Thursday, April 20, 2017

Face Off s11e13  Gargoyle Guardians  18 April 2017

Last time on Face Off the five remaining artists went Hawaiian,

creating tiki gods come to life.   Well, at least they danced.

Yes, that was a reference to the ribbed wonder.

Cig won the challenge, placing 1st of 5.

George was a strong second.

Tyler was a distant third.

Emily was bottom 2, placing fourth.

Logan placed fifth of five, and was sent packing.

The final four meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at the roof top of some downtown L.A., CA building.   

It’s near the Rosslyn Hotel, but I can’t tell which building they are on top of.  Maybe the Rosslyn has more than one actual building.  Maybe it IS the Rosslyn.   

It’s *this* one.

“Hurry it along, I don't have a lot of time, if any.”

It’s a gargoyle challenge!    The four artists pick up ‘blueprints’ to learn which era of building they will use as inspiration.  McKenzie stresses the each gargoyle needs to look like it belongs on the building inspiration.  She also states that each must have wings.  Uh-oh!    Wings & Face Off?   Artists seem to struggle with wings on Face Off.

It’s a normal 3 day Spotlight Challenge.  Mentor Michael Westmore sneaks in on day one to see how they are doing.

He wants Cig to dehumanize the mouth.

He tells George to rework the mouth and chin area.   He needs to rethink the rounded edges.

He wants Tyler to have more of an edge from the cowl to the face sculpt.

Emily is told to redo her too-human nose.

She interviews that she is very worried, but I think it’s just an “oh!, no!, what will happen?” into a commercial break.

George is getting a stress edit.  He is the only one that didn’t make it into the finals on his prior season.  Plus, he’s not enthused with his deconstructed inspiration.

On day 2 the guys tell Emily what she should do with her sculpt.   This is … curious.

“Fellow competitors love it when I tell them
what to do.  It’s like an extra mentor moment.”

George is the last to the mold room on day two.  He is also the last to start painting on day three.

Let’s get to the reveal stage.   It’s the usual, host McKenzie Westmore, and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Emily Serpico
Art Deco

George Troester

Cig Neutron
Russian Renaissance

Tyler Green

The judges feel Tyler didn’t use the Victorian influence enough.  They praise his sculpting and painting, but not his decision making, his design choices.

Emily hit a home run with her golden Art Deco gargoyle.  Neville doesn’t think it is 100 percent Art Deco.  Glenn is overly impressed with her choosing a bird inspiration.

George admits he wasn’t up on Deconstructivism.  Neville hates and loves it, and is pleased with what George did.  Glenn loves the paint job, save for the horrid horns.  Ve loves the back of the head.  Other than the horns, it’s wonderful.

Cig floored Glenn with his level of detail.  He especially loves the bit between the eyes, at the nose.   I’m waiting for Glenn to come up to Cig and kiss and hug him.  Okay, he doesn’t go THAT far, but they are all impressed.

Emily places 1st, Cig is 2nd and George is 3rd.  All three are in the finale.

Poor Tyler places 4th and is eliminated.  He has a good attitude.  Okay, I do say that nearly every week.  The Face Off artists seem to have a better understanding of professionalism than the Project Runway designers do.  Or, maybe in fashion, bad behavior is celebrated.

Did you see it going down this way?  Do you agree with the judges?   I wondered if they would throw an extra challenge at the bottom two.   I knew that Cig & Emily would be top 2, and that George & Tyler would be bottom 2, but I wasn’t exactly sure how it would go down.   But, I guess I should have.   One bad horn is not as bad as the entire top of the head being off and wrong.

So, will next week be the filming of a short horror/sci fi scene like the last few seasons?  Or, something else?  Do you think it is safe to say it’s between Cig & Emily at this point?


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