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RPDR s9e05 • Reality Stars:  The Musical! • 21 April 2017

You ready?   I am not.  I can't find good quality pics.
I'm sure you will be able to tell once you get past the old stuff.
But, I cannot wait forever for something that might never happen.

Last time on RPDR the queens hosted morning TV talk shows,

reminiscent of Good Morning America and the Today show,

not to mention challenges from s1e3 "Queens of all Media,"

s3e5 "QNN News" and s6e9 "Drag Queens Of Talk."

However, not very reminiscent of Fox & Friends.

Shea Couleé and Sasha Velour both won the challenge.

Bottom two were Trinity Taylor and Charlie Hides.

A very odd thing happened.     Only one of the two

turned it out on the stage during the lip synch.

Did Charlie really desire to leave such a
magnificent opportunity, being on the show?

 The more I look at that pic, the more I want to cheer him on.
You can always renew on Carousel, right, Jessica?

So many things have been said on the show, and online.

I can't for the life of me figure out what is true and what is just spin.

Oh, if only Bill were around to
ascertain what the facts really were.
He has time for that now, doesn't he?

Oh, God, now BO'R is reminding me
of that old guy from Ren & Stimpy.

After Charlie Hides elimination, Trinity rushes over to the mirror to erase her parting words.   That was quick.  

And, yes, that was so bizarre that CH gave up so easily.

Oh, and Nina Bo'nina Brown's jealousy is OTT, right?

"I wouldn't mind seeing some people struggle
a little bit and be on the bottom  ...  sue me."

Now, wait a minute, Meghan Trainor, why the onesie?   I cannot.   What could possibly be the reason that THAT attire is right and appropriate for this appearance, as a judge on RPDR?  Did she leave music and decide on fashion onesies?  Or, is her newest single about unicorn onesies?

There’s a mini challenge the next day!  Even 3 of the Pit Crew guys!   It’s a selfie challenge.

 Alexis Michelle wins the challenge!

I couldn't tell you whether it was earned or not.

Some of them went by too fast.
But, they sure emphasized the CuCu.

Ru announces the main challenge:

Kardashian:  The Musical

"Not Unicorn: The Musical, Meghan"

It’s a lip synch challenge, not a singing challenge.   Hmmm.  How’s this gonna play out?   All week I was sure it was gonna be a singing challenge.  I was wrong.  Again.

Since Alexis won the challenge, she divvies out the parts.  Now, why is Nina Bo'nina Brown hiding behind Trinity?  Is she timid?

Peppermint is buggin' that she got the part of Britney Spears.   Just watch and see what she does with it, though.

Nina Bo’nina Brown is bent out of shape for not getting the part of Blac Chyna.  Geez, any part is fine as long as it puts you on the stage, huh?  

Todrick Hall and Chester (Todrick doesn't know his last name yet) are helping with the choreography.  
Nina still has a bad attitude.  Todrick has to address the problem.   

Geez, Nina wants to fight her way out of the competition, huh?

Aja can’t get her moves down.  Eureka is on crutches now.  She’s been having knee trouble since the cheerleading challenge.  Farrah isn’t able to patty cake clap with Valentina.

While the ladies are painting themselves for the runway show, the bond over Eureka apologizing for how dismissive she was during the last episode when Sasha was sharing about eating disorders.  

Joining RuPaul Charles at the judges table are Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Todrick Hall and a unicorn onesie with Meghan Trainer inside.

"Why am I next to a girl in bad pajamas?"

It’s not a bad lip synch.   

Some are clearly better than others,

but most are pretty good.

Then, runway time with faux fur:


Trinity Taylor

Sasha Velour

Alexis Michelle

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Nina Bo’nina Brown



Farrah Moan
Shea Couleé
Eureka O’Hara 

Ru calls out Peppermint, Alexis, Farrah, Cynthia, Nina and Shea as the best & worst of the week.  The rest are safe and kicked off to go to the Untucked stage.

Michelle hates this week’s skirt by Peppermint, just like last week’s. Carson was wowed by her work in the lip synch.

Alexis embodied Kris Jenner, but Michelle found her runway look is too basic.

Carson doesn’t think that Cynthia’s outfit was appropriate for her.  Michele reads her for not knowing the words.

Carson loves NBB’s runway look.  Todrick asks why she was so difficult to work with.  Nina thinks it was a conspiracy theory?  Paranoia?  Oh, my God, that’s crazy.  Ru reminds her, if too gently, that that thinking could get in the way of doing well on the show.

Farrah was too heavy with the highlighter per Michelle.  Meghan didn’t see ANY personality at all.  Todrick was underwhelmed.

Todrick proclaims Shea Couleé a dream to work with.  Meghan thinks Shea was the star of the show.

Peppermint and Alexis are safe.

Shea Couleé wins the challenge!

Bottom three are Cynthia, Nina and Farrah.

Nina is safe.  Wow.  Didn’t see that coming.
I was expecting a very gracious response.
Instead, you could see on her face
"Damn straight, I ain't never belonged
in the bottom 3, stupid judges."

Bottom two are Austin, Texas besties Farrah & Cynthia.

They lip synch to “Woman Up” by Meghan Trainor.
Or maybe CLF just took a dump right on the stage?

I can't say that either did as well as Trinity last week,

or as poorly as Charlie last week.

But, I am underwhelmed, like when Laila and Dax Exclamation Point! were both eliminated early last season.

After the lip synch Mama Ru needs a moment and walks off the set.

Soon enough she comes back and calls Eureka  to the front to eliminate HER, because her knee needs to heal from that cheerleading mishap.  

Eureka is invited back for season 10, so there is that.

Farrah and Cynthia both get to stay.

Did ya see it coming?

Over on Untucked we learned that Valentina is more than enthralled with stoning everything.  She's quite supportive to Farrah.

Alexis is mad because she gives advice and no one gives any back, specifically, that no one said anything about her too basic look.   Like it is their job to correct her before the judges do.   Or, it is their job to be her own critical eye.  Interesting.   I mean, it’s nice that she was kind enough to say something if she saw something to others, but, if she can't be bothered to save herself, then maybe helping all the others was just another word for shade?

Next week SNATCH GAME !!!!

But, where is Rapal's Dark Res?


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