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RPDR s9e02 • She Done Already Done Brought It On • 31 March 2017

Last time on the Lady Gaga-thon, 
13 new queens arrived to compete.

However, they just had a runway show,
like on season 7.  No one went home.
The queens were to wear an outfit that celebrated their
hometown, and one that honored (ripped off) Lady Gaga.

Not Lady Tata.

Top three were Eureka O'Hara,

Sasha Velour

and Nina Bo'nina Brown.

Nina won the runway warm-up challenge!

Yes, that's right.  Ru said the real competition would start immediately,
thereafter, and in walked a yet to be identified 14th queen.

Thanks to various Internet leaks,

it is presumed to be Cynthia Lee Fontaine,

who placed 10th last season,

and won Miss Congeniality.

Ya know, I'm starting to think CLF could
offer up some Lea Michele realness.
Snatch Game possibility, huh?

Oh, and everybody picked
on poor Jaymes Mansfield.
I fear for her life.

On the show, dearies, not in real life!

Maybe it’s due to us all hearing it leaked for days, weeks, and months (I mean, we knew she was coming back before we knew what day the SHOW was coming back) but … didn’t it seem like a few of the contestants didn’t understand that Cynthia Lee Fontaine was genuinely back in the competition?

CHARLIE:  Welcome back, Cynthia!

EUREKA: Oh, God.   =o(

CLF: This is home!

SHEA COULEÉ :  Is this (CLF being a contestant again,) like, a joke?

Shea interviews that it’s not fair, CLF knows the competition … and all I can think is, geez, season 9, didn’t you watch the previous seasons?  You know enough to be competitive.   I think the only thing you DON’T know going into it is what will be on the Kraft Services table.

“If you’re gonna say ‘cucu’ around me, you
better make sure your ass is better than mine.”

Wow.   Priorities.   She ain't gonna last long if she thinks THAT is what she should be worrying about, eh?   Or maybe that is her biggest ... skill, therefore, it's what is in her mind, huh?

Next day in the work room, Lisa Kudrow bops in.  Ru lets her say “I GOT it!” three times and then she’s kicked out.   Why did this happen?

Oh, yeah, the reaction shots.

The main challenge is cheerleading.  

"I like the color scheme."

No, not like in season 3.

Nina Bo’nina Brown and Cynthia Lee Fontaine are team leaders.

Valentina is picked last.   I ain’t buyin’ it.  I suspect she is gonna be a threat, even if she has less than a full year of experience as a drag pro.   She exudes talent, and she seems so alert and eager to be there.

Although, I guess it is indeed possible
to sleep one's way to the top. 
That was not a reference to sex.

Jaymes is read when Nina picks her.   Wow, she’s getting quite the loser edit.  I don’t care, I still like her.

Jaymes can’t even say her own name at the beginning of the cheer?  Is Jaymes rhythmically challenged?  Is that it?

Kimora Blac gives Dax Exclamation Point realness during the teaching of the routines.   (That means she can’t be bothered, and is complaining throughout the practice.)

On the other hand, I'd understand if she had merely said that she had been ... distracted.

“When in doubt, smile.”

Yeah, right then I wondered, is she gonna smile her way to the finale?   I mean that in a good way.

“What is a bloomer?  It sounds disgusting!”

Kimora Blac can’t be bothered with ‘stoning.’  (They are bedazzling their cheerleader outfits.)  She wants Eureka to finish her work.


While getting ready the next day Peppermint shares how she was beaten up by a basketball player in high school.  Wow.    Mankind's hatred is still everywhere, huh?

CLF seems to have a redemption with the others.   She gets an affirming hug from Shea Coulee, Sasha Velour and Trinity Taylor.  Good.

Joining Ru, Michelle and Ross are Kate Pierson, Fred Schneider and Cindy Wilson of The B-52’s.

Jaymes is passable on role call, but still anemic.

Eureka interviews that she popped her knee, but she never let it show, even doing a death drop.

All of the girls do individual tumbling, and group formations.  Many of them are doing well

On the runway it is white party realness:

Nina Bo’nina Brown

Alexis Michelle

Shea Couleé 

Charlie Hides

Sasha Velour


Jaymes Mansfield

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Farrah Moan


Trinity Taylor

Kimora Blac


Eureka O’Hara

Ru calls out the middle safe:  Nina Bo’nina Brown, Alexis Michelle, Sasha Velour, Aja, CLF, Farrah Moan, Peppermint and Eureka O’Hara.

The judges love Shea Couleé's look, and that she was fully committed during the challenge.

Charlie’s runway is fantastic, but didn’t seem enthused to be involved in the cheer segments.  Ross wants his personality to show up.

Jaymes Mansfield’s runway look is praised, but she is criticized for fading into the woodwork on the main challenge, and wasn’t memorable.  Michelle reads her for not being funny.  Ross thinks she is running on 20%, not 100.

Valentina’s wedding runway look is amazing, save for the nude shoe, per Michelle.  She shined during the main challenge.

Michelle found Trinity Taylor so much fun to watch.  Some of the judges like her runway look, some don’t.

Kimora Blac might have the worst runway look.  She didn’t stand out during the challenge at all.  Ru later explains that her runway outfit was all over the place.

Valentina wins the challenge!

Shea Couleé, Trinity Taylor and Charlie Hides are safe.

Bottom two are Jaymes Mansfield and Kimora Blac.

They lip synch to 1989''s #3 pop hit Love Shack.   Now, that confuses me.  No, not because it is one of the 10 most overplayed songs ever.  Because Fred has such a big presence on the song.  Aren’t they supposed to be lip synching to FEMALE voices all the way through, or at least a voice that SOUNDS like a female?

At any rate, both seemed to give a lackluster performance.   I don’t know what each is capable of, and I swear, I still don’t know, after seeing the show.  Evidently I'm the only one thinking that way.   When they finish, the whole room erupts into applause.

Applause.  Applause.

Ru keeps on Kimora Blac, and eliminates Jaymes Mansfield.

Over on Untucked, CLF had to tell the safe middle to shut up, and Charlie had to tell Eureka to shut up.   And, poor Jaymes was picked on, bien sur.

"Shut up!"

Did you catch the April Fool’s joke?   JM posted a Youtube video stating that she was quitting drag.   (Relax, it’s a joke.)

She also showed off a decent Rebel Wilson impersonation, too.

Yeah, I can’t remember the last time I was devastate that the 1st queen went home.    Maybe season 6 (Kelly Mantle, don't wear bacon.)

Maybe I'm just upset because the wrong person left.   I don't mean Jaymes or Kimora.  Wendy Williams should have left the bumper party long ago.   Let Ross chat with Raja, or Bianca, or a different season winner every time?    WW isn't suitable since her being at odds with the LGBTQ community has been ongoing and quite evident.  Go do some Googling if you don't believe me.

Tune in next week when the queens have to create drag fairy princesses.

“I’m coming back, girls!”


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