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Face Off s11e09  Frightening Families  21 March 2017

Last time on Face Off
the remaining special effects makeup artists
walked through nature (not with children, though,)

and created (mostly) woodland creatures on an epic journey

not unlike Shrek & Donkey.

Cig & George won the challenge.

Ben & Evan

and Emily & Tyler were in the top three teams.

Oh, and Ve adopted a faun.

Adam & Logan placed 4th,

while Keaghlan & Melissa placed
5th and last, and were eliminated.

The remaining eight special effects makeup artists meet up with host McKenzie Westmore in the middle of nowhere.

“We pull up to this abandoned luncheonette…”

“You did not just say *that!*”

Supposedly it’s raining heavily, but not like way back in June of 2008.  No one is wearing an orange poncho.

McKenzie tells them they will compete in two teams of four each.   It’s a two day challenge, and one person will be eliminated.  Each team of four must create three family members 


"No, not that kind of family."

Nor that kind.

Nor even that.

Evan rushes over to Cig & George (smart boy!) to form Ben, Cig, Evan & George., or Super Team 1.    Emily & her male harem of Adam, Logan & Tyler are the other team.

Adam pisses off his teammates by picking the wrong map for task inspiration.  Ha!

Emily & harem get a small Army test site (think nuclear dump) as inspiration.  

B.C.E.G. get a traveling circus as their jumping off point.  They immediately think freak show.

Not that freak show.

They sketch & head to the work room for their 2 day challenge.

Adam is getting one hell of an edit.  He’s going home, or winning the challenge, or uniting Democrats and Republicans, or Christians, Atheists and Muslims together into one big happy family.

It is the mutant family challenge.

Emily works on a messed up lip.  Eventually the idea is discarded.

Makes me suddenly want to floss.

Adam thinks the three characters they are creating are too obvious.   No one comes up with a way to take that on board.

A few hours into day one, mentor Michael Westmore (Happy Birthday, Mr. W! [March 22nd, posting day]) shows up.

Mr. W. wants the head point higher on the human hybrid.

He likes the hydrocephalic sculpt.

He is concerned that there is not enough burn sculpting on the mother character.

Over on Emily & her harem, he wants to see rotten teeth on the father.

He likes that the damage to the mother’s skin isn’t too flat.  (There will be a beauty makeup on top of it, and he still wants to see all the distortion, all of the bumps.)

The little girl needs more of an impact with the Army testing, she’s too pretty and unscathed.

“Don’t forget that I’m getting an edit.”

Evan (and his team) decide not to move the pointy head part after all.

Emily adds more bumps and distress to her little girl’s face.

On reveal day Adam inspires the E&HH team to switch models for characters.   The same lady will be the mother, but the tall man will be the not so little girl, and the shortest lady will be the short father.     Does it really matter?  On a 2 day challenge, won’t Glenn & Ve be way more concerned with the makeup than the sculpt?

“Hey!  The sculpt is everything!”

“Hey, I’m still here!”

On day 2 the models show up and they all get to painting.

Going in to last looks (the last hour) Adam & Logan seem to be painting their father a little too last minute.

George forget to bring his prosthetic eyebrows.   I thought for sure he was gonna make some out of his beard, but, no, Ben actually brought two pairs of eyebrows, so George got one pair.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is an overly bearded director Marcus Nispel.

Doesn’t Ve look fantastic?  I think this is the only time I’ve seen her on the show with an up do.  Don't be afraid to do the up do again!

“An up do!”

“I really like Marcus Nispel!”


Oh, dear Lord, I am so sick of the ZZ Top / Santa Claus overly grown beards everyone has been sporting the last decade or so.   

I can hardly wait for the clean

shaven look to come back.

Meanwhile, back at the point:

Super Team One

Emily & Her Harem

During closer inspection, they like Super Team One’s work for the most part, and find a little fault with Emily & Her Harem’s work.

Glenn acknowledges that everyone did well on this challenge.  Glenn likes that taller model Chase ended up being the ‘little’ girl, but at the expense of Adam’s father.  Ve gets that Logan’s mom is covered in a bad beauty makeup on purpose, but doesn’t seem completely convinced it was the way to go.   Neville thinks the father is one way on the front and another on the back.   No cohesion.  

George’s wig on the lady is the only thing we hair anything bad about, and they judges do not harp on him at all.  Glenn praises Ben’s work, as does Marcus.

Super Team One wins the challenge.   No individual is named, but Ben gets the Winner’s Edit, so I’m going to *assume* that Ben won the challenge.

That means Emily & Her Harem are the bottom team.   You know E&T are staying put, so it’s down to Adam & Logan.   The judges had trouble with Adam’s concept over Logan’s, so Adam is gone.  Plus, they just couldn’t ignore that Loser’s Edit that Adam had all through the show.

“No one could have stayed with *that* kind of edit!”

"The important thing is that we're a family."


Tune in next week when

the final seven have to create

fighting witches & warlocks?


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