Thursday, April 27, 2017

Face Off s11e14  Battle Of The Beasts  25 April 2017

Ready for the finale?

Last time on Face Off the last four remaining
special effects makeup artists created gargoyles.

Each contestant had a different
inspirational structure to work off of.

1st place was Emily with Art Deco.

2nd place was Cig with Russion Renaissance.

3rd was George with Deconstructivism.

4th, and eliminated, was Tyler with Victorian.

George seemed to have the most stress, not being comfortable with his inspiration.   Will this story continue into the finale?   Will they be filming short scenes like the last few seasons?

Will they get to choose their assistants?  Will they be assigned assistants?

“We’re gonna have a Kung Fu-nale!”

The last three contenders for the season 11 crown drive around some media production lot.  

Their mission?  To find host McKenzie Westmore and stunt action actor, Jeff Wolfe.

The last task is to create 2 animalistic kung fu fighters, with a choreographed fight to be seen at the challenge reveal.

McKenzie acknowledges that they will need help, so out come most of the eliminated contestants.  Only the first four to be eliminated aren’t there (Jasmine, Stella, Cat & Niko.)  They get to choose three former competitors to assist them.

Mr. Wolfe brought along the models, so that they can get a sense of what they can do right from the start.  As each is introduced, their animal inspiration is made known.   Will any animal be any better than another, in the judges mind?

Ah, yes, they are filming!  The script has been set.  Cig picks first.  He picks the male tiger & male dragon pair.  Then the male eagle & female snake are chosen by George.  Emily is left with the female crane & female mantis.

Jeff meets up with each team to answer questions and give direction.

"I can't believe I'm here."

"I can't believe I'm here."

Do ya think that indicates anything regarding how George does?

At the end of day one, it looks like
only George has molded anything.

But, Cig's minions are there, too.
So, maybe only Emily doesn't have
any molds in at the end of day one?

On film & reveal day, they stagger the teams by 2 hours in the lab/work room, since they will be filming individually, not all at once with different film crews.

Emily doesn’t like how slowly one of her girls is getting painted.  But, she seems happy when they are all finished.   Cig, too.

George ‘faux’ interviews.  I mean, he talks about being worried about how it will all look on film, but he is happy with how they did.  Well, which is it?

The judges are there right when they show up on set to film.   That’s unnerving, huh?

After every break in filming, Emily rushes up to inspect, instead of waiting for director Jeff to inform her that something isn’t working.  She thinks she has a shot at winning.

Cig has to rework one of the guy’s lips after every take.   That can’t be good, eh?

Okay, now George is stating how he rushes up between takes to fix things.   It’s becoming a non-story now, if everyone is doing it.

Well, except the judges look spent at this point.

George interviews that he feels great just to have been there.  Uh-oh, is that saying he placed third for the season?

And what about that outfit at the judging?

“Hey, at least it wasn’t a unicorn onesie.”

Okay, I acquiesce, you did better than Meghan Trainor.

They show the film, and then critique Emily, George and Cig.   No one hears anything negative, but, it seems to me, the judges are over the top with the compliments for Cig.  So, who wins?

Cig, of course.

Everyone is so happy for him.  Take that, Project Runway designers!

Face Off returns in June, before PR, in fact.


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