Saturday, May 6, 2017

RPDR s9e07 • 9021-Ho! • 5 May 2017

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race Ru hosted Snatch Game!

The runway theme was Night Of 1,000 Madonnas:  Part 2.

There were two pairs of twins.

Is that better or worse than the kimono quadruplets from last year?

Alexis Michelle as Liza Minnelli won the challenge.

Peppermint and Cynthia Lee "CuCu" Fontaine were bottom two, 
thanks to their poor representations of NeNe Leakes and Sofia Vergara.

Peppermint clearly shined brighter on the lip synch and was kept on,

Miss CuCu was sent packing.

Trinity proclaims the title of "Miss CuCu" for herself.  Curious.

Next day Ru pops into the work room to hand out the next maxi challenge.  It’s an acting challenge!

Peppermint (because she won the lip synch, or, because she was the worst of the remaining queens) gets to hand out all of the parts to 9021-ho.

Peppermint tries to placate everybody as she hands out parts.  Aja is furious with her part, and soon enough Peppermint is changing parts so Aja doesn’t complain much longer.  Ah, but she does!  So, she is complaining even when she is cool with her part.   Amazing.

“Can I make a suggestion?”

Didn’t it seem odd that Alexis, proclaimed uber fan of the show, didn’t know how to pronounce Grandrea Zuckerwoman (Andrea Zuckerman) correctly?   Didn’t she pronounce her name like “On DRAY uh” not “ANNE dree uh?”

When they go to film, who is there?  Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry.  James Eckhouse and Carol Porter.  Tiffani Thiessen and Jamie Walters.  No, it’s Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling.

They give major praise to Trinity Taylor.  Nina Bo’nina Brown is bent out of shape and cannot take any direction.   She doesn’t know her lines, and she is not enunciating her words.  How is she going to get through life with her ‘tude?  Forget the world of drag, how does she grocery shop without being strangled to death when she pisses off her fellow shoppers, or a new cashier?

Sasha Velour seems timid and anemic.

Jennie and Tori join Ru, Michelle and Carson at the main stage.  The runway theme is BIG hair.

“Like, really big hair!”


Farrah Moan

Trinity Taylor

Sasha Velour


Nina Bo’nina Brown

Shea Couleé

Alexis Michelle


After the judges see the film clip, they are quite complimentary.

Ru calls out Farrah, Peppermint and Alexis as middle safe, sending them out back.

Carson loves Valentina’s look from head to toe.  Tori & Jennie praise her acting.

Sasha is praised for her runway look, but the judges wanted her to go further with the acting.  

Trinity is a hit on both the runway and the acting.  Michelle wants to lick her?   

Michelle is bored with Nina’s predictable silhouette.

Shea Couleé nailed the runway and the challenge.

Aja is praised for her best makeup ever.  Her acting of a bitch didn’t go far enough.  Ru questions her about needing to switch parts and she doesn’t have a decent reply.

Trinity Taylor wins a 2nd challenge!  Valentina, Shea and Trinity are all safe.

Sasha is in the bottom three, but she is safe.

Bottom two are Nina Bo’nina Brown and Aja.

They lip synch to Cece Peniston’s classic 1991 dance anthem “Finally.”

It looks like Aja is a little bit more enthused, but Nina gets to stay, and Aja is sent packing.

Did you agree that Aja earned the elimination?   I’m tired of Nina spending all of her energy on finding fault with the world.

Tune in next week for some roasted Ru!


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