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RPDR s9e06 • Snatch Game! • 28 April 2017

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the queens lip synched in

Kardashian! The Musical

The winner?   Shea Couleé.

Bottom two were Miss CuCu herself,
Cynthia Lee Fontaine, for poor lip synching,
and an overwhelming runway look that swallowed her whole,

and Farrah Moan, for fading into the background,
and forgetting a few obvious props, like a cell phone.

After they lip synched, Ru eliminated Eureka O'Hara instead,
since she had a torn ACL and needed to recover.

She has a guaranteed spot in s10.

After Eureka’s surprise release from the show, the girls head back to the work room.  The mood is palpable.  

Farrah is in tears.

Alexis is still mad that she only came in second, thanks to a less than perfect runway look.

Farrah asks, “Nina, do you really wanna be here?”  Ha!   Yes, she has had an attitude for weeks, but I can’t say she has checked out, so to speak.

“If you don’t deliver, you should go home.”

Next day they learn that it’s time for Snatch Game!

On the Ru-thru, Nina is reminded that she is talented and deserves to be there.

Ru gives an amazing reaction when he learns
NBB will be portraying Jasmine Masters.

Ru makes Sasha give a little taste of Judith Butler, her #2 choice.   I thought she was funny, on a pass/fail basis, but Ru isn’t amused.  Back to Marlena Dietrich it is.

Ru’s over the moon that Alexis is doing Liza.

Miss CuCu, Cynthia Lee Fontaine is doing Sofia Vergara.  Ru thinks it will be “interesting” to see CLF bring SV to life.   That’s code for ‘you ain’t got no skillz,’ eh?

Denis O’Hare and Candis Cayne are there
for Snatch Game!    Who else joins Ru?

Trinity Taylor as Amanda Lepore

Sasha Velour as Marlene Dietrich

Aja as Alyssa Edwards

Nina Bo'nina Brown as Jasmine Masters

Farrah Moan as Gigi Gorgeous

Alexis Michelle as Liza Minnelli

Peppermint as Nene Leakes

Valentina as Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez,
and mistakenly, Miss Universe for a
few seconds thanks to Steve Harvey.

Shea Couleé as Naomi Campbell

Miss CuCu, Cynthia Lee Fontaine as Sofia Vergara

Here's how I'd grade them.
Those in yellow, I'm fairly certain;  those in white,
I would like to see more before committing to a final grade.

On the first go round everybody seems to at least not bomb, until Nene Leakes and Sofia Vergara.  Sorry, Peppermint and Miss Cucu.   They fail to land jokes, they fail to listen to Ru, and they are not that funny.  Over the course of the show, Farrah’s Gigi isn’t resonating so much.

I gave CLF the worst grade because she didn't make any references to Modern Family or the Ninja Coffee Maker.  She didn't sound like her, she didn't look like her, and she didn't volley with Ru well at all.   She was quick, but there was no wit.  NONE.   There were no jokes, there was no laughter.

Now, I’m not saying they were all stellar except for those few exceptions.   Like every season, they were all over the place with some As, some Bs, some Cs, some Ds and even an F.   Now, is that a narrative that producers feel has to be spoon fed to us, or is that just how it ends up each season?  

Interesting how Peppermint has only now come out as trans to her cast mates.   Good on them that they are supportive.

At the runway it’s Night Of 1,000 Madonnas, Part 2.  Joining Ru are Michelle, Ross, Denis O’Hara and Candis Cayne.


Alexis Michelle


Shea Couleé

Trinity Taylor

Nina Bo’nina Brown

Sasha Velour

Farrah Moan

Cynthia Lee Fontaine


Ru calls out Trinity Taylor, Aja, Valentina and Shea Couleé as middle safe and sends them off to Untucked land.

The judges praise Alexis for her Liza and for her runway attire.

Michelle calls out Peppermit for relying
on pink.   What, she wants green now?

Now you want green?”

Michelle better not be watching the runway with all the pink lights, eh?
The judges think Peppermint's Nene Leakes was anemic at best.

Sasha hit it out of the park for both Snatch Game and the runway.

Farrah's outfit has to be one of the best, huh?  Candis wanted Farrah's Gigi to be more comedic.  Farrah argues that she was trying to spread out her schtick over a longer period of time than what she was allowed.  Not sure if I’m buying it or not.

Nina hears good things from the judges regarding her Jasmine Masters, if not for her outfit.

Miss Cucu looks terrific in her runway, but Michelle clocks her mug.  The judges think her Snatch Game was an utter fail.  They are right.

Over on Untucked, Nina got a video message from her mom. 

Trinity learned what edging was.

We learned that Alexis' butt needs attention.

Farrah was not forgetting how rude Alexis was to her last Untucked.  I kinda don't blame her.   

I don't like how Alexis acted, expecting to overly rely on others at the expense of not doing her own thinking, her own work.   

But, she certainly didn't need to treat Farrah like she was her slave at her beck & call.  

Back on the runway,
Sasha is complimented on her work.
Alexis is not amused.

But, wait, Alexis is complimented, too!

Alexis wins the challenge.
She and Sasha are both safe.

Nina is safe.

Farrah is safe.

"Wow, these smell so good."

CLF and Peppermint are up for elimination.

They lip synch to the Madonna’s last #1 pop song, “Music” from 2000.

Remember last year when Naysha Lopez drove home the fact that CLF is an incredible dancer on Untucked?

We didn’t see it this episode, but Peppermint went all out.  She didn’t miss a moment to entertain with her dancing.   She had Ru and Michelle on cloud nine with her Robot, her James Brown (or Milan) and other moves.

Well, it’s a no brainer. 

Peppermint stays, Miss CuCu goes.

Normally I’d ask if you saw it coming, but between the editing, and the poor main challenge work, it was inevitable that Cynthia Lee Fontaine was going.  She is such a talent and a delight.  Shame it couldn't be showcased DURING the challenge.

Tune in next week for 9021-ho!


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