:

1. Peppermint
(Her 1st win.)

2. Sasha Velour

3. Shea Couleé

4.  Nina Bo'nina Brown
(Just going by order Ru announced the middle safe)

5. Valentina
(Just going by order Ru announced the middle safe)

6. Trinity Taylor

Bottom two are Farrah and Alexis.

They lip synch to Dolly Parton's early 1979 top 40 hit "Baby I'm Burning."   She hit #25 on the pop chart and #15 on the disco chart with it.

Both seem a bit underwhelming.   I anticipated a double elimination, but I guess Alexis's one long, drawn out dance move saved her.
Did you buy that overly lengthy dance move by Alexis?   It seemed to go on forever.   And, then, what was up with her taking her outfit apart and fanning herself with that pad?  Ce n'est pas bon!
Farrah earned her elimination, but I did like her.   

I would love to see more from her, Jaymes Mansfield and Aja.

Well, there's the reunion at least.

Are the leaks right?  Will a one worded queen be eliminated next, followed by an overly multi-worded one?

And, what are they wearing on the runway?

"Something subtle, like Derrick's makeup skills."


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