Thursday, April 6, 2017

Face Off s11e11  Intergalactic Congress  4 April 2017

Last time on Face Off, in teams of 4 and 3,

 the artists fabricated witches & warlocks

afflicted with curses.

Emily, Logan & Tyler won the challenge,

with Tyler being the individual winner.

That put Ben, Cig, Evan & George in the bottom.

The judges eliminated Ben,

while acknowledging that he was an excellent artist,

but that the competition was tough at this point.

The artists drive over to the Long Beach Community Center (City Hall) to meet up with host McKenzie Westmore.

The challenge?  Create an alien of an intergalactic congress.  They each receive (not choose?) a different planet to be inspired by.

They each share their stories and sketch.   Except for Emily.  Hmmm.  Is she getting an (invisible) edit?

Actually Evan & Emily each seem to be getting the smallest edits.  Does that mean something?   Yes, it does, but I will leave it for the end.  See if you come up with the same answer.

“Who cares?  I am getting a big honkin’ edit!”

It’s a standard 3 day Spotlight Challenge.

George is buggin’ on day one, since they aren’t on teams anymore.   He interviews that he feels bad competing against friends.   Well, I’ll say this, he can commit, huh?

“Don’t go!”

"Don't go!"

He chills outside till he can get himself together.  Or maybe he just took a smoke break.

“People do that, you know.”

Back in the work room, later, on day one, mentor Michael Westmore appears.

He tells Cig that he should go ‘more alien.’

He tells Evan to try and keep it ‘alien.’
He gets advice on how to deal with his oversized chin.

George is told to make the top head ridge higher.  

Logan is told to adjust his bishop’s hat inspired head more.

Tyler’s nose reads more skeleton, less ‘alien.’

MR. WESTMORE:   What are you doing?   EMILY:  I'm not supposed to be shown on camera this episode.

Emily gets advice on filling in the area
near the nose, to give it a more ‘alien’ look.

Because nothing says "alien" like a big schnoz.

"I live for a big schnoz, big schnoz, big schnoz."

Tyler explains how he is making diamonds.
Ya know, it looks like that might be a
cheap alternative to an engagement ring, huh?

On day two Logan decides to heed Mr. Westmore’s idea to chuck the bishop’s hat inspiration.

Emily has trouble with a mold on day two.  You know the drill, somebody had to fit the narrative.  Does it make any difference?

On day three, Emily can’t figure out what color direction in which to go.  Soon enough she realizes she has great liberties with an alien, she calms down, and picks a path to go down.   Wait, now, does this mean they are making up for lack of air time earlier in the episode?  Now I'm confused.

Let’s just jump to the reveal stage, huh?   It’s the regular gang, host McKenzie Westmore, and judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.







McKenzie calls out Logan and Cig as middle safe and sends them out back to the  makeup room.

Glenn chides George for his work.  It looks more like toy figurine design, than for feature film.  Glenn sugar-coats it, but then gives the “IF” he continues, he needs to be less cartoony, and more feature film close up.  Ve finds it messy, and anemic.  Neville wants the eyes taken further, or more vague.  Less AND more.  Nice.  XD

Tyler explains his aquatic theme.  Ve is beaming, she compliments his sculpting and paint work.  Neville is impressed with the secondary forms.  Glenn thinks he has a skill above most in the business, that he sculpts for the paint.   Really?  It’s that bad in the industry?

Evan’s adherence of the prosthetics is way off.  The judges pick on him for the random, anemic paint work.  Funny, the judges never mention the oven mitt hands.

"In emotionally challenged gray, no less."

Emily’s feels the most like it belongs on Star Trek, per Glenn.  He says it is the right kind of makeup.  Ve gushes over the paint job.  Neville calls her sculpt nice, but not ambitious enough.

Emily & Tyler are top 2,

and Tyler wins!

Evan & George are bottom two,

and Evan is eliminated.   

The lack of paint was overwhelming,
it was a no brainer this week.

“IF you continue” is uttered to George again.
Glenn is coming off like Heidi Klum:

“One .. OR MORE of you will be eliminated.”
But, it almost never happens.

Ah, the payoff.  Usually around this time in the season, everyone in the top will get a strong edit, and the lower few, or the lowest, will not.   Well, since Emily and Evan did not get strong edits, I was HALF right.   Evan was invisible, and got eliminated.   As for Emily not getting much air time, I don't know.   Hope she can last to the finale.

Tune in next week when the top 5 go Hawaiian!

But, which way will they go with the Twisted Tiki challenge?

Barber or Brady?


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