Friday, March 17, 2017

Face Off s11e08  Odd Couples  14 March 2017

Last time on Face Off, the task was to create marionettes.

Emily & Tyler won the challenge,
earning immunity for the next challenge.

And, that next challenge is?  

I don’t know, all I can see is beige & boring
Kanye West fashion on these poor people.

Nah, this time they are to create a funny duo

Not like them?

but, they mean more like Shrek & Donkey,
a duo that go on an epic adventure.

"Ya never see a person named “Human,” do ya?
Then, why I gotta be 'Donkey?'”

A few hours into day 1 of the typical 3 day Spotlight Challenge, Ben & Evan seem to have wasted some sculpting time.  That can’t be good at this point in the competition, huh?

Emily has Tyler do some of her molding.   What?

“The struggle is real.”

"The catchphrase is mine."

First, how is it a struggle if the other is doing the work?

Second, did Kennedy really let you say that?

Later on day one mentor Mr. Westmore comes through.

He likes the path Cig & George are going
down, he just wants them to push it further.

Ben & Evan’s creatures look too human.

Adam & Logan can push further, too, their duo is too human.

One of Keaghlan & Melissa’s beings is too human looking.   

No E&T, eh?   Oh, that’s right, they have immunity, I guess production thinks we don’t need to hear anything.  Or maybe they hid in the bathroom in fear of Mr. Westmore.

“Maybe they just went to Checkers?”

On day two, Adam has a mold split in two.  Ce n’est pas bon!   Soon enough Logan has a work around to save the day.

Emily & Tyler have to fabricate a lot of hair.

And then I hear this:

“I’m excited!  I get to learn from
'Emily’s School of Hair Crap!'”

On reveal day Keaghlan is worried her old age fairy is not up to par.

At reveal stage are host McKenzie Westmore, and the standard trio of judges, Glenn, Ve & Neville.

Keaghlan & Melissa

Emily & Tyler

Adam & Logan

Ben & Evan

Cig & George

Glenn calls Evan’s minotaur top notch.    Ve thinks the beehive doesn’t read from a distance, but does tell them ‘good job.’  Neville praises the face sculpt & paint Evan did.

Ve loves the silicone & paint work Cig & George did.  Neville, too.    Glenn praises the honoring of proportions.

Neville finds Keaghlan & Melissa’s fairy flat, one dimensional.  The troll face sculpt is conflicted.   Glenn hates the paint job.  Ve doesn’t think the idea to make the fairy old was necessary.

Glenn gushes over Emily & Tyler’s work.  Ve is beaming, she loves the faun. 

“I wanna take him home, I need a pet!”

"Hope he's house trained!"

Ve finds Adam’s & Logan’s aquatic  character too silly, kooky.  She does like the orc, though.  Neville finds fault in both, and they don’t go together.  Glenn hates one and praises the other.

Cig & George win the challenge!

"Of course George won!
Look at that killer vest!"

Keaghlan & Melissa go home.  Neville gives them kind words, and Keghlan breaks down, ever appreciative of being there in the first place.

“What, no correcting the judges, that they didn’t know what they were doing in eliminating you?   You’re doing it wrong!”

Next time:  Frightening families!   It’s a game changer!   Emily is happy.  Adam is not.


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