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RPDR s9e01 • Oh! My! Gaga! • 25 March 2017

Finally!   RuPaul's Drag Race is airing on VH1 Friday evenings,
and Untucked is appearing on Youtube the next day.
I *assume* that both are airing Thursday evenings on Logo.

Let's take a look at who walked through the work room door, eh?

Agnes Moore • New York, NY • 37

James LeVay • Echo Park, CA • 25

I know I'm supposed to see Audrey Hepburn,
and I do, but really, I am seeing mid 1980s Sade.
Funny, I thought they had color in the 1980s.

Eureka O’Hara
David Huggard • Johnson City, TN • 25
Charlie Hides
Charlie Hides • Boston, MA • 52

Farrah Moan
Cameron Clayton • Las Vegas, NV • 22

No, not Farrah Moans, I’m sure.
She would’ve been around 13 in 2008 time!

Sasha Velour
Sasha Steinberg • Brooklyn, NY • 29

Now, why did Eureka not recognize
the eyebrows Sasha was wearing?    

Even if she didn’t know it was Frida Kahlo immediately, she should have remembered that Thorgy Thor was praised for using her eyebrows last season in the mini challenge from episode 2.   Eureka, did you not watch any prior seasons?

Alexis Michelle
Alex Michaels • New York, NY • 32

Shea Coulee
Jaren Merrell • Chicago, IL • 27

Trinity Taylor
Ryan Taylor • Orlando, FL • 31

She’s giving me some Phoenix meets Faith Hill, eh?
Maybe even a little Mariah?

“There’s a real stigmatism to being a pageant queen.”

Astigmatism is something else entirely.

“Who said that?”

"Somebody conversating."

Kimora Blac
Von Nguyen • Las Vegas, NV • 27

Jaymes Mansfield
James Wirth • Milwaukee, WI • 26
Nina Bo’nina “Banana Fofana
Osama Bin Laden“ Brown
Pierre Leverne Dease • Riverdale, GA • 34

Jay Rivers • Brooklyn, NY • 22

Lady Gaga
aka Ronnie • Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
New York, NY, although the Chyron says Newark, NJ • Almost 31

Funny, now all I can think of is Asteroids.

I did think it was amusing that the queen monster was able to fool the contestants for a few moments, before her reveal.   Good on Ru for including Lady Gaga in the first episode.

Wasn’t that cute that Eureka lost it
when being so close to Lady Gaga.

“I have to tell you, Ru never looked better.
Yellow is the new black.”

Yes, Erin, you keep on believing that.  I’m still not convinced.

I keep thinking Ru lost hit hat.

But, would it be like Dick Tracy's or like CG's man?

The first challenge is more like s7 than the typical season.   They have to showcase two runway looks.

But Alaska as Anna Wintour  wasn't there.   =o(

“Thank GOD!”

The first outfit is to be inspired by their hometown.
The second is their favorite Lady Gaga drag.

Will they all wear the same look like Kimono-gate from s8?

Q.  How can Aja be tired just moving a suitcase from one end of the room, over to her work station?    You’re hurting my head, dear.

I think that this was exactly like season 7, in that they brought outfits, they didn’t look like they were making them from scratch at the last minute.

Why couldn’t Farrah Moan find her own work station?    This was a missed opportunity by World of Wonder.   Whatever the answer was, there could have been a decent pay off.

I miss Ru being in drag.

Okay, maybe I don’t.  

Let's see how each does with the home town look and the Gaga look:



Eureka O'Hara

Charlie Hides

Farrah Moan

Sasha Velour

I like the sentiment (mother, Cancer) but I am over the Judghead realness.
I guess at least she ain't servin' 'boy' like Ongina did.

Alexis Michelle

Wait a minute .. for rent?

Shea Coulee

"I like that one."

Trinity Taylor

Kimora Blac

Jaymes Mansfield


Nina Bo'nina Brown

While the judges deliberate, or maybe after, Lady Gaga visits and gives notes to the queens as they sip their Kool-Aid.  I agree with what she says, but I still wanted someone to say that there weren't any horrible entries this episode.   You know that that doesn't happen every season.

Ru calls out the top three:   Eureka O'Hara, Sasha Velour and Nina Bo'nina Brown.

Nina wins the challenge!

Then Ru shares that this wasn't the real start of drag race.  Well, we kind of figured that out if no one was getting eliminated this time around.

But, who do you think is coming back?   Never mind all the leaked information about Cynthia Lee Fontaine coming back.   Ya know what?   Now I am wondering if she self sabotaged last season just to be able to leave and get medical care?   Maybe Ru felt sorry for her?  I only put that together just now.

"Slow, aren't we?"

"Oh, shut up, yellow girl."

Tune in next week when we all get to see Santie Allie's "Cucu."

"CLF!  Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!"


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