Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Face Off s11e12  Tiki Twist  11 April 2017

Last time on Face Off the artists created an intergalactic congress.

Tyler won the challenge.

Evan was sent packing.

The five remaining contestants enter the work room to find host McKenzie Westmore going Hawaiian.

But not like that.

Their job is to pick one of the Tiki gods and create the corresponding god.  It’s a standard 3 day challenge.  On the reveal stage, the models will perform a polynesian dance.   Not Hawaiian?

Soon production has them all explain their vision to each other.

“George will have the best one this week.”

“Don’t keep repeating yourself, Tyler!  You gotta be careful.”

GEORGE:  Emily, what would you be the god of?
EMILY:  Possoms.


Mr. Mentor Mr. Westmore is here!

Logan wants to put a pineapple on the top of his guy.  Mr. Westmore ain’t havn’ any.  Then he mentions Carmen Miranda, if not by name.

Well, maybe Valentina will do a Carmen Miranda look someday.

Cig’s face is impressive, strong.

Tyler’s face looks like it was in an accident.

 Mr. W. likes the plating George did.

Mr. Westmore is worried Emily won’t be able to adequately present her lava concept.

In the middle of day two Emily thinks her work is ugly, cheesy.

On day three, George is worried that he is gluing when everybody else is painting.

Joining the regular crew is returning guest judge Lois Burwell.






The judges have nothing but praise

for Cig and for George.

The judges are harsh to

Emily, Logan

and Tyler.

The winner is Cig!

McKenzie says that he has advanced to the semi-finals.

George and Tyler are also moving forward to the semi-finals.

Bottom two are Logan and Emily.

Logan is eliminated.  Emily is the fourth semi-finalist.

Neville has kind words to say as Logan is on his way out.  

Tune in next week for the semi-finals, evidently.  And, gargoyles!


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